Philips Norelco OneBlade hybrid electric trimmer and shaver, Great shaver, but fragile, expensive shaver head replacements

Try if you clean shave or trim your beard. I am a person who occasionally grows a thick beard, depending on my mood. However, i always keep a light scuff on my cheeks and jaw line since my wife likes it that way. My neck however is always clean shaved. I used to use gillette fusion powerball glide and that worked great to help me clean shave, then i would have to use this other gillette trimmer i had to keep my beard from looking overgrown and nasty. I have tossed both of those away now since i got the philips oneblade. It truly has lived up to its hype. I have changed the blade on this once in 4 months. Thats after using this thing like every 3 days to clean shave my neck. It gives me as close a shave as gillette fusion does, in fact the shave is so smooth its the same as when you first use a fresh new blade. The only thing that could be better than this is the single blade your barber uses which i am too scare to use anyway. This has replaced 2 things i had, it is powerful, doesnt hurt while trimming or clean shaving and gives an amazingly close shave. For $35 it is more than worth it.

It is easier than most and does a pretty smooth shave. I’d say a blade razor is smoother, but this is a one shop tool to do head, face and trim which is convenient. I have sensitive skin along the neck, so it gets a little irritated there, but i bought some aftershave to see if that will fix the problem. Refill blades are expensive like regular blades, so i wouldn’t buy this if you are just looking for a less expensive choice, but either way it is still a decent value. I’d give it 5 starts if the shave was a smooth a regular blade, but it is very close.

You are missing the point: hybrid product, not a replacement product. People, please ‘listen’ (aka: read), you are missing the point. This is not made to replace your traditional blade razor, and it is not made to replace your traditional electric razor. This is a hybrid product made to solve the way most men (15 – 55?) shave and trim today. If you want baby-smooth military level shaving (any place, head to toe) this is not the product for you. If you want to fast and effectively trim down facial and body hair to ‘1/2 – 3/4 of the way to a 5’clock shadow’ this is what this product will do. You can shave dry or wet: imho, for best results (and more stubble), use it dry and slow. For a slightly closer shave, use wet and press down harder. You can cut or abrade yourself. Allow me to detail:1) they had an opportunity to lengthen the handle and fill it with a bigger battery – they should have. 2) should have made the blade portion either longer or for it to come in sizes/widths (huge miss). 4) sales and marketing idiocy: you do not have to replace the razor head every four months (or even at all). It will last a year-plus (longer than you will own it) – they should have turned this into an anti-establishment-cost-saving-win (think tesla) versus an ‘omg – the freakin’ blades cost how much?’.5) biggest negative comes from the guides (labeled 1, 3 and 5) they are not bidirectional but the razor head is?.

Key specs for Philips Norelco OneBlade hybrid electric trimmer and shaver, FFP, QP2520/90:

  • Rechargeable OneBlade can trim, edge, and shave any length of hair.
  • Shave any length – not as close as a traditional blade so your skin stays comfortable
  • Trim it down – click on combs for a fast and even trim in all the right places
  • Edge it up – dual-sided blade for precise edging to line up your style easier than ever before
  • Replaceable OneBlade lasts up to 4 months. (For best shaving experience. Based on 2 full shaves per week. Actual results may vary.)

Comments from buyers

“Wow. Great on the face, keep it off your junk., You are missing the point: Hybrid product, NOT a replacement product!, Great shaver, but fragile, expensive shaver head replacements”

It looks as though it is how you use this groomer/shaver and when you follow directions and you have the intended type of beard it works well. It does mean accepting that you need to replace the blade and pay attention to when that needs to be done.

Best shaver i have ever bought in years. Best shaver i have ever bought in years. It gets really close and for a white guy who gets a lot of razor burn, this hardly left a scratch. You don’t have to dig into the skin to get results. You will still have to follow up with a disposable or straight razor to get rid of stubble but again, this gets pretty damn close. Buying 3 for friends and family , it’s that good.

Does exactly what it says it does. Very convenient tool if you’re maintaining that 5 o’clock shadow or something a little longer, but want to keep things nice, trim, and professional. There’s nothing better out there that i’ve used. In a pinch, you can use it to shave everything off, but don’t expect anything too close. It’s not meant to be a close shave.

Bought to replace braun that was nearly 10 years old. Used braun and panasonic and remington since age 17. (long time ago) blade razors irritate my skin. Thought i’d try this instead of shelling out $250 on another braun. Pleasantly surprised it actually works well. No pressure pull or push across my face and even my spindly whiskers come right off. Always leaves a very very short stubble so you won’t pass drill instructor morning inspection, but for everyone else it isn’t noticeable. I believe the fact that it doesn’t cut below the skin line has resulted in a virtual elimination of small pimples (ingrown hairs i’m assuming) since i’ve been using it. Simple clean up: run hot water over it while on, then i follow up with 91% alcohol to sanitize and eliminate rust on the blade.

One of the best shavers i have bought. I have been looking for a nice small travel size shaver that is not a blade since it scratches up my skin way too much. This product is small and i like how it cuts my hair very close like clippers and not shave against my skin like a traditional shaver. I have been through quite a bit of shaving products like the norelco philips shaver i spent over 300 dollars and that product did not shave all of my hairs off of my it doesn’t matter if it used water or shaving cream. This product does the job right. Pros:1) small and portable2) battery life last well over a week3) clipper head is changeable4) comes with a hard case for easy to travelcons:1) the hair gets stuck between the blades hard to clean.

Great alternative forget the blades. I’ve been looking for a electric razor or razor in general that, easy to use, durable, doesn’t cause rash or ingrown hair, quick and portable. I picked this up on the whim actually while shopping and decided to try it out. It comes with one stainless steel blade that you don’t have to change for four months, very cost effective compared to cartridges you throw out very often. Comes with a barber and you can’t use it while charging which i think helps it from lasting longer and not burning out the motor. And three adjustable trimmers to cut the right length off. You can use this in the shower thanks to its resistance to water which helps to clean it after use. I used it today before my date this morning and it cuts just as close as two, three, or even four blade razors. You shave the opposite way with this single blade razor and i was worried it would give me ingrown hair but it doesn’t actually cut close but close enough you get a very clean shave and look.Very good for maintaining a look or style.

Impressive battery, so far. . The charge on these seems to last forever. I do not shave with this every day, but maybe once or twice a week, and it seemed to last multiple months before it needed to be recharged. The shave itself isn’t great, particularly if dry (works well with like a shaving butter), and the device makes this horrible sound, but works well enough. An actual razor is still likely a better deal and better shave.

Put all your other machines on ebay and get this thing. I fell for the commercials and i’m glad i did. I owned several machines prior to this and i’m about to get rid of them all. I use this little guy for everything it claims to do in the commercials. Commercials that tell the truth. It’s a precision trimmer and edger for sure and no risk of injurynothing more to say. Put all your other machines on ebay and get this thing.

Great for avoiding shaving bumps. I like it for it’s versatility as a beard and stubble trimmer, and as a shaver it gets reasonably close without causing shaving bumps — in that respect it works better than anything else i’ve ever tried. On the negative side, having two edges makes it difficult to use in tight spots at times. I think i would prefer a narrower, single edge version. Also, it sometimes struggles to cut my coarse whiskers.

If you are someone who doesn’t shave everyday this is a must have. I have tried lots of other electric shavers in the past, but none matches the ease of use with quality of shave the one blade gives you. If you are someone who doesn’t always shave this is a must have product. I first saw the video on an instagram ad of a full beard being trimmer right off with this razor and was curious enough to buy it. It really does exactly what the video shows, you can go from beard to smooth face in one stroke. I tend to use a traditional razor after i shave with the oneblade if i’m going for a more clean look.

Unfortunately, not the one blade you need. Ordered this product wondering if the hype and marketing was accurate. It works as advertised, but struggles to provide an even shave. Used it once to attempt to shave my head and neck. It did trim my head, fairly evenly. It failed to trim the hair on my neck in many patches, leaving me to use a standard razor to complete the job. Interesting product, but if you’re looking for close shaves i’d advise you to look elsewhere.

Saw this on tv and thought hubby might like a new shaver. Not only did i surprise him with the gift, but after one use, he tossed all his other razors in the garbage. He loves this for the smooth shave and the fine edging he can achieve since he still keeps some of his beard.

And while it didn’t give a super duper close shave. The hype is real (at least for an asian male). I always got razor burn/bumps from standard razors. I did a dry shave with the oneblade, and while it didn’t give a super duper close shave, it was good enough and my skin was not irritated at all. I didn’t have to apply the copious amounts of lotion/oils i normally have to do and there were no ingrown hairs that i could notice. I did have to go over some spots more than once, but i’d do that with a normal razor as well. Overall, would recommend if someone needs a quick, clean, and comfortable shaving solution.

Great trimmer, not a replacement for a razor. I like that it’s small and light weight. #1 adapter is good stubble length. Like most electric shavers, doesn’t replace an actual razor. You won’t get a smooth shave with it but by far the best electric shaver i have tried. My #1 adapter that i use daily would no longer clip / stay on the shaver. You can’t buy the attachments separately, so i had to buy another whole shaver kit. The very next day i somehow lost the new attachment i needed.

I just got the shaver and after the 8 hour initial charge i put it to the test. It cuts dry hair well but the problem is hair starts to fly everywhere. So i decided to apply a bit of water and shaving cream and cut my beard always going against the grain. Every few strokes i would rinse the unit under running water. I am pleased to say that i love this shaver. It cut pretty close but not as close as a blade but i’m ok with that. I don’t know how the battery or blades will hold up in the long run but so far so good.

Very good but beware of the length of the guard. Be warned this does trim very close to the face, even when using the ‘larger’ guard. It would be perfect -5 stars- if they would offer additional guards that allowed one to have longer hair. However in general very good, easy to grip, use and travel with.

I bought for my boyfriend as a gift because he is obsessed with shaving. He is middle eastern and has think brown hair that grows super fast. This is able to shave along hair line, chin line, back of neck to straighten the hair line everything. Only problem is it’s not perfectly close shave, it does leave a shadow.

I’m glad i got the norelco instead of the off brand one. So i let my beard grow long and then do a clean shave. I needed something to get the beard down and then i use my other norelco electric shaver for a smooth shave. I no longer use shaving cream and a razor. This thing went right thru it like nothing. Did not get clogged once and no bleeding. I’m certain if i shaved everyday the would take the place of my expensive norelco 3 head shaver.

Seems like a waste of half a cutting head. I was looking for something that would keep my short head hair in some sort of shape between trims. This is working reasonably well. ) the cutter can’t be reversed so one side will wear while the other won’t. Seems like a waste of half a cutting head. ) it cuts best when the hair is at a 90 degree angle to the cutting blade which makes trimming around curves a bit tricky.

Very good but beware of the length of the guard. Be warned this does trim very close to the face, even when using the ‘larger’ guard. It would be perfect -5 stars- if they would offer additional guards that allowed one to have longer hair. However in general very good, easy to grip, use and travel with.

Best cordless shaver i’ve owned. . This works surprisingly well. Shaves face and head very close and quickly. Best cordless shaver i’ve owned and i highly recommend. I’ve only used once so blade is still sharp but i shave my face where no beard is and my head weekly. We’ll see how long the blade last. Been shaving my head for about 15 years, this is a must. I still shave my head with a traditional shaver and will go over it with this instead of a regular blade.

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