Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Deep Clean Dental Floss : Seems to work just fine 👌

The floss is relatively sturdy and doesn’t break too easily. The floss doesn’t have that waxy, squeaky sound that is made during flossing with the lower quality flosses. That squeak strikes my nervessmall and compact, so they work well for my bag and i can access it after lunch at work. I only wish i could buy bigger packs at once.

The cool mint flavor is nice and refreshing. The floss is sturdy and has good cushioning. My gums don’t bleed even though i floss pretty roughly, and it does a good job of cleaning between the very narrow spaces between my teeth.

This is simply the best dental floss i have ever used. Does it make flossing far more pleasurable?. Only you can ascertain that. I took one star off my review because it does break easily.

Product arrived missing one of two floss container. Amazon kindly re-shipped package so in the end a perfect product & awesome price.

This is the brand of floss that i use daily. I like it better than any other floss that i have tried. It cleans between my teeth and gum line very well. I purchased this as an add-on item to qualify for free shipping. At the time of purchase, there was also a coupon available, so the price of this item was less than what i would normally pay at a physical store.

Oral b glide is my favorite dental floss. It gets into tight spots without breaking or shredding, and does a good job on wider spaces as well. The cool mint taste is pleasant as well. My teeth really feel clean after using it.

Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Deep Clean Dental Floss, Cool Mint, 40 M, Pack of 2

  • Up to 90% more micro textured surface area than Glide Original
  • Slides up to 50% more easily vs. regular floss
  • Helps prevent gingivitis as part of a complete dental plan
  • Provides a cool blast of clean feeling every time you floss
  • Contains a light coating of natural wax for improved grip

At first, this floss worked well. After about 5 or 10 uses, we must have hit the ‘weak’ part of the roll. It then began to shred or break on nearly every use. Troublesomeif anyone knows of a smooth floss which is also strong, please let us know.

First package arrived without plastic packaging, which was odd. Replacement arrived with shoddy packaging, too. Still, a good deal, and i’ve not developed any strange mouth diseases yet.

As a cheapskate, i was apprehensive about the price and the fact you get less on a roll than most other flosses. I’ve since discovered you’ll probably use a lot less of this than other floss. With other floss, i usually pull out a good 15 inches of floss and wrap it around my fingers many times because with the thin floss, it starts to slip when it gets wet. We all know what happens when you pull too little floss and try and floss with it. It just slips off your fingers. I probably pull 30-40% less of this than the cheap floss, because it does not slip. One loop around the finger is all it takes. This might make you think it won’t be slippery enough to go between your teeth. It slips between teeth very easily, and does a better job cleaning. It also feels better on the space between your gums, whereas cheap, thin floss might feel like it’s cutting into your gums at times.

Great at getting crud out from in between teeth. Hate that i don’t know what the ingredients are though. I haven’t been able to find a floss like this without flavoring.

I can’t live without floss and carry one around all the time. Foods tend to get stuck between my tight molars so it’s important that the floss doesn’t get shredded or break too easily while i floss. After decades of flossing, i find my clear preference is pro-health glide for the last several years. The floss will occasionally break, but they break cleaner without leaving tiny strings of broken stuck remnants as in many others. I could glide the tape floss very easily into the deep recess of my gum pockets to remove foreign particles better as well.

Just opened and tried, flossed up my teeth well 🙂 not sure how it stands up against other flossses, but it didn’t seem to tear on me. Reading other comments i read they updated floss line a bit smaller.

This is by far my favorite floss. My teeth are really close together, so it’s hard for me to find floss that doesn’t fray or get stuck in between my teeth. I like the minty sensation this floss leaves in my mouth. I haven’t been able to find it better-priced in any retail stores, so i continue to buy it from amazon instead.

Only floss i’ve tried that won’t get caught between my teeth, after trying this it is the only floss i will ever use.

I’ve used this dental floss for years. My ‘teefes'(teeth lol) are pretty tight together, regular dental floss is too thick but this glide dental floss is super thin and great to use.

I have been using this floss for years. It’s gentle on my gums, and i have some teeth that are really close together and i have no problems flossing between them with this.

I didn’t this much of this floss at first, but with tight gaps in between teeth, this ‘glide’ in – and out comes chunks of food. In other words, it works well.

Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Deep Clean Dental Floss, Cool Mint, 40 M, Pack of 2 : I have some crowding and some gum recession. This floss is the best, doesn’t get stringy or break off and get stuck in between your teeth. You’ve got to use it correctly and not press down and pull up. It’s meant to “glide” between teeth without ripping the gum and causing bleeding.

Gets through my close together teeth and really feels like it is doing something. You need to use it several times first. It seems like the line gets a little stronger after a few uses.

I’ve been using it now for over a dozen years and it is easier to use than the other kind because this does ‘glide’ down and if you have close contacts. The other kind is hard to usegreat stuff. Use is daily and your dentist will love you.

The last one purchased was opened and taped back shut. I’m not wanting to use in my mouth. Who know what was done with it. But the product itself is great. It wasn’t worth the time to return.

This floss lives up to its name. It does in fact ‘glide’ along your gum line. According to the package, it ‘slides up to 50% more easily in tight spaces. I’ve used other brands that mostly worked, but once in a while it would get stuck and i’d end up with stringy floss, some of which would still be stuck in my teeth. I haven’t had that problem with this floss. The minty flavor also leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean without leaving any weird residue on my hands. It was also the best price i found compared to my local stores.

As far as flosses go, i’m not terribly picky. I just need something that won’t break all the time and is relatively cheap. This floss hits the mark about as well as any that i’ve used. I floss daily and rarely ever break this floss. I have occasionally but usually it’s pretty clearly my fault that i scraped it against a tooth strangely. One thing i really appreciate about this floss is that it’s not too powerfully flavored. I’m not hugely tolerant of things that will leave a strange taste in my mouth and between my teeth, like i feel a strong and fake mint flavor does. The glide floss has a subtle mint flavor, and that’s all it needs. As far as it’s actual ‘gliding’. Well i can’t really say it’s much different than most other floss i’ve tried, but it works just fine.

The best dental floss out there. Picks up all of the food particles between teeth.

I cuts easily and never frays while i’m using it. The mint is nice and not spicy. There’s ample yardage in each package so i don’t feel like i have to refill or purchase to often which is a waste of packaging to me.

Not the skimpy little string i normally find at my local discount store. This is what the dentist’s office gives you with a check up.

It’s floss, works as expected.

This is the best floss i’ve tried. It moves very smoothly between my teeth and rarely breaks. It’s not so thin that it feels like it’s cutting your fingers and gums.

I found this floss several years and have been very happy with the results.

Favorite floss, especially for the tight gaps on a couple of my teeth.

My family likes this floss the best over others. The floss is flat and glides easily between teeth. As a bonus, i actually use a strand of it to help feed a wrist strap through my cell phone case.

Easy to use, wax coated, not strong tasting and lasts for quite a long while. I’ve been wanting to switch over to a more natural floss, but have yet to find one as good as this.

This is easily the most comfortable dental floss i have ever used. It appears to clean between my teeth well (removes plaque and other debris between teeth) without causing pain or discomfort. I do not prefer to use other types of floss in the morning because they leave my gums in discomfort for the rest of the day. However, this floss is effective without the irritation, so i am satisfied no matter what time of day i use it. I would definitely buy it again.

I like this type of floss better than the cheaper wax kind. I have tight spaces between my teeth and find that this floss is able to get into those tight places and really clean out my teeth. It gentle and doesn’t fray like the wax kind. My dentist actually gives the mini versions of this floss out and i always grab one or two when i go in for my appointment. I seriously carry it with me everywhere.

Only knock is the floss can break if you pull a little too tight. Easy on gums with no weird flavor.

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