Schick Hydro Silk Razor – Lasted way longer than I expected, great price on Amazon!

This razor is one of the better ones. The blades are easy to replace (you can always have a new one in your toiletries bag if you go away and you won’t ever have a dull blade right before you need extra smooth legs …) and fortunately don’t need replacing too often, imo, compared to other types of razor blades (that will depend on use, of course). The head has some ‘give’ in that it can adjust when used over less than smooth areas (e. Like any razor, you have to be careful because nicks are possible, but they are far less likely to happen than with other razors, and most importantly, almost no razor burn or bumps or irritation — maybe also because of the way the blades are positioned and the moisturizing strip on ever blade. If you have a teenager who begins to shave legs, this is a good choice. In my view worth the higher price.

It is exactly what i needed. I’ve tried other methods that ended up cutting my lady parts. This product allowed me to do a very detailed job without injuries. It’s also the perfect size for navigating the female anatomy. Which allowed me to achieve my desired style in just a few minutes.

This is the only brand/style razor i have purchased for myself in years. I replaced the battery in my last one several times before it died for good. Now i’m on hydro number 2 and i would recommend it to everyone.The versatility of this thing is indispensable. Plus it’s supremely affordable on here, don’t try to buy it at cvs, you will pay at least double.

When i was at a safeway several years ago they had these blades on clearance for a deep discount. I was shocked that no women were buying these because the blades are of extreme quality. For years i struggled with razors leaving nicks on my legs and dealing with keeping band-aids in the bathroom. With the lightest press these shave my legs quickly and smoothly. I buy them on amazon and one four pack has lasted me almost two years. Don’t leave your razor in the shower. I keep it somewhere where the blades can dry out and not collect bacteria and only bring into the shower when i need to shave so they also don’t rust. Then the blades last much longer and i prevent infections or ingrown hairs.

Also, very reasonably priced. Fiancee loves the water activated moisturizer. Last a lot longer than other brands she has tried. You will still want to use some kind of shaving cream/soap. One blade lasted her about 3 months. Will continue to keep buying these for sure.

I’m kicking myself for not getting this years ago. But i know when i was reading reviews before i decided to buy it what i really wanted to know is if it will work on thick coarse hair, if it’s easier and trimming with scissors, and if it feels safer. The answer is yes yes and yes.I’m not worried about cutting myself and i can trim really quickly. What would usually take me 15 minutes took me less than 5. I’m not a ‘totally bare’ person, but i do want it neat and short. If you want completely bare this isn’t for you, but if you want to trim it’s perfect. Even comes with the battery.

This really worked well, the little trimmer, i expected to kind of work because, frankly it’s on a disposable razor. But it worked just as well as one i would have paid 50 bucks for. Impressedi just wish the razor side was as good as the men’s version.

Great razor and love the bikini trimmer. It’s what sold it for me originally. I’ve been using it about 3 years. However i just bought my third replacement razor because after sometime the trimmer begins to rust. It seems to still work okay with the rusting, but after it starts getting worse (at a year, year and a half) i look at replacing. I am trying now to shake the excess water off after i use it to see if that help. I’m sure if you dried it well it after use it would really help this problem. Otherwise no problems with it, sturdy handle, no battery issues, shaves decent and doesn’t cause any crazy skin irritation. I’m sold for life on this because of the convenient trimmer.

I tried replacing it with a couple of cheepo chinese products with what i can only guess are fake reviews. No lies the razor is not great, but there is no comparison to the trimmer. If what you are looking for equates to a beard between 2-4 days (without the guard) or a buzz cut (with) then this is the one. I suppose i can see why the reviews are mostly 4 star sine 1/2 of the product isn’t great. I mean don’t cut yourself lol.

These blades work great out of the box, but they require shaving cream once the moisturizing strip runs out. The strip runs out before the blades are dull. Although i’m willing to pay more for that initial convenience, the last time i purchased replacement blades for both my husband and me, his blades were half the cost of mine. The manufacturer’s suggested price was higher and amazon’s discount was lower for the women’s version. This made for a huge variation in the final price. I tried one of my husband’s blades on my razor to see how it compared. The men’s version of the blades fit the women’s razor handle perfectly. The five-blade setup looked identical. The features surrounding the blades were different, but the blades themselves had no noticeable differences. The men’s version did have some moisturizer to it, but it didn’t seem as generous as the women’s version.

It’s the perfect size for the bikini area & works well. I haven’t cut myself or anything and my skin felt so smooth after using the razor. The trimmer does not do a close shave but a nice “buzz” cut that still works well for me. Hold down the power button for about 2-3 seconds & the trimmer will stay on instead of having to hold the button down. I love this product & highly recommend to those looking for a nice razor/trimmer.

And a 2-in-1 razor/trimmer sounded practical to me even though i had no idea how to use a trimmer. So i signed up for the schick hydro silk trimstyle razor campaign through bzzagent. Allow me to fill you in on my first impressions, razor usage and trimmer usage. First impressions: the packaging was nice and i didn’t have to get out a chainsaw to open it. The razor is a bit chunkier than a typical razor, but it has a sturdy manageable feel. It made me happy to see that a battery was included with it to run the trimmer. To get the battery in, i recommend putting the flat part of the battery in first then twisting the razor together. Hidden under the cardboard back insert were helpful pics and instructions on the razor. Razor usage: the razor part shaves nice and close, leaving my legs feel smooth and moisturized. It did miss some random patches of hair even though i went over most areas twice. Also, every time i rinsed the blades out in the water, a large drop of drool would come off of the razor head. It made me wonder how long the moisturizer could last if that much came out so easily. Overall, the razor was good, but the drooling was not super impressive for all the hype on its hydrosilky properties.

This razor does a great job. It works well, super easy to use, i use it in the shower and it gets a nice, close trim. My one complaint is that after a year or so i always always need to replace it. Every time it stops working and i figure it’s battery needs to be replaced, i replace the battery then nothing. And with that said, this razor is so affordable and works so well (before it dies) i always just keep replacing it. I usually need a replacement after a year to a years worth of regular use. Here are the specifications for the Schick Hydro Silk Razor:

  • WATER-ACTIVATED MOISTURIZING SERUM helps replenish skin’s natural moisture for up to two hours after shaving, keeping legs nourished and smooth
  • FIVE CURVE SENSING BLADES with unique skin guards to smooth skin throughout every stroke, helping to reduce irritation while providing ultimate closeness
  • ERGONOMIC AQUEOUS SOFT TOUCH RAZOR HANDLE with a soft rubber grip for easy handling
  • Moisturizes up to 2 hours after shaving

Great razor, if you only use it for everywhere that’s easy to get to. As for more crevice-like areas, or curves, it is extremely difficult to use this razor, as opposed to the venus ones. I never had a problem shaving those areas with the venus razors. That being said, i way prefer the schick because it stays sharper longer, and results in a nice shave elsewhere. Also much less expensive, which is super nice. I really wish the schick could handle curves better.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It works!!!
  • Heaven sent!
  • Great! Love it! But it dies. And I buy it again.

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