Suavecito Pomade Original Hold – 4 oz : Glad I read the reviews and took a chance

The first time i tried suavecito, i was highly disappointed. It was way too thick, dried hard like a gel and the scent, although pleasant, was too strong. I had ended up giving it to a friend who preferred to use gel products for his hair and he was pleased with it. Since i had recently gotten a little shorter of a haircut, i decided to give it a second chance in hopes i had just gotten a stroke of bad luck. It definitely was a bad batch. It’s the perfect consistency and spreads evenly. It dries like a pomade should, giving just the right amount of flexibility to brush through it should you need to. The hold is also perfect for my thick and heavy hair. I usually use products with a stronger hold but this original formula, i don’t need to try the firme hold product, it would be too strong. And the scent is definitely lighter, not so potent and it totally adds to whatever fragrance you wear or as a standalone.

I was looking for a new pomade and my barber gave me a sample of layrite to try. I liked everything about the layrite except the price. I dug around and found suavecito pomade. I agree with the reviews that say it is the same or similar to layrite. Suavecito works great and offers just the right hold for me. My hair is thin and products that are too heavy easily weigh my hair down, make it greasy, etc. Suavecito has a medium-strong hold and lasts all day. You may even re-style a little later in the day with a small amount of water if need be.

Was a little hesitant on purchasing a pomade i’ve never seen or smelt or felt before. Glad i read the reviews and took a chance. This pomade will be all that you will ever need. It has a nice firm hold and can withstand wind. I drive with windows down and my hair usually stays in place. If not, it is easily placed back in place. It has a nice subtle manly cologne smell. You won’t regret buying this.

Suavecito has quickly become my go-to pomade. It gives the perfect hold without feeling heavy or weighted down. A little goes a long way with this product and i appreciate that. I used to use regular hair gel and i would run through it quickly having to use a palm full of what suavecito can do with just a fingertips worth of pomade. I love that it’s not oily or greasy and rinses right off my hands. I’ve even converted my brother and father to suavecito. That says a lot especially with my father being an old and stubborn latino who had been using tres flores for nearly 40+ years. (it also smells better) i’d highly recommend it to anyone. Also, the empty container is perfect for holding my quarters for sunday night lotería with the family.

‘hey, i like your cologne today,’ my co-worker emphasized today, but i wasn’t wearing any for once. My tall buddy leaned over and sniffed, declaring, ‘it’s suavecito for sure. ‘aside from smelling fresh, this always performs. Up yours ‘bed head’ ‘surfer clay’ garbage. All i need is a small comb, and i’m business.

I usually use american crew products and was looking for something with a little more value. I get cautious switching hair products but i’m happy i gave suavecito a shot. It isn’t sticky, it works through my hair evenly, and it dries quickly without leaving my hair super crispy. This pomade smells great too, i’ll be giving the winter 2017 pomade a shot too. I should say i have had trouble with hair products in the past because i have curly hair, and my hair styles straighten my hair. Finding something that works for me has been a lot of trial and error.

Suavecito Pomade Original Hold – 4 oz

  • Original Hold, Medium Strength. Suavecito Original Hold Pomade dries with a medium hardness without a crunchy finish.
  • Water Soluble.
  • Combs easily with no white resedue.

I got this for my son who is two to help get his fohawk to stand up. The product itself is great and works better than others but man the smell. It’s like a cheap cologne smell and it’s so strong. Every time i use it i try to not notice but ugh it just reeks which is such a shame because it does an awesome job holding up and it’s easy to rewet and restyle his hair after his nap and it washes out very easy.

In my opinion, the best pomade hands down. I will buy this product for the rest of my life. I use all suavecito products daily.

I’m 34, i have the thickest hair ive ever come across. For the last 20 years of my life i gave up trying to find a way to style my hair, thought i’d just have to live with the first hair i could. No stylist could ever find a way to make it listen. I tried hard gels, american crew, brylcreem, nothing worked. I put just a finger tip amount of this product and my life changed. There’s almost nothing i can’t get it to do now. For the first time ever, i love my hair. You have a customer for life, i want to try your other products now too.

It’s overhyped in my opinion. The scent, which was many reviewers described to be fabulous, was in fact, not. Perhaps if you’re going from using cheap products you can buy at your local grocery store to using suavecito, it’s amazeballs, but for me it wasn’t all that the reviews made it out to be. My issues with it are that the hold is much weaker than i though, and as i already mentioned, the scent was just ok. I usually use layrite clay when i need a stronger hold, or uppercut as my daily driver. They both have a much more pleasant scent than suavecito. It’s not bad, mind you, just didn’t live up to the hype. I’ll probably use it on the weekends when the only place i need to go are the hardware store or i’m just hanging out at the beach/park, and i’m not concerned with the strength of the hair product hold.

I am very picky with my hair care products, and depending on the length of my hair, and the style i’m going for not all products are created equal. A couple months ago i was wearing my hair a couple inches longer add a different style product was working just fine. I have since gone a little shorter, and was finding the old product was flaking in my hair. I wanted to give a palmate a try for the shoreline inflexible hold. I couldn’t be happier with this product. The price was reasonable and i’m pleased with how much product comes in a container. Suavecito leaves my hair flexible, while still holding a style. I can run my hands through my hair without worrying about the product drying and flaking.

Suavecito has produced an excellent product here as this is the best pomade i have used thus far. I have used various pomades, those water soluble and petroleum based. I have very thick and semi-wavy hair which is quite unruly at times. This pomade does a fantastic job of holding my hair in place with no issues as well as preforms some sort of straightening effect which is great. This pomade is water soluble which means it will wash out with ease and will not require any sort of degreasing agents to remove from your hair. Often times when you go with a water soluble pomade you sacrifice hold; however, this is not the case with this incredible pomade. The feeling in your hair is not greasy by any means and depending on if you apply it to dry it wet hair it will harden very slightly(with wet hair). The smell is great, it’s a very masculine scent and is just fresh. I only ever smell it when applying, i wouldn’t expect the smell to stick around all day. Overall, if you want a pomade that has a great hold but doesn’t leave your hair greasy and is water soluble(easy to wash out) this is the absolute best product for that job.

I have been having a terrible problem with a halo of baby hairs growing back after post pregnancy hair loss. My hair has been sticking up every which way as it grows back and i look like a mad scientist. I have used hairspray, and they popped up. Blew dry the pieces and they stick back up. I finally tried this stuff and a little dab actually works. Just don’t use too much or you’ll look like a greaseball. And be prepared to smell like a man. But to me, that’s better than looking like an absolute lunatic with uncontrollable hair.

This is by far the best pomade that i have ever used. I researched for several months the different types of pomades available on amazon. After trying around 10 different types i settled on suavecito. It is water based and doesn’t make your hair feel like vaseline has been run through it. It easily washes out with simple water. Also, with a small amount of water, you can simply reactivate the pomade to restyle your hair, if needed. I have found myself doing this when i wake up in the morning and go for a run. Highly recommend this product.

So, i have used this product about 5 times now. I can simply say that this pomade is absolutely perfect for me. I’m a blonde, thin hair, horrible cowlick, and this is my problem solver. I wear a two on the sides, short clean cut on top, and a hard-part. I previously used the, “crew pomade”. Unfortunately, i didn’t feel that i got very much for the price i was paying, (about the same price i payed for this suavecito), and for the same price you get more with suavecito. This pomade is perfect for the slick back look as well. Which is the hairstyle i wore before this. Doesn’t make my hair appear unwashed and greasy at all. My favorite part is that it comes out of your hair so easy. I do have to add, in all honestly, with hair as thin as mine, i do always top it off with firm, (strong hold) hair spray. With this combination i am 100% satisfied.

I decided to grab me a little tub as an add on to an order. I typically wear a pompador most days. I have used murrys orange can for years which i like enough but it’s difficult to completely wash out and leaves your hair sticky when it’s cold and greasey when it’s hot. That said the hold is amazing and the 3~4$ can lasts a while. I am always pn the look out for alternatives. Currently i am using magic sporting waves which i really like. The sporting waves washes out so much easier than the murrays and yet retains the reworkability that i like in pomades. I open it up and it’s a clear and rather pretty deep amber. It works well, just like a gel and hardens like a gel. It doesn’t feel like a pomade to me though. I’m not digging that it hardens like a gel. That said for gel it’s fine gel.

Suavecito Pomade Original Hold – 4 oz :

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