Son & park Beauty Water – BEST TONER EVER

So many great things about this toner. It comes in a big bottle as compared to other products. The smell is really nice not too overpowering, has a fresh scent to it. It freshens my face in the morning and after using it, you can see that even after cleansing there are still some products left on your face that this toner was able to remove. I also love using this just to freshen up my face anytime during the day. Of all my skin regimen, using this toner is by far my most favorite thing to do and something i look forward to every morning. . Makes waking early for work something to look forward to because this toner puts a smile to my face.

I got a sample of this with my ipsy subscription and fell in love with it. It’s a miracle product and helps even a lazy person like me want to take care of their skin. It leaves my skin feeling soft instead of tight like most toners do and even when i haven’t worn makeup that day it always cleanses my face and leaves the cotton ball with ick on it so i know my face is clean and my pores clear. I havnen’t had any breakouts since i started using it either.

It never irritates or stings (even if i’ve been picking at my face prior to using). It smells nice but not too strong, and it comes with a lot in the bottle. I use it as part of my korean skincare routine and i honestly am dreading the day this stuff runs out. I would repurchase and i would recommend.

You can use it for a lot things, like sometimes in the morning i use it to cleanse-and-go when i’m in a rush. I use it mainly as a toner/prep step before i put on any serums, lotions, or eye creams. It really feels like its doing it’s job without irritating my skin. I have combo/sensitive skin with dry patches around my jaw and this helps me clean up excess oil and help get rid of and hydrate my dry patches. It really feels like it helps my other products work better, like a toner should.

I’m on my second or third bottle of this toner now and it’s fantastic. The appearance/texture is literally just like water, and the scent reminds me of baby wipes. I use this after my double-cleanse to tone and lightly exfoliate, and it’s one of the few products i’ve tried that i can actually tell a difference in how my sensitive skin has looked since i started using it and also hasn’t caused any irritation or redness. My skin just looks so much more smooth and bright, and it’s one of my favorite parts of my skincare routine.

Started using this last week and my skin already looks better. I have rosacea and issues with reactive excema patches all over my upper body. This hasn’t irritated my skin at all and leaves it nice and smooth after cleansing. Helps my serum to absorb better. I was skeptical buying from amazon but this stuff is worth the hype. Plus it’s such a big bottle.

  • Great But Parabens
  • I can’t believe this isn’t water!
  • I absolutely love this product

Bought this as a replacement for my mizon aha/bha daily clean toner. The ph of this is a clean 4. 5, and the scent is almost unnoticeable. If i don’t have make-up on, i use this as both cleanser and toner. The opening of this bottle is a bit leakier in that a lot of it comes out as opposed to the mizon bottle’s. This is much gentler than my pacifica micellar cactus water in that it doesn’t feel like my skin burns when i apply this. I haven’t checked if this is a better value than the mizon aha/bha toner, but i’ll update this review as such. Otherwise, this is a very gentle cleanser/toner with elegant packaging. Edit: in terms of value, this beauty water is better than the mizon one. I’ll likely buy more once the individual bottles are available on amazon.

Authentic product in beautiful packaging. I wish i had read all the ingredients closely before purchasing, however. Com & realized there are lots of parabens in it.

I will never be without this. So effective, gentle, and doesn’t dry my dry skin out. (caucasian in my 40s) gets everything done it says plus more.

I mean have you read the ingredients??. This has improved my skin so much and i’m glowing. Forever a staple in my skincare routine.

I’m korean and doing all 12 steps and i absolutely love this toner. I was using the klairs toner before which was thicker and also hydrating, but after the 2nd bottle for some reason it wasn’t hydrating enough for me anymore. I am in my mid 30s and use to have combo and oily skin. Now since i’m older my skin is dry, and sensitive and also prone to breakouts. The son and park toner is lightweight but extremely hydrating and has a very very light scent.

I absolutely love this product. I really do not know how i lived without moisturizing toner before i found this. I’m a 47-year-old female who loves moisture and anti-aging products. I first bought this brand or year ago, and loved it so much i repurchased. Then i thought i would try other brands, but i keep coming back. This product is beautiful and in parts so much moisture to my skin. Or use derma logica pre-cleanse to remove make up, then use derma logica h smart cleanser, or clarisonic radiance foaming milk to cleanse, and then use this toner. This is one of my favorite products in my skin care routine.

People tend to pass up toners especially unknown toners, i have severe dry skin so i never really used toners but this product is literally the best thing ever, it makes my skin feel incredible and it’s been a long process but this product as well as others has helped my dry skin. Although, if you have sensitive skin, i would not recommend it at all because there is immediate reaction.

I don’t have many thing to say about son & park beauty water. It’s a cult item and is said to be used by all the makeup artists in korea to prep the skin. Now this is a multifunctional product; its a toner, an exfoliater and a makeup remover. When i use it my face feels extremely clean without being dried out. I like to use it before i apply my makeup because it even picks up the little dust particles on my face. I’ve started using it as a makeup remover as well. I’ve been using bioderma for the past 4 years and if you want to clean your whole makeup with it you’ll need several cotton pads and a lot of product. It’s good but its not that strong. I still use it to remove my eye makeup but i prefer the beauty water for the rest of my face. Sensitivity – it has a fairly strong lemon-y scent.

Son & park beauty water is a must for any skincare regimen. Every time i wash my face, i expect the soap to get all the impurities — and using a few drops of this on a cotton pad afterwards, i still see makeup coming off. Life-changing product that has made my skin so much better.

It works well, has a nice scent and it lasts a long time. I put it in a dollar tree container (the one where you push on it with a cotton pad and the stuff comes out) and it works well. Gets all the last bits of grim off after cleanser. Sometimes, i use it in the am when i’m too lazy to wash my face. Doesn’t dry out my skin and preps it nicely for makeup.

Well, let’s start off with how the packaging box it came in was absolutely disgusting outside. It seems as if it’s been dragged through the floor and has random green/blue/ grey dried up stains on it (gum. ?)- which makes me wonder where it came from/ how non-hygienic and careless the handlers must’ve been. Seller i purchased this from is beautyfully. + the bottle is made of plastic and not glass as i expected (like how the missha intense essence is. )anyways, i’ve heard lovely & great things about this product from various beauty bloggers as recommendations for if you’re trying to go for that glow-y healthy korean skin regime. Park & son is known for that. Will report back with results if i don’t decide to return it due to the icky box it came in. For the price of this toner, i expect good results. 10th 2016:here is my updated review as promised-after speaking to an amazon representative who was very kind and accommodating, he assured me that as long as the bottle inside the toner package box is unopened and undamaged that it is still good to use and new. I’ve been applying this for about a month with a cotton piece twice a day (morning and before bed) and i can clearly see a difference in my skin texture and tone. My acne scars have slowly faded. My face overall is smoother and brighter. Needless to say i have been skipping wearing make up because my skin has been doing so well.

I’ve repurchased this product a few times since it’s the best i’ve tried so far. This toner has no strong fragrance, and it’s very watery, so the skin absorbs it quickly. I have hormonal acne and oily skin with large pores and the toner has helped control it in a short amount of time. I recommend you pat it on your face with your bare hands and not a cotton pad, since it would be a waste of product and your face wouldn’t be absorbing it completely. However, i do think that it can be a little drying if you use it too many times a day or too many days straight. In conclusion, i can say it’s worth the price- it reduced the size of my pores, reduced sebum production, and healed most of my acne.

Best toner everi’ve used alot of different types of toners in the best and son & park beauty water is my favorite one thus far. They are actually starting to sell this at sephora as well. It cleans out all the excess dirt i have on my skin even after using a cleanser and leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and clean.

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