Smooth Viking Beard Care Beard Balm, Soft, Coifted, and Ready to Roll

I am on my second order of it. It didn’t take more than a few days to start seeing differences in my beard. My facial hair became softer and easier to manage. So, now, on the rare days i don’t use the product, my beard looks amazing, soft, and tame. And they aren’t kidding when they say it makes your beard look fuller. Before i felt like my beard was a little patchy but now it looks bigger and bushier. If i had to say anything bad about this product, it does make your beard super shiny, so if that’s not your thing, you’ve been warned. It does also leave your beard very oily/greasy, so if you play with your beard a lot, or someone else does like a partner or a child, be warned there’ll be some residue on hands afterwards. Honestly, it’s worked to make me play with my facial hair less, which i think is an improvement.

This is a fantastic beard balm. I’ve tried 7 different beard balms and, thus far, this one is in a tie as my number 1 favorite. It has a subtle, yet inviting scent. Even after using a more heavy-scented balm for a while and then going back to this one, i can’t help but say to myself every time, ‘ooooooh. ‘ but, even more important to me, is how much it helps cure redness and beard flakes i would frequently get whenever my beard got longer than 1/4 inch. In fact, only one other beard balm has proven effective in that respect (all others have resulted in my beard regressing into flake-y redness). Other than that, i’d have to frequently use hydrocortisone (which just didn’t seem worth having a long beard at that point). I also have the smooth viking beard brush, which i also feel has helped by keeping my beard clean by brushing away any dead skin and allowing the new skin to receive beneficial oils from the balm. I’m ecstatic that i no longer have to use hydrocortisone on my face. If you ever have trouble with redness or other skin issues, try this balm.

I had looked at reviews on this balm over the years due to having a near my waist beard but loved my balm so never purchased this one. Well the company looks to be out of business so this balm (the second new one i tried, the first was terrible) turns out to be amazing. I think i might even like it better than my tried and true balm. This balm is the perfect consistency for any size beard and goes on easy better yet, comes of my hands easier than most balms. My beard looks far better since using this balm. I am also very sensitive to fragrance and this has a very slight nice smell that does not bother me with headaches and sneezing attacks. I hope they never change it any way and stay in business . I do wish they would sell it in two packs to save cash. Edit: well i still find this beard balm absolutely awesome however it is absolutely expensive so i am taking a star off for it. This is for guys that need perfect looking beards because their beards are very long or guys that just want one of the best products.

I have been using this product for just over a month, and i am pleasantly surprised with smooth viking’s beard balm. Let me first explain that this was my first beard balm product i’d ever bought or used, and this stuff is pure magic. I’ve been using beard oil for about 5 months before this, and don’t get me wrong beard oil is good for your beard and in combination with the beard balm it’s amazing. I don’t know if it’s the shea buttter or argan oil in the balm but my beard for lack of a better word looks luxurious. And it moisturizes your skin to so you don’t get the dreaded beard dandruff. A little goes a long way, you just scrape some up with back of your fingernail, warm it up in your hands and lovingly apply it. Do this everyday after the your shower and in about a week (for me it was about that) your beard will look really good. It even made my split ends stop from coming back after i trimmed them and started using this balm. Note: i recommend getting a boar bristle brush for your beard too, which you should use after you put in the balm. It will help evenly distribute the balm and add volume to your beard.

So i’ve used honest amish beard balm for about the past 3 years, and i really try to only use natural products that are produced ethically and promoted responsibly. I’ve purchased the smooth viking beard balm just to try something new. My girlfriend had also complained once of twice about how ‘greasy’ my beard was right after using honest amish. So here i am trying something new. Reason i gave 4 stars: great smell, quite soothing (my face does not itch whatsoever), no flaking skin, leaves a nice shine to beard, holds style quite well, and you do not need to use a whole heap just for it to work. The only real ding i would give this product on quality: my beard does not stay as soft as it would with honest amish. Other than that the only issue i have with it is it’s very solid, and slightly difficult to first get onto your fingers. However, once it’s on your finger it’s quite easy to work into a spreadable balm.

This is the first beard balm i had every tried. I used to just wash my beard with beard wash and then put some oil in it. Trouble is my beard is very wavy and tends to curl up at the ends. After being told to try a combination of beard balm and oil, i decided to look for some balm to try out. I came across this, and heard good things about it. It took me a few tries to get used to it, and figure out the best way it works in my beard, but it turns out to be one of the best facial decisions i made. This quickly helped keep my beard straight for a longer period of time without giving it any shine. There is next to no smell with it either. I found that by putting this in my beard as soon as i get out of the shower, it helps push out some of the excess water. I then blow it out with a blow dryer, apply some oil to the skin under my beard and brush it down with my beard brush.

I was a bit skeptical about buy beard balm and what brand to buy. My beard was getting wild and unruly and i really needed something to calm it since the girlfriend said, ‘the beard or me’. Hell no am i going to shave off my beard so we compromised and decided to go with a beard balm. I read up on different kinds but this one caught my attention and i said, what the hell. I tried it on the same day after i received it and followed the instructions on the back. Use the back of your thumb and rub it with your fingers until it’s dissolved a bit, then rub it into your face hair. Right away it calmed down, and settled in. I was able to comb it and shape it a bit without any trouble. I would say that it lasted pretty much all day, 6 am to 2 pm, and people really did notice a difference. I really recommend this product to those men that want to tame the mane and look great at the same time.

Key specs for Beard Balm with Leave-in Conditioner- Styles, Strengthens & Thickens for Healthier Beard Growth, While Argan Oil and Wax Boost Shine and Maintain Hold- 2 oz Smooth Viking:

  • Make Styling Easy – You can tame even the beastliest beard thanks to the superior hold, softener properties and shaping power of Smooth Viking’s Beard Balm for men. Use as a leave-in conditioning treatment or with our beard oil and beard conditioner to build a great beard care regimen. Quickly go from itchy and dry to a thicker and tamer beard when you use this softening matte men’s grooming product.
  • Thicken your Beard Without Fuss – Our unique balms are designed to make your beard look and feel thicker – something a brush and comb simply can’t do. Smooth Viking Beard Balm includes a blend of premium oils including avocado oil , safflower oil , sweet almond oil , jojoba , pumpkin seed oil , argan oil and shea butter to create a light pure scent.
  • Encourage Beard Growth – If you want to grow your beard out, you’ll need to keep it healthy and moisturized. Our Beard Balm is up to that task. Its powerful ingredients make this product one of the best maintenance accessories to perfectly condition your growing beard so that it looks and feels soft to the touch.
  • A Perfect Solution to Beard Care – You need products that actually help to soften and tame. Our Beard Balm is loaded with the best ingredients designed to support a healthy and manageable beard. And, of course, it’s made right here in the U.S.A.
  • Mess-free and Ideal for Mustaches Too – Rub just a small amount of our beard balm in your beard, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of this unique formula. Its lightweight, mess-free formula means that it’s ideal for taming your mustache too.

Comments from buyers

“True to their word and gained a lifelong customer!
, I love it. I start with my beard soap first
, Ágeatavel!

There was a time before balm. A time when i sat disheveled and shamed on street corners and in alleyways. It jutted out in every direction with the unnerved instability of a tim burton film. Old friends avoided me on the street. Women recoiled in fear when i approached. They exclaimed,’that dry unkempt beard is sharp and untamed. I could never love a beard such as that one’i had almost lost hope. I began to think perhaps i couldn’t be the proud parent of a stylish patch of face fur and needed to just accept my clean shaved baby face so that i can reintegrate into the civilized world. Then the smooth viking appeared.

Tried this in an attempt to calm my mustache and beard who’s apparent goal was to bring the frizzy ’90’s look back. This balm takes a bit more time and heat rubbing in your hands to get it broken down enough to apply. The scent is pleasant though it didn’t keep my facial hair controlled enough in my opinion. If you have naturally straight facial hair, this would work great. Just not enough viking in my roots to activate this product.

He’s got about 2 years worth of badass beard, and though he’s discovered blow drying his whispies could still use some taming. This balm (along with the oil) smell delicious (score for me) and help keep his beard soft and kempthe has tried other balms – but this is by far a favorite. You’ll be riding ships into battle (or at least look like you could) in no time.

My hair is very course with some of it being straight and some being wavy. The beard balm helps bring it together providing hold and conditioning so that the hairs lay more uniform. 5/2018 update: after using this product for several months i have noticed 2 things. It makes my beard incredibly soft but smells rancid. 6/2018 update: i did not want to give up on this product because of how soft it made my beard despite the smell so i spent some time looking into this issue. And what i found out is that a lot of other company’s beard balms have reviews saying the same thing, that it smells bad. The scent in smooth vbb dissipates after it is opened and i hardly notice any scent at all in my brand new one. I have purchased their oil and started applying it after i have put the balm in mt beard, the scent is stronger in the oil and lasts all day, so the smell from the balm is not very noticeable.

A few things — 1) i had been using the prof fuzzworthy product for a while. It was oily, but did condition well, but provided very little hold. I wanted something to tame my unruly manliness on my face and the reviews led me here. I am pleased to say this is exactly what i wanted. 2) i got the unscented one, and i must say if you want unscented, it is perfect. Next time though i’ll likely get one of the other ones. I expected some smell, but there was none. 3) it is a much harder, tacky, paste like substance than other beard balms, which is where it gets its hold. I use half as much of this as i do the other stuff and get about 8x the hold.

So needless to say i put my beard through a lot. It’s dry, hot, around chemicals and in and out of helmets all day. I was getting so frustrated i was getting ready to shave it all off, until i found this stuff. Use it every day, and my face fur has never been happier. I couldn’t recommend this more. Works great, fantastic stuff.

After growing my beard out 4 years ago, i’ve tried a variety of different beard balms. . I use beard oil monday – friday, but for days or events where i need some hold & i don’t want it to look too oily, i use a beard balm. Having tried so many different brands, it seemed like there was always something i didn’t like. This one had a weird smell, this one didn’t last, that one cost too much, etc. Out of all the different ones that i’ve tried, the smooth viking is my hands-down favorite. It hits all the right marks, and does so at around the $12 – 13 price point which is perfect. My 2nd favorite beard balm that has all the same characteristics of the smooth viking one is almost $20. Pros- no fragrance- not oily/sticky- leaves my beard soft but still held in place- looks natural after it’s brushed in- low cost compared to some of the other brands.

New to this brand, but after a week of using this, the conditioner and the oil. I start with my beard soap first , dry well, then the oil. Once that is in for a little i add the balm and head to work. When i get home i repeat the steps and then use the conditioner instead of the balm.

My husband likes to try different balms, shampoos, etc for his beard. He’s been wanting to try these products for awhile and finally had the opportunity. It arrived and he was excited, his review of the product. He thought it was a good product, but was not fond of the scent at all. He said it reminded him of old spice and too much of it. We did pass the product onto to a friend to try and he likes old spice so it seemed to be a fit for him. The product overall came quickly, was a good product, but the scent was too much.

I had recently decided on growing out my beard. I had tried numerous times previously, but to be honest never made it much past 1 week because it would get so stiff and scratchy. It would be so stiff that i couldn’t get to sleep because it was ‘too loud’. So, i looked a quite a few reviews and chose this product. When i started using it, it made the process noticeably better. I have been growing it for a few months now and it is pretty soft. I can definitely tell the difference if i skip a day or two as the itchy/scratchy feeling comes back and i start thinking about shaving it off. I can definitely recommend it to anyone. Additionally, i dealt with their customer service and they are great and will make sure that you are satisfied if a problem arises. That type of service isn’t found too often these days.

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