Panasonic WES9013PC Electric Razor Replacement Inner Blade and Outer Foil Set : Turned my shaver like new again

From the looks of the foil, it won’t fit. For that reason, i called amazon to get a return authorization and a refund. I hadn’t opened the tough plastic bubble case–takes a blade or scissors. The wonderful amazon agent told me that the item was not returnable (i guess for hygienic reasons, even though i had never opened it up). But, she refunded my money and told me to throw it away, or give it to charity, or do whatever i chose with it. About 15 minutes later, i took a second look at the diagrams on the back of the package, and finally figured out what had to be done: the foil assembly fits inside the shell atop the razor. So, i opened the package and did the installation, and everything worked just fine. I called amazon back to let them know and to re-authorize the charge, but the second agent thanked me for my honesty and said that he would not enter a charge again. Anyway, the bottom line is that, even for a fairly sophisticated gadget geek like me, the directions for using the foil leave a lot to be desired.

Have used panasonic razors for many years. When they’re new, no other razor performs as well, in my opinion. But with age the blades do dull gradually. Because the change is slow, it is difficult to know when to replace them. Better too soon than too late. I just changed (more than 2 years) the blade and head with this kit and the improvement in performance and comfort was very, very noticeable. Makes me think that i waited too long and that an annual replacement will be well worth the cost.

Before i purchased this i read through the other customer reviews. Some said that it was worthless because it didn’t fit their razor, but they didn’t say what razor they had, so i could not make a determination if i would have that problem too. The package said that it fit my razor – the model es8103 wet/dry razor. So, i bought this replacement pack. I have had my es8103 razor for several years and never replaced the foil or cutting blades. Recently, the foil developed a small hole in one spot and it was getting bigger. It was digging my face in some sensitive areas, so the shave was not very good any more. That is why i decided to replace both the foil and the cutting blades. The foil is available on amazon for around $22 and this pack that included the foil and blades was only $28 so for a few dollars more, i got the blades too. It came this morning via fedex and i immediately took the blister pack apart – please manufacturers – these blister packs are terrible to get open.

As so many have posted here, yes, the kit is expensive. No, it doesn’t take a rocket-science level of aptitude to install (unless you’re a twit who doesn’t read instructions). It’s a common-sense maintenance product for a very good electric shaver. I like mine, but am a little worried about its waterproof claims (the led display does get a little wigged out when water is introduced). The shaver is the best i’ve used, so i’ll keep it until its rechargeable battery gives up the ghost and joins the buzz eternal.

The panasonic shaver foil and blade set gives a close, comfortable shave as long as the skin is lubricated with moisturizer right after washing your face. I don’t use my panasonic wet/dry shaver in the shower, but i imagine it would also do well with a light soapy film lubricating the face. The blades don’t stay sharp as long or shave as efficiently with dry shaves. Also, the panasonic foil is so thin that it will puncture or wear through in spots after several months of use if you are not careful when using it. This allows for a closer shave but makes the product less durable over time.

The ease of ordering these replacements from amazon cannot be overstated. I had been due to replace my existing blades and foil for quite some time. The difference a fresh set makes is incalculable. I am going to have to remember that this time.

Gradually, over time, my shaves got less and less close, requiring me to go over my face an increasing number of times. But the change was so gradual, i was taking it in stride. I attributed it to my whiskers, which are always tough, getting tougher. But then i decided to order this replacement foil and blade set. Today i made the easily done blade and foil change. I had not shaved for 2 days because i had been traveling. But with the new foil and blades, i got the closest shave i have gotten in a long time. When i notice that i must go over the face repeatedly to get a fairly satisfactory shave, i will make the replacement. The manual says replace the foil yearly and the blades every 2 years.

It replace a year old version of itself and the results were marginally better. I’m not sure how old others let their blades get but there was no earth shattering change for me. It does what it says at a reasonable price, solid 4.

  • Good product, lousy installation diagrams/directions. Read my review before throwing up your hands!
  • Great replacement razor blade
  • Just what I needed

Panasonic WES9013PC Electric Razor Replacement Inner Blade and Outer Foil Set for Men

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    by entering your model number.
  • This is an O.E.M. Authorized part
  • Fits with various Panasonic brand models
  • Oem part # WES9013PC
  • Replace with true Panasonic parts. It is recommended that you replace the outer foil at least every year to maintain your shaver’s cutting performance
  • Compatible with ES-ST25KS, ES-LT71-S, ES-LT41-K, ES-LT33-S, ES8103S, ES-RT97-S, ES-RT97-S, ES-RT77-S, ES-RT47-S, ES-RT37-S, ES-RT17-K, ES-SL83-S, ES-SL33-S, ES-SL41-S
  • Made in Japan

These replacement blades and foil are just o. The combo pack is not much better than the set i discarded when these arrived except the old set did not create facial burning as these do. The whisker length, however, is much finer than the previous original set so i will conclude that the blades are cutting at a slower rate but as effectively as the original with the exception of the burning and that is probably caused by the pressure i am putting on the razor’s head in an effort to get smooth shaving. Each of the new blades appear to be sharper and the foil is close to the same density as the original. As i said, the replacement set is just average and is good enough for me to continue using the panasonic because it is a surburb razor.

Panasonic razors and blades offer great value for the price. These blades work very well and with proper cleaning (foam soap, run the razor and rinse), have lasted about a year. I bought the panasonic razor locally, but could not find replacement blades. Thankfully amazon came through. I have tried every popular brand and panasonic razors are the best. Their selling point is the blade angle and it is absolutely true. The blades cut quickly and leave your face very smooth. I hate shaving, so there is a heavy 3 day growth by monday morning. These cut through it in a few minutes and without the painful hair pulling of other razors. The only knock on panasonic razors is that you cannot use them while plugged in.

I have had my panasonic electric razor for several years, and this is the second screen and blade replacement kit i have installed. And, panasonic seems to have upgraded this screen/blade kit since i bought the last one, because the comfort and closeness improvement was evident as soon as i installed it. Installation is a one minute job, if that. Just snap out the old parts, and snap in the new. If this is the kit that fits your razor, and if the blade and screen in your razor have a year or two of use, buy this kit. You need it and you will love it.

These turned my shaver new again, quieter and far fewer swipes needed and a closer shave as well. This isn’t the first time i’ve replaced blades, but i always forget how much of a difference it makes because they get worse so slowly. So if you even think you need new ones, get these.

Purchased for panasonic es-lt71 wet/dry shaver. Wasn’t sure at first if this replacement was as good as my old original worn out blades. After a few uses it seems to be as good. Much quieter than my old blades. My old original foil had worn a whole so it was time to do something. These are getting harder to find though and not cheap like they were a year or so ago.

Positives: easy to install, compatibility, performance5. Summary: like getting a whole new shaver for about half the price. How i rate:>5 stars: exceeds expectations and accomplishes its purpose>4 stars: meets all expectations and accomplishes its purpose>3 stars – does not meet expectations, but accomplishes its purpose>2 stars – major flaws but somewhat accomplishes its purpose>1 star – defective or deceitful. Does not accomplish its purpose.

Pros: breaths new life into your panasonic razor, much cheaper than a new device, easy to installcons: price fluctuates substantially and it is not worth the price when over $30this is a great way to prolong the life of your panasonic razor. It is a great deal when the price drops down in the mid to low twenties, but i recommend not purchasing the replacement kit when it is in the thirty dollar range.

I purchased my panasonic es8109 shaver in march 2011. 4 years later it was time to replace the blades and the foil. I ordered thepanasonic wes9013pc electric razor replacement kit and when it came it was super easy to install. I shaved to see what the new blades and foil were like and wow, i had forgotten what a really close shave was.I am so impressed that i will probably order another replacement kit on payday, so in 4 more years i will be ready. I highly recommend this product.

Why i didn’t buy this fix ages ago i do not know. It made my razor like new, i had not realized how bad and degraded mine had become. It’s back to being a blade quality shave now. I may buy another razor and kit for the future, best deal in the world. Thanks to those who recommended this product.

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