Oral-B Complete Satin Dental Floss Mint : Very thin

Floss is incredibly thin, slides in/out around the tooth very easily. Highly recommend if you have incredibly tight teeth.

Very durable for someone like me who takes time to floss. I make sure i thoroughly floss my teeth, so i do it before bed at night while watching tv.

I have multiple crowns and a new implant, and need to take care of my teeth. All other dental floss shreds on my crowns, but this floss holds up extremely well, and is thin enough to get between my teeth and not get stuck.

I got a sample of this from the dentist and was hooked. For me it cleans my teeth so much better than oral b glide. In addition to that, some of my teeth are tight and i tended to break the glide floss in two pieces. This satin floss does tend to shred a little more than glide but i’ve never had it break in two like i often did with the glide. Switched about 4 months ago.

I am very glad that oral-b produces this floss, this is the only floss that is satin and you actually won’t get annoyed when flossing like other brands with annoying cotton flosses.

I just don’t love dental tape. Prefer floss that is smaller.

I used to use glide, but i ran out and used the sample i received at the dentist. More tartar knocked loose off my teeth than ever before, and more easilyi strive not to use products that doctors get free or at subsidised rates as i believe that leads to less objectivity and choice. Therefore, i’ve always steered away from oral-b products. However, one should always use the best product available when it comes to your health. This is definitely the best.

If you want more product, go with this one. If you want more quality, look for a glide or related dental floss. It is very perceivable, and you may need to pull more floss per use in order to handle it.

  • Oral-B Complete Satinfloss Dental Floss – 2 Pack – 100m – Mint – Good strong floss that is easy to use – Recommended
  • A flossing epiphany! Really!
  • Better Than Glide (Cleans Better & Doesn’t Break)

Oral-B Complete Satin Dental Floss Mint, 50m, Twin Pack

  • Releases a burst of mint freshness
  • Satin-like texture
  • Comfort grip
  • Helps remove plaque and particles between your teeth and just below the gumline
  • Dental Floss Value Pack

Got some other brand at costco that i had to return because the floss would break. This brand holds and allows one to do the job. Interesting to note that a backpacker website says floss is an essential on the trail and off. This is certainly something you’d want to have at home (or on your person) when needed. I’ll buy these again when my supply runs low.

Had braces years ago and things are still fairly well lined up. But stopped using the retainer a couple decades ago, and now there are a few really tight places that make flossing a challenge. Regular floss often (usually) frays and breaks in those tight areas, and some of the floss tapes are so slick that they slip out of my fingers. I do not have those experiences with this floss; it is not ‘slippery’ like some of the tape types, it is able to get into those hard-to-reach areas, it seems to be tough (no fraying or breaking right away like others we have tried) yet it feels soft on gums and fingers. The light minty taste is nice too. If you have a similar need, we definitely recommend that you give this floss a try.

It’s floss, but it shreds around permanent retainer.

I question how good it works compared to the thicker floss i’m used to. But, i don’t bleed anymore.

I have some closely spaced molars and this works incredibly well on them. It fits in everywhere and never frays or breaks under pressure. It’s similar in form to glide, but performs much, much better.

This floss slips in very smoothly and easily. I also like the compactness of the holder.

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Oral-B Complete Satin Dental Floss Mint, 50m, Twin Pack
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