Oral B Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Battery Powered Kids Toothbrush featuring Disney’s Finding Dory – Good but no battery or head replacement

It took some getting used to it, but the toddler likes it. It gets teeth cleaner and in less time. If you have little kids, you know how valuable that teeth brushing time is.

My son loooves this toothbrush. It’s only been a couple of days but i can’t get him away from brushing his teeth. He never had a problem before but i couldn’t get him to brush longer than 1 minute max. Now it’s hard to take this toothbrush away from him.

Purchase for my brother, and he really like itgood gift.

  • This tooth brush is so fun! BUT there needs to be much more explicit
  • Exciting brush for toddlers who don’t like to brush. Head is a bit big.
  • My kids love these. Cheap but high quality and help them

I would have given this a four but i had to get my husband to help me open the battery cover to get at the battery. Should not be that difficult.

Kind of want the batteries to calm down. Daughter hates to turn it on.

Features of Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Battery Powered Kids Toothbrush featuring Disney’s Finding Dory, Extra Soft Bristles, 1 Count

  • Rotating power toothbrush head reaches, surrounds, and thoroughly cleans multiple surfaces
  • Extra-soft bristles clean as gently as a soft manual brush
  • Designed for kids 3+ years of age
  • Ergonomic handle designed for children’s small hands
  • From Oral-B, #1 brand used by dentists worldwide

My child likes the brush, only draw back you have to change at about a month and half because the bristles are already breaking down.

Cheap but high quality and help them brush better.

Well imagine getting a 3 year old to brush their teeth.

Our child wanted an electric toothbrush like mom and dad. This one was on sale and has fish on it, which our child loves, nothing like encouragement. He enjoys brushing his teeth now.

The battery lasted so long on this compared to the ones i’ve bought at the store. The spinning made my son get really excited about brushing his teeth.

The motor is strong even when pressure is applied.

But there needs to be much more explicit instructions on how to clean it. I’m fact, it should come with pipe cleaner or something. When i finally got something small enough to fit in the holes, it was covered in mold. There are so many nook and crannies that it makes it are. So, rinse thoroughly after every use. It was necessary for the caps in case that is all that is read.

One of the best purchase for my 3 years old who hated to wash his teeth . Now he s running to the bathroom to wash them by himself.

Pretty good brush – seems to clean our 2-yr old’s teeth well. However, this is quite loud and fat first kind of startled the little although she’s getting used to it now. The app that can be downloaded for me is great – more motivation to brush. The app sets 2 mins to brush and you get a new “sticker” after each brush.

Great product, it still scares my 3 year old daughter when she brishes her teeth but we’re making progress.

Loves that it is dori, and it is electric like our tooth brush. Easy to use and fits well in his mouth.

My son likes it but he just likes to play it as a toy instead of a toothbrush. The brush is a little too big for my 3 yr old.

It’s designed for kids – but the toothbrush head is very big and bulky. My kid has a normal kid mouth, pretty small. The motor is very strong though, so with minimal effort, a little one can ‘brush’ their own teeth.

The arguments over not wanting to brush teeth have stopped. Our 2 year old loves this brush. We are able to brush her teeth longer & then she brushes her own teeth. I should probably buy another as a back up.

It was a good start to get my 2. 5-year-old to get used to battery-operated toothbrush. But i don’t think there’s any replacements for the brush head for this particular toothbrush. This only lasted a few weeks and the bristles already became very bushy and worn. I would not recommend it if you plan to use it for long.

My son was excited about this toothbrush like he would about a new toy. Literally the minute he saw it he wanted to brush his teeth. I wish it had a flashing timer to let him know when his two minutes is up. He loves and encourages him to brush, it came with batteries that have not run out yet, so i cannot complain.

My son loves this toothbrush. He is 2 and a half and feels a big boy. He got used to the feeling and now i feel confident he is brushing very well his teeth. Love it, i am buying one for my 1 year old.

I’d like to tell you we bought this for our kid, but nope. He already had a minions one, so this was for my wife. She has a small mouth and likes kids brushes. This works great – it doesn’t talk or sing or do tricks, just spins and helps you brush better. In our experience, the battery usually lasts until the bristles go bad. The only thing i don’t like is that you can’t replace the bristle head – i feel un environmentally friendly.

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