Proactiv 3-Step Acne Treatment System : This is working great for my grandson

After 4 days of using this on my son, it was obvious this stuff works.

Proactiv works great for clearing up skin. Before switching to proactiv, i had been to two different dermatologists who each prescribed different prescription-strength acne medications, and nothing seemed to work. After switching to proactiv, my face has become much clearer.

I have been using proactiv for years. I’ve tried everything and nothing else works for my acne.

I started getting the really bad acne, where its hard and seems under the skin, and starts getting dark even though i did not squeeze them. But the proactive helped clear them, i just have to wait for the scars to go away. You have to be careful though cause it can dry your skin, the trick is that i used it at nights only, i would not it in the morning, as the sun combined with the ingredients in the products, especially the toner can worsen the acne. If i have to i would use very little of the repair treatment in the day. And of course always use sunblock.

It works as long as you don’t stop and start using.

This is better than the machine cuz i get free samples of stuff to try.

I can’t say enough good things about this. Not only has it calmed my breakouts, when i do get the occasional one, it goes away within a few days. I wish i had used this product last year because i had very bad cystic breakouts. Also love how it includes the green tea moisturizer and the refining mask.

Within one day my teenage daughter’s skin looked so much better. After 4 days she is well on her way to clearing up completely. No more dark red blemishes and no new ones erupting.

  • Works great, when everything else has failed!

  • It actually reverses the formation of the acne

  • He seems to like the product and said he is using the system

Proactiv 3-Step Acne Treatment System (90 Day)

  • Acne kit formulated with proven acne fighting medicine, benzoyl peroxide
  • The original Combination Therapy 3 step system developed to clear existing acne breakouts and help prevent future ones from occurring
  • Designed for all skin types but best for oily, combination skin and teens or young adults
  • Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) starts killing acne causing bacteria on contact, penetrating deep into pores to target the root cause of acne; bacteria, oil production, and dead skin cell build up
  • Non Comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Dermatologist Tested

With consistent use my kids faces have been cleared up. Inconsistent use gets inconsistent results.

I was doubtful that this would work after trying so many other products. You need to give it several weeks, after a few months i saw significant improvement.

Depends on the person i guess, but i’ve had acne since i was 18. 38 now, clears me up, and keeps me clear. That is the deal breaker for me.

Can’t really see any results yet.

I am purchasing this for my 16 year old grandson. He seems to like the product and said he is using the system every day. It appears his skin has cleared.

It’s proactive; if used as directed, it was certainly produce some result, the extent of which will depend on your diet/heredity.

I have had acne my entire life. I started using proactiv and it reduced the outbreaks. It also helped the scarring, and made my skin feel smoother. I would recommend proactive for any age.

Ordered this for my son’s girlfriend in the philippines. Very effective and will order more.

Will keep buying this product.

I started using proactiv a couple of months ago due to consistent hormonal breakouts caused from my iud. My skin is now perfectly clear and more soft and supple than it’s been in years. I had all of the negative side effects for the first two weeks. Burning sensation and dry skin. My face also broke out worse in the first 2 weeks. I thought i might have to quit using proactiv but those problems suddenly went away when i started using a moisturizing product called water drench that i get from ulta. It cleared up the drying and soothed the stinging immediately. I’ve had 2 zits in 2 months and i couldn’t be more pleased with proactiv. I highly recommend it for anybody with moderate breakouts.

Its been around for a long time and does well for allot of people, my daughter had acne and now it is 90% gone. This is actually a refill, she has been using it for awhile with no complaints.

Ordered on tuesday night and received wednesday morning. Shipping excellence aside, this has been a lifesaver for my young teen daughter. She has oily-to-combination/extra sensitive skin, and would have daily breakouts on her chin, forehead, and nose. We tried everything–regular face wash, face wash for sensitive skin, purifying masks, spot treatments, oil pads, even lemon juice. However, within a few days of using this (and she even neglects to use it every day), her skin cleared right up.

This is working great for my grandson. He tells me he notices a difference just to be careful not to skip to many days.

I purchased this product for my 19 year old son who was experiencing moderate acne while in college. After 1 week, his face was almost clear. He used the (3) step program along with the green tea moisturizer and the results were remarkable. I would strongly recommend this product.

The cleanser is so thick i can hardly squeeze it out of the bottle. It smells like proactive, but the consistency is way off. I’ve ordered this stuff for many years now although usually directly from the company. This is the first time i’ve had any issue. I won’t be ordering it from amazon again.

My teenager has been suffering with a small amount of acne. I first let her try a 30-day supply of proactive and as long as she used it as directed, her complexion greatly improved. So, i ordered the 90-day supply and like that i dont have to do auto ship.

Good price for the quantity, but i think this product gets an awful lot of hype. I think my teenager is more afraid to not use it then know it’s actually working😉.

Excellent for those with acne issues. This system works with amazing results. It is on the pricey side but definitely worth the purchase.

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