Steripod Clip-on Toothbrush Protector : Love these!!

I was tired of going the extra mile on a daily basis deep cleaning my toothbrushes began searching for a sterilizer. Came across multiple medium to large contraptions i really did not want hanging out on the sink area. Then here comes the tiniest cutest device called the pod. It is rather convienent stylish and does an great job sterilizing the brushes.And would also be great as xmas gifts.

Use them for our whole family. I especially love that they have a number you can text to receive notifications when it’s time to replace them.

I’ve been using these covers for years. Glad to be able to purchase multi-pack.

I’m a clean freak, so i don’t like my toothbrush to be exposed or touch any thing other than water, toothpaste, or my mouth. I’m always looking for a suitable cover, but not anymore since i’ve found these. I tried the travel holder cases but they too much. They kept too much moisture in and allowed mold to grow – toothbrush went straight in the trash. Then i tried the covers where you insert the brush head and the cap close underneath, but opening seemed more difficult than necessary, plus they eventually kept breaking. After making a contraption similar to these, i found these at w-mart. They don’t fit tight on your brush so they allow air to get in there and dry it by the next use which is good. The opening on the bottom is just a tad wide to accommodate most brushes, someone will probably will complain about that but i don’t keep mine toothbrush in the bathroom anyway so it doesn’t bother me. Some people complain about about the smell. You’re not putting it on as perfume or eating it.

I use these at the gym at my job in the car i have toothbrushes everywhere so these are super handy.

We can’t live without these. They are so awesome and work really well.

Steripod Clip-on Toothbrush Protector (8 Steripods) Multi Color

  • Active Vapors Help Keep Your Toothbrush Clean & Fresh!
  • Works on Regular & Electric Toothbrushes.
  • Lasts 3 Months.
  • No Cables or Batteries Needed.
  • Clip-On Protector.

We bought these a few years back for clean travel. We love them now for daily use to just keep everything clean and safe. You can even sign up to receive a text when it’s time for a new one.

This is a great product to keep your toothbrush clean and germ free. I have been buying these for years and have been very happy with the quality and performance. They are a little pricey but each one lasts for three months which for us is a few toothbrush changes. Only thing i wish is that you could pick the colors because they come randomly but overall all the colors look nice.

I was really concerned about the reviews that mentioned that the product has a noxious odor. However i don’t find that to be the case at all, it’s hardly noticeable even fresh out of the package. If you use natural herbal or botanical products on a regular basis, you will not find the scent of the product objectionable. On the other hand, its serves its stated purpose and i’m very pleased to have found this solution for our family.

Love this simple yet highly effective product. I travelled extensively for business and always hated those toothbrush holders until i discovered this little genius. I also use it at home and don’t want to be without it.

I love love love love these. The colors are great and keeps your toothbrush sterile and clean. 00 and up for just 2 steripods. Get these you will not be disappointed.

I saw my daughter with one of these covers and loved it so much i ordered a set. I hate when i travel and the cover pops open or slips off. This is a great product for small counter spaces or when you travel. Very happy with the color choices and the quality of this product. I will recommend this to family and friends.

These are my favorite toothbrush clips.

These are easy to use and fit all the different manual and electric toothbrush heads in the house. They infused with thymol, derived from thyme to help kill bacteria. They are sturdy and well made and come in fun colors. Everyone in the house can have their own color case they have in different bathrooms in the house. I might get some for the pets toothbrushes.

Keeps toothbrush sanitized and easy to use.

I love these- it helps me keep my toothbrush protected without all the yuck.

So tired of the ‘plug in toothbrush holders’, with blue lights, that are harmful to eyes. That always break sooner or later, and use up counter space, plugs, and wall space. Plus another item to constantly cleanthe steri-pod clip on is an easy way to keep our toothbrushes clean, dont use up much space, no need to worry about damage to the eyes from the blue light, no cleaning and no plug in required.

Steripod Clip-on Toothbrush Protector (8 Steripods) Multi Color : They protect your toothbrush brushes from over spray of flushing and other air born particles in the bathroom. I recommend them to everyone. Makes it simple to travel, too. The chemical smell at first is the little filter in the bubble and shows that it is fresh and new. They encasement that was available previously was so bad it caused mold to grow on the tooth brush. Of course this was years ago, but these are simple and safe.

We have found these to be a smart, effective way to protect our toothbrushes from germs and other incidental sprays and splashes to which toothbrushes get exposed when stored out in the open. Not wanting a simple enclosed cover, which can actually become a breeding ground for more germs, we have opted to clip these steripod protectors on to our toothbrushes, but not before doing a little bit of digging into how they actually work. Many reviewers have commented on a strong scent that emanates from the clips at first, which gradually weakens over time and use of the steripod clips. According to some manufacturer information, the scent is produced from the natural plant extract thymol, which is an extract of the thyme plant and is known for its antiseptic properties. It is apparently a natural ingredient used in many mouthwash formulations as an antimicrobial component. It is purportedly a proven safe and effective antimicrobial substance, and it is the main source of the claimed antiseptic properties of the steripod. It’s difficult to exactly measure the effectiveness of these toothbrush protectors, but as a bit of a germophobe i feel much better about using these protectors than storing our toothbrushes unprotected in their holder on the sink. When used as directed, the scent is not a problem for anyone in our house, and i really like that the toothbrushes are better protected from germs and other contaminants than they would be if we weren’t using them.

Toothbrush is protected from airborne particles and is fresh to use each time. Unlike the snap on caps that prevent air circulation and make a toothbrush ‘musty’, this product keeps the toothbrush head fresh. It’s very durable plastic and i’ve used it on toothbrushes for travel. Initially it will have a strong aroma, not unpleasant, but did surprise me. This fades quickly and the steripod lasts 3 months. You can visually see when to replace it as the area with the preservative will disappear. I have more confidence in my toothbrush now that i’m using this.

It’s so important to keep your mouth clean and germs from getting in. That’s why i when i purchased these toothbrush covers i was skeptical that they were any different that any others. They clip on/around your toothbrush, instead of sliding into a container2. They’re thrown away every time you dispose of your toothbrush3. An anti- something is inside the clip to help protect against growth in the moist environment but it doesn’t touch the toothbrush itselfi continue to use these for my entire family.

Bought this for my son’s toothbrush. Fits a toddler toothbrush but it does leave a taste. The first time he used his toothbrush, he refused because of the taste. I tried it, and it does taste weird. After that, i had to really wash his toothbrush before he could use it. I will still use it but i will not buy it again.

Been using these pods for ages and they never seem to fail me as long as you replace regularly as recommended.

I like having a cover for my toothbrush and the steripod works well for this purpose. Like other reviewers have mentioned i don’t know if it really sanitizes my toothbrush, but i just like having a cover for my toothbrush in between uses and can also use it for travel.

I like these a lot, because your toothbrush isn’t exposed to the nasties. When you flush the toilet, the water sprays everywhere if the seat isn’t down. I’m in the habit of putting the seat down, but not everyone who comes over is. The only thing i dislike is that it starts to leak blue stuff at the end of its life. It gets all over the counter. Still, totally worth buying these.

I don’t know if these do anything but the placebo effect is worth it. It has disinfectant in it (listerine) so it smells clean, and it emits rays of cleanliness all over your toothbrush while you wash each finger 7 times before washing both hands for 2 full minutes. I feel better having the toothbrush covered since it’s in the bathroom. You know that the toilet sprays germs everywhere.

These arrived quickly and fit all the toothbrushes in my household well. The two packs are actually divided up into individual packages so when one is opened, the other clip remains in a sealed package. They have an enclosed ‘sterilizer’ in each pod to help keep your toothbrushes sanitary. The clips are strong enough to stay secured when packed for travel and they smell nice, too.

Since my sink is by the toilet i needed a toothbrush cover and this works great. The smell is weird, but you get used to it and it’s worth the peace of mind that gross stuff isn’t on my toothbrush.

Smells like thyme- which is pleasant. These are great for travel of if you share a bathroom with roommates.

This is not my first purchase of steroids on amazon. Just wondering what’s with the smell on this one?. It has a strong plastic or chemical smell. I just washed it with soap but it still smells bad. Anyway it serves its purpose of protecting your toothbrush from everything. Bacteria, possibility of bugs or insects crawling while you are sleeping. I highly recommend using this.

I like to know my toothbrush is protected and the scent smells,wears off though but i like the protection.

I’ve been using steripods since 2011. I haven’t been without one since.

What a great way to keep toothbrushes sanitary. I use these all the time and especially on my travel toothbrushes. Sitting in the dopp kit, who knows what is crawling around in there. Keeping this on all the time gives me peace of mind that perhaps i am not going to get some bad stuff growing on my toothbrush.

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