Philips Norelco Nose trimmer 1500 : Great trimmer. Doesn’t nick the skin like previous ones

Works great on your own nose hair and i even tried my eyebrows (although i was worried i’d cut them off). Hard to use if you want to sneak up on somebody and shave off their eyebrows. It is noisy at 3am when everybody is asleep so if you turn it on near a sleeping victim’s face they will start swatting at you in the dark thinking you are a loud bug.

Doesn’t nick the skin like previous ones i have used. Takes a little getting used to but it works great. I have a goatee and have no issues with the nose like others have stated.

Finally my beauty routine is complete. The blades are gentle yet effective on this trimmer. They aren’t the most powerful, but they got my hairs in the front part of my nostrils. It took a few runs, slow ones, to get the hairs so be prepared for that. I was surprised at how little i felt the trimming. I was afraid my hairs would get pulled out, but i can report that they don’tlike i said, take it slow to get all the hairs. You also need to turn the trimmer head with the shape of your nostrils. The hardest part for me was the upper area where my nostril is very flexible. You really have to get in there with the trimmer. It might look like you’re trying to poke your brain.

Most of the similar items do not have this single angle feature. Some have 2 cutting edges side by side ( 180 deg) and do not seem to cut as well. Then there is the barrel style with a concave tip, neither of which worked well for me. Norelco phillips has been my favorite brand over the years. Last trimmer same item lasted about 5 years and only required 3 battery changes (1 x aa). I highly recommend this item. Appears to be just as durable as previous one. Easy to clean head (do not immerse in floating water rinse all is necessary) great product, easy on the wallet and nose. Eyebrow trimmer slides over tip an invaluable tool for us older people.

Edit: spend the extra couple bucks and buy philips norelco nose trimmer 3000, nt3000/49, with 6 pieces for nose, ears and eyebrows which gives both cutter types. Too late for me to return this one as i think i bought it right before the 3000 came out (shucks), but if it breaks i know what to get. There are pros and cons with this trimmer over others like the wahl lithium micro groomsman trimmer #5640-1001. I decided to try this after the lithium battery in the wahl died. Pros:you can really reem out the inside of your nostrils without worrying about cutting yourself. Can cut ear hair without it being deafening. Cons:i still need to move my nose around with my other hand to cut the problematic hair. Some of these hairs are easily trimmed with the wahl lithium micro groomsman trimmer #5640-1001.

Get in there and clan out the ear and nose hair. Works great had to hid it from the wife so i could find it.

Philips Norelco Nose trimmer 1500, NT1500/49, with 3 pieces for nose, ears and eyebrows

  • No pulling guaranteed with the advanced trimming system that shields the blades from your skin
  • Fully washable for easy cleaning and care
  • Eyebrow guard for quick and even trims. AA battery included
  • Cutter width nose trimmer is 0.81 inch. 1 eyebrow comb is 0.13 inch. Number of length settings is two
  • Built to last with 2 year warranty. Note : Refer to the PDF attached below for User Manual.

I am from liberia, west africa. And because i have an amazon account, many of my friends always ask me to buy different products for them on amazon. I don’t usually rate the products i buy because many of them are not used by myself. I had to rate this one because when i bought the ‘philips norelco nose trimmer 1500, nt1500/49 ‘ for my workmate, he came back running to me very happy-he is an elderly man. His exact words were ‘ thanks dorbor, this trimmer is very very very excellent, i have used so many trimmers in my life but i will stick to this one’. This is why i had to communicate his view with you all.

Most of these trimmers use the same design, which works ok for a month before the blades are worn and require frequent replacement. They also never get the most annoying hair. It gets all the hair, anywhere. It’s a little scarier but did not hurt me so far. The design also seems better as the blades are much thicker, and will thus last longer.

Good product as it does what it’s supposed to do and that works. It’s round so it rolls off the table sometimes, not as bad as others that i’ve tried. And there is no light which i did miss on this one. Battery life is short so you may want to think about a rechargeable aa. Still i use it almost every day and it does the job.

Philips Norelco Nose trimmer 1500, NT1500/49, with 3 pieces for nose, ears and eyebrows :

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Philips Norelco Nose trimmer 1500, NT1500/49, with 3 pieces for nose, ears and eyebrows
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