Suave Conditioner : I really liked it!

My only issue is the type of top used on many of these bottles now. It can be very hard to open if you have arthritis or small hands like mine. Especially when you are in the shower with wet hands. I wish companies would consider a pump type top that you could just press down on instead of having to struggle with flipping those top lids up that seem to work tight every time thus ending up breaking your nails trying to get them open. Other than that i love the product and will buy again.

My hair is really clean and smells really great.

Suave rosemary mint is one of my favorite hair products. I love the tiniest bit of tingle from mint, and the sweet herbal smell. The scent is not overpowering like so many other products. Besides being very economical, this condition and shampoo are gentle enough for my 8-year-old daughter to use on her hair. She has sensitive skin, so many products are not good candidates for her, but this one works.

. Feels great in the hair with a little tingling feel-so you know something is happening.

Smells wonderful, great conditioner. My mom used to get this kind, and it was expensive. It is so awesome that i can get the same stuff for myself at a great, affordable price. Just wish they had the shampoo also. I order stuff/groceries from amazon every two weeks and this is definitely on my list of stuff to re-order.

Paired with the shampoo it makes my hair feel great. This conditioner makes my hair soft and doesn” leave it greasy after use as well. I also love the scent of the oils used in its creation.

It makes my scalp tingle in a good way and makes my hair feel silky smooth. The closest i can compare it to is pureology. Great price, i have gone through many expensive conditioners to tame my frizzy hair, this one leaves my scalp feeling refreshed and doesn’t grease/weigh down my hair. I didn’t expect this quality from suave, but i am glad i found it.

  • Nice, mildly herbal scented conditioner at a cheap price.
  • Loved the product but wish top of bottle was easier to open.
  • Economical Hair Product that Works for Sensitive Skin

Suave Conditioner, Rosemary + Mint, 28 oz

  • Suave Professionals Rosemary + Mint Conditioner is infused with rosemary and mint
  • Salon-quality shampoo and conditioner system is proven to invigorate as well as Aveda Rosemary Mint (Aveda is a registered trademark of Aveda Corporation)
  • Invigorating formula detangles hair for beautiful, healthy-looking results
  • Use Rosemary + Mint Shampoo and Conditioner together as a system for hair that is soft and shiny
  • With long-lasting fragrance

This is one of my favorite conditioners. It works well on my super curly hair and gives it some moisture, without weighing it down with oil. I love the smell of this one too. Suave – do you make a body wash in this scent?.

Love the smell and makes my normally coarse hair very soft.

Does the trick on my thick and wavy hair, without weighing it down. Doesn’t smell quite like aveda’s rosemary and mint products but at such a great price, who can beat it.

I ended up buying this on vacation as a cheap conditioner and the almond shampoo product of the same brand. I was just wanting to get through a vacation. I ended up liking how mild this is (i hate floral scents) and the quality of the feel on my hair is very nice. I ended up replacing my original, much more expensive product. I have not liked other suave products in the past but i was buying the fruity or floral variety so perhaps that was my fault.

Great product for a great price. The aroma alone makes you feel like you are in a spa. Leaves your hair silk and conditioned, but not oily.

I’m knocking off a star just because the bottle pictures has a spout and the one i got did not. However, this is one of the best shampoos and conditioners i’ve ever used for my fine hair. Doesn’t leave any buildup but keeps it clean and healthy.

I use this shampoo when i need clarifying. Removes all the gunk that styling products leave behind.

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Suave Conditioner, Rosemary + Mint, 28 oz
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