Suavecito Shine-Free Matte Pomade : Perfect for thinning hair, bad smell

I have tried numerous products and various price points. My barber used a suavecito pomade on me after a haircut and i got so many compliments i had to try it out. I changed my style a bit which meant i wanted limited to no shine. I put it in damp hair and style it and depending on my mood either comb it or just use my fingers.

Great productmy barber uses the whole line of suavecito and after using it in my hair i ran to the amazon to buy it for myself. I’m using the suavecito shine free matte pomade and it’s perfectyou can adjust your hair the way you want, it does not get greasy and it comes out easily with water. In addition to holding the hair for a long time and you just need to use a little.

Okay product but i don’t like its hold. Holds with a crunch like gel. The matte is more like a low gloss. Doesn’t reshape too well but it does a little. My wife does not like a sticky feeling she gets on her hand after touching my hair. I told her just don’t touch my hair lol.

I usually go for the “sorta messed up” look with my hair. I used to use american crew forming cream. About 6 months ago, the lady who cuts my hair had me try this stuff. I think this product is way better and definitely not as expensive. This pomade gives me a much better longlasting hold without as much shine or without as much of an oily feeling after. After having it in all day, i can run my hands through my hear and it doesn’t even feel like i have any product in it. Plus, this smells way better. My wife really likes the smell too. I’m very happy with this product and won’t be switching back to american crew anytime soon.

I have a lot of hair and it tends to go absolutely crazy when i wake up. The shine-free part helps a lot too because i do not want super glossy/ greasy looking hair. However, the smell is a little strong and not everyone likes it. The smell dies down after like 10 minutes though so it isn’t super bad.

I purchased it based on all the positive reviews. Great hold and matte finish. Couldn’t give it 5 stars because i’m not crazy about the smell. It smells like a lot of barbershop grooming aids. If you like those smells, you won’t mind this.

Not too impressed with suavecito. The smell isnt overpowering which is good, but it’s kinda lame, doesn’t smell bad at all, but smells a little chemically. I have straight thin hair and this stuff made it seem even more thin and soft and about 2 hours in the hold was falling apart and my hair was frizzing everywhere. I won’t leave a totally brutal rating because i know not everyone has my garbage hair but layrite’s matte did a much better job on my hair and smells about 4,000 times better.

I have fine, thinning hair that i comb down in a forward brush style, and the matte is perfect. The formula has a creamy texture somewhere between paste, and clay. It doesn’t clump my hair into wisps, isn’t greasy, and truly washes out with water. It combs in gently, especially with a little dampening. I’ve tried a lot of hair products and finally found the right blend. My only criticism is the fragrance. Not sure exactly what, but the original scent to me is like some musky bergamot, with that piercing axe body spray type of scent (almost like a laundromat dryer sheet scent) the strength of scent dissipates after an hour or so. I’d love this to come in a cedarwood scent. Made in california with normal water soluble ingredients is a plus as well. I’ll be buying more (hopefully they’ll have different scent options by then).

  • Awesome
  • High Quality Pomade with Great Hold and Great Smell

Suavecito Shine-Free Matte Pomade for Men, 4 Ounce

  • SHINE FREE MATTE POMADE. Suavecito Matte Pomade is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. It’s the perfect addition to any grooming kit. It works perfectly on classic, modern, retro, and old school styles for a look that lasts all day.
  • WATER SOLUBLE WITH NO WHITE RESIDUE. This lightly scented pomade combs in easily. It has a clean, fresh smell and there will be no white residue left behind. The shine free formula is water soluble, so it grips like wax, but washes out like hair gel.
  • Suavecito Original Hold Pomade dries with a medium hardness without a crunchy finish. Get maximum styling flexibility that is perfect for both short hair and long hair. After a long day, touch up your style simply by adding water to reactive your do.
  • STYLE WITH EASE. This matte pomade has a creamy consistency for effortless styling. Perfect for everyone from professional barbers and hair stylists, to bartenders and guys on the go. Works well for side parts, slick backs, faux hawks, and messy looks.
  • COMMUNITY TRUSTED. Inspired by men and women who love motorcycles, custom cars, and tattoos, we know how important it is to get their trust, and we did. Suavecito prides itself on community and quality. Made 100% in the USA.

I was a suavecito original hold pomade user but i was looking for a more natural matte look and this worked perfect. The picture was taken about 3 hrs after i put it on and you can see here how matte it looks once the pomade dries. The instructions are accurate if you want a true matte apply on dry hair, if you want some slight shine apply on damp hair. The smell is the same as the original hold pomade just a bit less strong. Don’t hesitate to buy suavecito has high quality products.

A bit different than the original. I saw others commenting on the smell however it’s less potent than the original and i like both. The only thing i can really compare this to is the original which i do like but it a bit glossy for this white boy. Differences: there appears to be more of a learning curve with this product. It is white in color when you open the lid. I find it a bit harder to know how much you actually have on your hands until you start putting it in your hair. It does not seem to hold quite as good as the original. It is a matte so it’s definitely not as shiny as the original. I’m torn as i like the hold better on the original but like the matte finish better on this one. Hence the jury still being out.

It might just be my hair but this has worked but not exactly as i wanted it to. It will give a nice soft hold to my hair that keeps it in place without making it stiff. It however still gives a shine to my hair. I tried using it with dry hair and the hair would just not move as i wanted it to. Added a little bit of water and it moved as i pleased but with a shine added to the hair. But at least it removes the stiff hard look.

I used to use the regular suavecito but i didn’t like the shininess of my hair from the product. I started to use other brands like bona fide and layrite since they carried matte paste with lo shine and decent hold. Eventually i stumbled on this on amazon whenever i was going to buy more paste and i new i wanted to try it immediately. The paste smells good, is water soluble, only takes a dime size to apply, and has good hold for my hair throughout the day. If the wind really picks up it might mess my hair up a bit but that’s an easy fix. I’m very happy that i bought this product and whenever it runs out in a few months, i will be back to buy more.

I’ve been testing out different hair products and this one is just okay. I’m looking for something with a strong hold and matte finish. While the finish on this is good, the hold is pretty average. I will say that its hold is better than layrite cream. Layrite was the product i tested before this and the hold was trash. Suavecito leaves a lot of stray strands of hair sticking out around the front corners of my hair. Even if i put more product in it just wouldn’t hold it down. Not a fan of the scent either. I’ll probably try layrite’s cement next clay.

I’m super picky about my hair. I’m picky with who cuts it and also what i put in it. Hair product is not a ‘one size fits all’ thing. Not coarse, just very thick and straight. (i’m no model but i just wanted to show my hair type so if you’re hair type is different or the same, you know what to do). With my hair type this works very well. When it loses its hold over time (and all product will cause factors like humidity and what not) just a little spritz of water and reshape (note: do not use a lot of water other wise you’ll loose the matte look and it will feel more like hell, not pomade. Also note that the picture is when i just put it in. When it dries,it dries matte).

I’ve used suavecito original, firme and many of their seasonals for years. I’m getting close to 30 and wanted something with less shine for everyday styling. I find this product’s hold to be roughly equal to the original and it lasts all day, but haven’t tested it during the humid summer days. If you want more hold apply it when your hair is dry or ever so slightly damp. It washes out just as easily as the original. It’s a little harder to work in than the original and the smell isn’t as strong. I’d describe it’s consistency as a clay-like paste. Not quite as pleasant to put hands through your hair with this stuff, but it’s a decent trade-off for less sheen.

I have really thick, wavy italian/hispanic hair so it’s really hard finding a product that can actually handle my hair and shape it the way i want it. Suavecito and byrd are on the only products to date that can actually do that and i’ve mustve tried over 50 products over the years. Because my hair is so thick and wavy, regular gels can’t tame it so it’s impossible to shape it. I’ve used those extreme glues too but i end up with a helmet head and it’s clear i have a ton of product in my hair. Magically, suavecito can shape it and it leaves a matte finish so it looks more natural. I think it’s able to do this because it binds hairs together in pieces so i get that piecey, separated look. Anyways, this product is great and everything else pales in comparison for me, except for byrd. Byrd is very similar but lighter with less hold. Suavecito is stronger and and has a slighter higher shine.

I was introduced to suavecito by my barber, who hooked me up with the gel – too shiny and heavy, difficult to maintain loft. But i was impressed by the quality, so i went looking for a matte alternative, the matte pomade by suavecito has the same obvious quality, but with the finish and hold i was hoping to enjoy. A note for guys/gals with straight hair: let your hair dry for a stronger hold.

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