Radha Beauty Fractionated Coconut Oil – 100% Pure & Natural Carrier and Base Oil : Quality product, quality company

The delivery of this product was very speedy and professional, i definitely got what was advertised plus some. I wasn’t sure what to do with this as i waited for my essential oils, but the recipes that were e-mailed to me were very helpful. It worked awesome to gently clean off my makeup without needing to harshly scrub my face (i did wash my face after, only because i’m prone to breakouts if my face gets oily), my oils arrived and it works perfectly for my homemade bug spray, i also used it as a leave in conditioner after dying my hair and my hair is the softest it’s ever been after a home dying session, and i’m trying the tooth whitening recipe to see how that works for me. I can’t wait to try more things with this product.

I really enjoyed this large bottle. I used it for body oil and it works well. My complaint is that the oil is always all over the outside and under the bottle even when you pump neatly. I believe that’s just the nature of oil. Doesn’t have any scent or coloring. Truthfully i didn’t notice a positive difference in how nourished or moisturized my skin was from it. I’m still using the bottle for other body oils because it’s such a large lovely pump bottle.

Generally speaking for the majority of purposes i use essential oils, coconut is my all time favorite carrier oil and radha’s is just as beneficial as any i’ve used. There are so many reasons to use this oil. It’s thin and light, so absorbs rapidly. If it does, you’d better check the ingredients or the expiration date. If it lists fragrance as an ingredient, that’s a red flag. Almost any chemical can qualify as a fragrance. One side benefit i’ve recently just determined is that coconut oil is the least likely to stain and not nearly as hard on sheets as other carrier oils. A chemist friend gave a mini ‘tutorial’ on this oil over coffee and said that a significant reason coconut oil makes the perfect carrier oil is that it’s molecules are very small, nearly as small as the essential oils so that it doesn’t hinder the eo from being absorbed into the skin.

When radha replaced the pump they had sent (it was too short) i told them i would write a review after i had had some time to use the product. Here it is:this is an unscented oil – very liquid. More pleasant to use than ordinary coconut oil, which has a consistency like crisco and has to be warmed in your hands to become liquid. The pump tends to deliver more than you need – a full stroke yields too much oil for the palm of you hand, so go gently until you get a feel for this pump – it is inelegant but functional. Coconut oil is an emollient, a humectant – you can use it as a moisturizer all over your body, including your face – not slathering it on like a suntan oil – but judiciously applying it to dry areas. It takes rather longer than a cream or lotion to absorb into your skin, but it will be absorbed. Some women swear by it for everything, even hair conditioning. Work with it, and you’ll probably end up continuing to use it as i have. Here is a definition copied from the web: as the name implies, fractionated coconut oil is a fraction of the coconut oil from which almost all the long chain triglycerides are removed, thus leaving mainly the medium-chain triglycerides and making it an absolutely saturated oil.

I make a lot of essential oil blends as gifts, or for my own usage, and found this fractionated coconut oil to work well.

Like most of you, i order what i want and review the item. I might mention the company if something out the ordinary happens. I found the oil to be exactly what it claimed. Therapeutic quality, well priced. But this is obviously a company that isn’t just churning out vats of this stuff for a big profit. A lot of care is invested by the founders to not only ensure that high standards are met, but to also educate the consumer. I received a little ebook about the product and many of its other health benefits and uses. The title of my review says it all.

Radha Beauty Fractionated Coconut Oil – 100% Pure & Natural Carrier and Base Oil for Aromatherapy, Hair and Skin – Comes with Pump, 16 fl oz.

  • Large 16 oz bottle – 100% pure and natural
  • Packaged with pump for ease of use
  • Colorless, odorless, and light texture for smooth application/absorption

This is the second time i have purchased radha coconut oil. I use this for removing eye makeup, as a skin softener, and as a carrier for essential oils. The coconut oil melts into your skin and doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue. I like the dark blue bottle- darker color bottles helps to keep the light out and acts to preserve the integrity of the oil.

I have been using it as a daily body moisturizer after i shower and it feels really clean going on and does an excellent job keeping my skin from drying out in the texas sun. It lasts all day and night and never felt greasy. What i like best about it is the ingredient list(1thing). It gives me comfort, knowing exactly what i am putting on my body is natural and safe.I looked at the ingredient list of my old body lotion and couldn’t beleive how many chemicals i was putting on my my skin everday. The coconut oil feels like a much healthier choice. And i love that it’s odorless and doesn’t interfere with my organic peppermint soap, which smells awesome.

I use it for removing makeup, massage, intimate lubrication, and making my own beauty products. I have never been disappointed by radha.

I use a little to remove make up at night. Comes off like a breeze and leaves face soft and smooth. I then use 1 drop of this with 1 drop of rose hip oil for my night moisturizer and in the morning i use 1 drop of this coconut oil for my daily moisturizer before applying my makeup, etc. The results have been marvelous. . I have very very few lines or wringles and the texture of my skin is great. I also use this after a shower and my skin feels smooth and fresh. This oil really penetrates the skin without the oily residue. I have also cooked with coconut oil and find my foods taste better without that heavy oil taste. Oh yea, did i mention i am over 65?. No regrets in purchasing this product.

It does absorb quicker than just using coconut oil. No smell and it is easy to apply. I have noticed that my skin isn’t staying moisturized as long as when i used normal coconut oil. So it was worth the try but i might go back to normal stuff after this bottle runs out (which looks like that could be a long time). Update: the bottle pump is starting to leak, little annoying but what do you do. Also i had some normal coconut oil and used that for a couple of days and this stuff for sure isn’t keeping my skin as moisturized.

Love the size of this container. I feel like i have already used so much of it but when i look at the bottle, i haven’t even used 1/4 of it yet. Great price for the amount of product you get. I use this oil for scalp treatments and i also apply it all over my body after i get out of the shower.

I use it for a moisturizer and it soaks in my skin and doesn’t leave an oily feel. You need to be careful not to pump it out too vigorously or it’ll get all over though. That’s why i gave it 4 stars.

I use this oil as a carrier oil and to remove waterproof make-up. I also add a little bit to my homemade foaming body wash. This oil works as it’s intended to for my purposes. It’s also gentle enough for me that it does not cause any allergic reactions or rashes. I’ve tried many, many brands of fractionated coconut oil and found that the ones i have tried have all done their job and they all work well for my purposes. I have not found one that is ‘better’ than another. For a little over half the cost of this bottle (same quantity & quality) you can purchase another brand. I will continue to purchase the other brand at a fraction of the cost because i find for my own purpose, the cheaper brand works just as well and is also 100% coconut oil.

Beautiful oil, i’m using as an all over body lotion and occasionally for facial oil cleansing. It’s light, absorbs quickly, leaves my skin so softa note to people who say ‘my pump didn’t work’: you have to twist it to unlock it, before the first usei will be ordering this again. If i could change one thing; i’d have a different pump on it. This pump is so forceful that i’ve had oil bounce off my hand and land on the floor. I love and trust radha products though so i’m sticking with it.

Have used many different brands of coconut oil as a hair and skin moisturizer and this by far is the best. . Absorbs fairly quickly, not greasy, and has a thicker consistency.

The oil is very runny and absorbs very quickly. Th pump tends to squirt the product everywhere but other than that i am a huge fan. The fractionated oil has a much longer shelf life than regular coconut oil and has no smell which is great. It never solidifies like regular oil and doesnt leave you feeling slick or sticky. It gives skin a beautiful glow and can be used as a lotion, shaving cream or even in cooking. You can’t beat the price and the bottle is just beautiful. I love the blue color and it prevents sunlight from breaking down the oil.

Radha Beauty Fractionated Coconut Oil – 100% Pure & Natural Carrier and Base Oil for Aromatherapy, Hair and Skin – Comes with Pump, 16 fl oz. : This product arrived well packed and as advertised. I noticed that quite a few reviewers complained that the pump was missing but i did not have this issue. I purchased this item for the purpose of removing makeup and have been using it for approximately 2 weeks. I have oily skin and although i am way past my teenage years, i was concerned that it might lead to clogged pores and breakouts but i have not experienced this. Previously i used vaseline to remove my waterproof mascara and eyeliner. The vaseline did not readily remove the makeup and i would have to rub it in and let it sit for awhile to be effective, since the mascara can sometimes cake up and become hard (what we won’t do for beauty). When i received this i had high hopes that it would make my makeup removal easy and it did not disappoint. This oil has the consistency of water but when applied to skin it is apparent that it is oily, as it adheres to the skin and leaves a sheen behind. I simply applied a small amount to a cotton square and after wiping my eye with it, it had removed all of the mascara and eyeliner, without having to rub hard or wait. It was so quick and easy to use that i also use it to remove my foundation, then i use a facial cleaner to remove the oil.

This is the first time that we purchased this brand of fractionated coconut oil. There is a slight gritty feeling to this oil and it’s annoying. It’s possible that i received a dud, so i’ll contact radha to get their feedback. * i contacted radha after submitting this review and received a swift response. They offered to refund or replace the bottle at no cost since the ‘gritty’ feeling was not normal for their product. Yesterday i agreed to a replacement and it arrived today. We will be purchasing more in the near future.

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Radha Beauty Fractionated Coconut Oil - 100% Pure & Natural Carrier and Base Oil for Aromatherapy, Hair and Skin - Comes with Pump, 16 fl oz.
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