PURA D’OR Hair Thinning Therapy Conditioner, A must for brittle hair!

After i had my second baby in two years, i had significant hair loss. A year later, i notice that my hair is not nearly as full as it used to be. I also have been more naturally minded since my kids were born, and like to avoid the chemicals and strong fragrances that are found in most grocery store conditioners. This product, along with the shampoo, was recommended to me by a friend, and i have not been disappointed. The scent of the conditioner is pretty strong right out of the bottle, and i wasn’t sure i would like it since it smelled prettt strongly of some of the essential oils that were used to make it. However, i found that the scent was much more subtle once it was rinsed out of my hair (unlike the conditioners with more chemicals),and actually smells very good. I have only need using the shampoo for a week, so it is a little bit early to say if it works for preventing hair loss, but time will tell. It does leave my hair feeling clean, soft, and moisturizers, even without any additional products.

I have used this conditioner for over a year, and it is the best. My post menopausal hair thinning has become a thing of the past, and my hair looks and feels like it did before menopause. I am very pleased with this hair conditioner. It smells lovely, not at all medicinal. It is very gentle on my hair. I have had to be gluten free for over eight years now, and i was most pleased to find an effective product that is gluten free, among all of its other very safe attributes. I highly recommend this product, as well as the pura d’or hair thinning shampoo, which i use along with the conditioner. The price of this conditioner is very reasonable, and the bottle lasts a long time, as you don’t need a lot of the product on your hair to get the beneficial results. You won’t be disappointed with this highly effective and safe hair thinning therapy conditioner.

I am using this conditioner in addition to the shampoo from the same brand. This conditioner not only helps with hair loss, it also leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable. When i say greasy, i mean one day without a shower and it looks like i have an oil slick on my head. I struggle with different brands of conditioner because a lot of them make my hair dull and greasy. This product does not do that at all. It really works well and i would highly recommend it.

I purchased this conditioner after purchasing the shampoo last month. The shampoo had worked so well so i wanted to enhance how well it worked by incorporating the conditioner. I am very very pleased with my results so far. I have a ton of new hair growth which is especially noticeable on the front sections of my hair. After having a baby and bleaching my hair, it was destroyed, thin, and i had a lot of breakage. I also noticed that my hair is much softer and smoother. It also leaves it smooth after the shower which allows for easy combing through wet hair. The smell of this conditioner is also very nice. Another positive of purchasing this conditioner or the shampoo or both is that the value is great i think.

I’m in my early 30s and not sure what happened but my hair started becoming brittle and broke in what seemed like clumps. I tried that nioxin system for a month but it didn’t work for me and my hair still broke. I don’t have pictures but my hair was so thin i could see my scalp in the temple areas. I found this brand and the shampoo and have used them both along with a leave in coconut oil based leave in serum for the last 5 month and after about a month, my hair stopped breaking in clumps, and regrowth started happening after about 2 months. Finally, my hair is almost back to what it used to be. Still a little thin, but it’s so much better. My last license picture, taken last month, it actually looks like i have 90s mom from texas hair. 🙂 hope it works for whoever else that tries this brand as well. I do suggest the coconut oil anti breakage serum too though or something similar.

This was my second order of both the conditioner and the shampoo, and i reordered because i’ve been very happy with my first order from 8 months ago. My previously thick hair has been thin since i finished chemo almost two years ago, and i also have thyroid issues exacerbating the problem, so i was looking for something to add a little volume. I don’t know if it is the products, or just a post-chemo hair change, but my hair has been steadily darkening from nearly white to more salt and pepper lately. My hair is very short, and so it is difficult to know for sure if it is any thicker, but i think it is and i’m happy with the products. These are the products i’ve been using:pura d’or hair thinning therapy conditioner (reordered)pura d’or hair thinning therapy shampoo (reordered)pura d’or hair thinning therapy intense moisturizing masque (not used very often)pura d’or hair thinning therapy energizing scalp serum revitalizer (not used very often).

I bought this to go along with the hair loss prevention shampoo from pura d’or. Like the shampoo, i love the botanical scent and the feel of it on my scalp. I also like the way my hair feels when it air dries after using this shampoo/conditioner combo. My only complaint is that it is not a great detangler and i often have some knots after a shower. I have definitely noticed less hair in my brush and less ‘fly aways’ since i started using these a few weeks ago. I look forward to stronger, fuller hair in the next few months.

Key specs for PURA D’OR Hair Thinning Therapy Conditioner for Added Moisture, Infused with Argan Oil, Biotin & Natural Ingredients, Sulfate Free, for All Hair Types, Men & Women, 16 Fl Oz (Packaging may vary):

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Comments from buyers

” hair started becoming brittle and broke in what seemed like clumps. I tried that Nioxin system for a , Great natural conditioner!, Now I have hope that it will get better.”

I bought this along with the hair loss therapy shampoo and am so glad i did. Ever since i had my 2 children back to back my hair has been absolutely horrendous. From being dry and dull to literally pulling out clumps at a time – needless to say, i was desperate to find something. I have been using daily this about a week or so and i have definitely seen some positive results. My hair is much more shiny and healthy looking and actually seems to not be falling out as muchthe consistency is fairly thick. If i take a bath, i will leave it on for a while i relax. Make sure to massage it into your scalp to get the full benefit. . I will also say i have a dry itchy scalp, and this has helped with that as welli have a 3 year old daughter with super fine hair. She gets a massive knot in the back of her hair when she sleeps.

While i have been using pura d’or shampoo for several months, i have only used this conditioner for a couple of weeks. I tried to use less expensive, store bought conditioner with my expensive shampoo, but my scalp has become sensitive since my hair started thinning and i finally ordered this. It is a thick and creamy conditioner. It smells different from the shampoos i’ve used, but that isn’t a problem since the pura d’or shampoo rinses clean. This product smells a bit like fresh pumpkin (not pumpkin spice), and i find the smell mild and inoffensive. The best thing about this conditioner so far is i can put it directly on my scalp and leave it there for two minutes like the directions say without my thin, oily hair looking greasy within two hours. This is good because this conditioner is also meant to moisturize the scalp, and i feel like my scalp is more healthy than it was when i started using this two weeks ago. In fact, with better moisturizing, my scalp seems a bit less oily than before. It’s different for everyone, but it doesn’t weigh my hair down and it’s worth trying it on the scalp, even though many of us with thin hair are used to only conditioning the ends.

I bought this in conjunction with the shampoo the shampoo is great, but it’s not like a regular shampoo. It doesn’t lather a ton and it was a little shocking to me at first. I didn’t feel like i was getting my hair clean. I have really oily hair and was super surprise that this shampoo was able to keep my hair clean and oil free much longer then my drug store brands. The conditioner is super silky and makes my hair very smooth. My hair doesn’t feel weighed down at all. I purchased this because i feel like i lose so much hair. Like handfuls every time i shower. I haven’t noticed a huge difference in the week i’ve been using this but the product does say to allow 3 months for visible results. I follow the directions to a t and leave each in for at least 2 min.

I dyed my hair so much that i thought it was almost impossible to find a good shampoo, but this product exceeds my expectations. The smell, how my hair feels after.

Yeah, i’m getting a free bottle for writing this review, but if i didn’t love the thing would i care enough to write it so that i could just have more junk in my cabinet?. The truth is, i don’t believe that any hair product other than propecia (which basically stopped my hair loss for ten years until i stopped taking it when we decided to have kids) and rogaine (which i’ve had okay success with) can possibly stop hair loss. Sorry, i’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years on stuff for hair loss, and none of it can stop it or even slow it down. That’s the truth from someone with way too much experience. Now, if you’re post hair transplant, or just have wispy hair, then you know you need a good conditioner. Of all of the ‘hair loss therapy’ conditioners i’ve used, this is the best one. Not that expensive, lasts a long time, and functions as a great conditioner.

Only been using for 2 weeks. I’ve noticed less hair loss and my hair does feel thicker when i use it. I know the new growth is going to take some time but so far this shampoo/cond set has improved my life. I was stressing over the thinness and extreme hair loss. Now i have hope that it will get better.

I have been trying different products for my thinning hair and this is the only product i have found that has incredible results. Now, i know the bottle says it takes up to 3 months to see results but in my case i saw tremendous results in about 2 weeks. The first picture was from my last shower before using this product and the second is after my second week of using this. The results speak for themselves and i am no longer constantly worried that at the age of 32 i’m losing all my hair. I’ve recommended this product to everyone i know who suffers from the same problem and showing them my results (these pictures) they hurried up and ordered their own. I’m so thankful that i stumbled on this and decided to try it. I love it and the conditioner makes my hair so soft.

Male with thin straight short hair. I normally can’t use conditioners because they make my hair fly away and flat , i have very thin fine thinning hair and this stuff works really good , this blue conditioner feels like i blow dried my hair (but i just let it air dry). I did not think much when it was wet till my hair dried and then i just shook it up and it looked great , smells like coconuts but light , not strong smelling. I use the gold shampoo that smells like lemon which i love. Great combo , i will try the blue shampoo when i run out of the gold. It’s a good shampoo and love the smell but not worth $30 and the price has been rising on the gold. Revised ratingskipped a day then used it for the second time and hair looked thinner and fly away just like using any other conditioner with short thinning baby fine hair. Still smells great but the added time for showering with a conditioner might just not be worth it.

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