Prime and Pure Raw PRIME & PURE Cocoa Butter 100% Fresh : No more itching from eczema!

This is so nice, smooth and delicious. It adds to every recipe you might use it in and is absolutely perfect for fat bombs.

We used this for making keto diet “fat bombs. ” it makes for a great tasting addition to this diet. High quality, melted easily for use in baking.

I used half of the pound i got and i’m happy with the quality of the cocoa butter. I used to pay nearly $20 for a pound, which is almost double what i paid for this product and the quality is about the same or better.

I would love to review the cocoa butter, but my dogs decided to test it out before i even opened my amazon box. It appears to have been double bagged, that didn’t help me but does seem like a generally good idea. It smells exactly like cocoa butter, so i am fairly certain that i received what i ordered. It was shipped on time, arrived on time. All signs point to this being a decent product. I will not be certain unless i reorder it. My dogs seem to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I have a great dane, rottie-shepherd, and a boxer. None of them seem sick or begging to go outside.

I got this to make chocolates my first batch i made today was white chocolate pecan omg they are absolutely wonderful will be buying again in bulk for sure smells super good almost like could eat right out of the package :).

I use this to make my super fortified keto fat bombs. 3 oz cocoa butter3oz coconut oil2 tbsp mct oil1 bar of lindt 90% dark chocolate2 tbsp peanut buttermelt above in double noiler add powders below and stir till well blended20 grams of spirulina powder20 grams of chlorella powdernow pour metled chocolate concoction into candy molds. Produces about 20 servings of high quality fats plant pheynols vitamins minerals amino acids and anti oxidants.

I use this cocoa butter to make lotion bars, it has a good texture and helps firm up the bars since the oils and shea butter are soft. It has a light, cocoa smell and has so many skin benefits. It’s softens, has vitamin e, and packs a ton of fatty acids.

The smell is out of this world and it’s helped with my eczema. What i do is i melt this with a little shea butter because i like for the cocoa to over power the shea butter but to still be soft enough for me to apply to my skin. I melt them down and add grape seed oil, a little tea tree to help preserve it, and castor oil. You can add other fragrance oils if you want to change up thr scent and blend those in as well. I will refrigerate it and then whip with a hand mixer and it turns out nice and creamy. Or if you prefer something else i will use a silicon chocolate bar mold, add in my melted ingredients and let it harden and then boom. You have a chocolate bar moisturizer. This has helped with with my eczema i use to get extremely terrible on my skin.

  • No more itching from eczema!
  • its meh

Raw PRIME & PURE Cocoa Butter 100% Fresh (1 LB)

  • Super smell, high quality
  • Chunks, pieces not in block form
  • Melts at low temp
  • Use in all formualtions

Love cocoa butter in homemade soap. It makes a firm bar of soap and helps buffer the overly cleansing quality of coconut oil (another fat that lends to a firm soap) which dries skin. Packaging was a bag o’ cocoa butter chunks and shreds with the top taped closed, in a gallonish sized ziploc bag. Tres generic (say it french-like. In a brick and mortar store presentation matters. Inside a cardboard shipping box, not so much. If you’ve not make homemade soap with cocoa butter.

I ordered this to make body butter for christmas gifts. Shipping was timely and free, which was great. I have smelled countless cocoa butters and expected something that smelled absolutely heavenly. My order does weigh a full pound (i checked on my kitchen scale), but the scent is just very slightly off. It’s not as warm and buttery as i expected.

Hard to measure unless you have a scale, but wonderful stuff. I mixed mine with coconut oil to make body butter and i’m in love with it. I’ll never use lotions again. It’s great to know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.

It was very crumbly in the bag. It smells good, like cocoa butter. I don’t appreciate it not being all held together however, and the appearance of the cocoa butter looks very dry, but when you melt it down to use it, its not. Probably won’t be repurchasing this again because of the condition of the cocoa butter in the bag.

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Raw PRIME & PURE Cocoa Butter 100% Fresh (1 LB)
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