SHEA MOISTURE Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk 8 oz, Now that my hair is gray it’s worse than ever

I recently bleached my hair in order to have a lighter color that would show my grey roots less. Even though i was very careful, used quality products and followed directions exactly, my hair was left damaged. It has lost a lot of its curl and feels dry and brittle. Everything i have read says to wash your hair less if you’ve damaged it. Well, every day without washing, the middle and ends get dryer and frizzier. I have spent a fortune trying different deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners and styling products. This is the first one that keeps my hair feeling soft and conditioned for several days after washing. I can also apply this to dry hair. I have found that if i dampen my dry hair a bit and then apply this, i get the best results on shampoo-free days. It has also brought back a lot of my curls.

I am as old as dirt and have spent thousands of dollars over the years trying to calm my fuzzies. Now that my hair is gray it’s worse than ever. Recently i had been wetting my hair daily and putting on product so that i didn’t look like a dandelion. I tried this product without high expectations. Today is day 3 since my wash, conditioner and moisturizer. I haven’t had to wet and reapply anything on my hair. Happy, happy, happywill be recommending this product to anyone i know with curly fly away hair.

I’ve been on a journey trying to discover how to manage my long, frizzy, colored 70 yr old hair which i wear up on my head. Now, i am very pleased with my hair due to this product. It worked exactly as the best reviews stated. It eliminated the frizz, provided hydration to my old and dry hair, and the results were soft natural waves in my hair. It did not weigh down my hair when i applied it in the amounts recommended.

This works wonders with the shampoo & conditioner. The smell is amazing, this leaves my curls so soft &frizz free. Which i’ve never seen before, i honestly can’t believe i finally found something that actually works on my hair.

For that bouncy soft goddess look.

I have used a lot of shea moisture products and this is my favorite leave-in, for long 2b hair. I use a quarter sized dollop on the back of my head which is my problem dry spot, then wrap in a t-shirt to partially dry. While still damp i put in a gel (currently using shea moisture high porosity sealing) to define curls, and finish up with a dab of argan oil and/or the coconut hibiscus hold & shine spray to keep down frizz. It softens the best, but does not have the slip of other leave-ins. Sometimes i use a bit of the raw shea butter or jamaican castor oil leave-in to work through knots. I’m a frequent swimmer, but even with chlorine exposure, this line of products can always bring my hair back.

I’ve been using this product for years and i absolutely could not live without it. I have very thin, fragile and extremely curly hair. I’ve tried dozens and dozens of different products over the years and all have been disappointing. This product gives me perfect, shiny, healthy, bouncy curls every single day. I cannot describe how happy this had made me. I use this product right after getting out of the shower in towel dried hair. I also use shea mousture’s coconut and hibiscus hold and shine daily mousture mist. Let my hair air dry and voila. The hair i dreamed about having since i was a child.I get compliments on my hair all the time now.

Key specs for Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk 8 oz:

  • It gives you soft, shiny, natural, bouncy hair
  • Recommended for daily use
  • It improves manageability

Comments from buyers

“I have pretty wavy, sometimes curly hair
, Great for damaged hair
, Great hair product for my curly hair.

This curl & style milk is just perfect for my hair. What first caught my eye was the ingredients list, which was much more naturally derived than most hair products. I have 2b/2c curls that are super prone to getting frizzy and losing their shape, but with this product my curls feel hydrated, soft and looking great, even after sleeping on them. I use about a nickel sized amount and run it though my towel-dried hair, then let air dry. I will definitely be trying some other shea moisture goodies, after having such good results with the curl milk.

I have fine curly hair that is dry from dye and alway a frizzy mess. A dime sized amount of this product brought the curls back to life, softens the hair and doesn’t weigh it down. I usually try to go two days between washing it to keep it from drying out but i wasn’t sure if it would seem greasy if i used this product – so far, so good. I concentrate on the ends and try to keep it off the roots. Overall, i’m so glad i decided to try it.

I have very curly/wavy/frizzy hair and have been looking for a product that could allow my curls to shine without using a mouse or gel product that dries crunchy but also something strong enough that can hold them in place and reduce frizz. I applied this product to damp hair, i don’t wash my hair everyday so generally i just get my hair damp to brush and and allow my hair to curl up again. After brushing my hair out, i applied about two palmfuls of the product, starting at the scalp and then going out to the ends. The product is very creamy and smells great but not over-powering, the notes of coconut and shea are very subtle but pleasant. Th product has a little but more cream/oil consistency than a traditional curl cream to me, which is good because it seems to adhere better and keep the curls looking and feeling more bouncy than heavy. The frizz control is where if i were to take it down a star i would, i think to really completely eradicate it, i’d have to use twice the amount of product and then the curls would be too limp. However, overall this is a great product, very easy to use, with immediate results. I also think the value for the size of the bottle is great and i feel that this is a premium product. Tame your curls and get this product.

Received quickly and it was packaged with good care. However, i am sad to report that it did make my hair greasy. I noticed a few other reviewers stated the same thing and hoped that this wouldn’t be my experience too, but unfortunately, it is the case for me. My hair is very course, wavy, kinky, hard to manage heavy, dense and at times, impossible. I really was hoping this would do the trick for me because so little else helped me to look pulled together vs. Rolled out of bed due to the genetics of my hair – thanks dad. I stopped straightening my hair and am trying like hell to go natural – a difficult process for me. I’m giving this product 3 stars because it is a good product with good stuff in it, smells heavenly and the vendor did a great job with shipping it to me quickly. I am heartbroken it simply didn’t work for me. The saga continues with trying to find something that will work for tumbleweed head.

I’m not sure if i truly like this product or not. I cowashed my hair and applied the product while my hair was still wet, and did individual braids for the night. The next morning my way was curly but i noticed this flakey white stuff by the end of the day. I gently washed it out and put my jbco hair lotion in to add some moisture back. I figure i’ll experiment with the hair milk one or two more times to really figure out if this is something for me.

Product does wonders for thick and curly hair. It keeps it moisturized the entire day.

This is my current favorite curl cream. I love that it has a slight waxiness that keeps frizz at bay and is very smoothing. Nothing geared predominantly towards white women works for me at all. I really like natural products for my waves but sometimes they can be a little too oily. My absolute favorite is phyto specific curl legend gel cream but it’s $28 for a single bottle and it’s just too pricey.

I have asian hair with a wavy perm. This creme works much better than some other products i’ve tried. It give my hair a healthy looking sheen, gives a nice ‘clumping’ effect, and doesn’t weigh my hair down. Other products i’ve tried did not control frizz, looked too dry, or made my scalp too oily. Highly recommended if you have medium-to-fine hair with a perm.

After using this hair moisturizer for a few weeks, i can say it works well to keep my curls hydrated and frizz-free. You only need a tiny amount or it will make your hair a bit greasy (but not even that bad). I use it on wet hair and then seal it in with a little drop of argan oil. I didn’t give five stairs because i think the packaging isn’t ideal (need to squeeze quite a bit to get the product out) and because i find the smell a little too strong (but i don’t like (coconut) smelled hair products much, and the smell doesn’t linger as with some styling products).

Honestly this stuff is probably too heavy for my hair. I have pretty wavy, sometimes curly hair. I use the shampoo and conditioner as well and once i figured out what works for my hair, this is a great combination. The first time i used it after i towel dried my hair. It turned out pretty limp and lifeless (which is why i think it’s too heavy). The next time, i put about a dime size (maybe a little less) in my hands, rubbed them together, and then put it on my soaking wet hair. I then take a towel and scrunch out the excess moisture and let it air dry. I get soft, bouncy curls with no frizz or fly away hair. So even though it may be too heavy to use as directed, i’ve come up with a solution that works great for me.

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