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The sunscreen is actually white and rubs in clear; it isn’t clear out of the container as implied by the name. I also expected it to come in a fairly nice container based on the photos, but the container is actually cheap plastic with a wood pattern. All that aside, the actual sunscreen is quite nice. It doesn’t smell of sunscreen and it rubs on easy. As other reviews mention, just be careful peeling back the inner lid when opening the container for the first time.

I already use other sunbum products and love the smell so i went for this face lotion. I read in other reviews that it made a mess when you pulled the seal off so i was careful when i opened and had no issues. But, i can see how people made a mess when they first opened the seal. Tip: there is a little tab on the seal, and it is not directly on the seal edge like it would be on a new bottle of cleaner or mct oil – something needing extra protection. And it only looks like you need to pull the top off similar to a can of tuna (if you can imagine) along a pre-cut seam. The whole seal will come off the top of the tub – it has an edge, for lack of a better word, and actually sits on the rim of the tub. Use your finger nail to gently break suction and pry it off. As far as the actual lotion goes, i love it. Smells great, and a little goes a long way. I was a little afraid the clear zinc oxide wouldn’t truly be clear but it rubs in completely.

No sunscreen will rub in and have your face looking as if theres nothing on it. This sunscreen doesnt leave a white film but it makes a weird tint color on my dark skin. I am on retin a so i have to be extremely careful with the sun. My skin used to burn soo much my facial undertone went from yellow to red/orange. When i wear this sunscreen it doesnt make my face greasy at all and it doesnt break me out. Its a small product so i only use a few dabs and only when ik the sun will be beaming on me.

Goes on white but dries clear pretty easy. As easy or easier than their suntan lotion products. We use for our faces and holds up well in the water. Its a very very small container. 5 – 2′ in dimeter by the same height (golf ball size amount maybe a little more). That said, i have used it maybe 10x and have about 20 uses left.

I am very fair and just returned from cabo with no burns on my face. I almost always burn on my nose and cheeks; but not with sun bum. It smells great and works great.

I absolutely love this product. The texture and consistency is really nice and i know it is going on and will provide full protection on where i put it, which is my face, neck, and chest area. My esthetician told me that i should only use the zinc oxide for my face and so i ended up purchasing this for more when i am working out, swimming, etc. , so that it doesn’t come off. I actually use it daily now as my new fav because i love it so much.

I’m loyal to sun bum, and especially to this product. I have extremely sensitive skin and this does not bother it at all. It doesn’t leave a white film either, like many physical blocks do. I’m really trying to get away from using chemical blocks, so i appreciate the zinc as a physical block. My husband uses it as well and likes that it doesn’t smell like anything and that it rubs in easily and then disappears.

(image) be careful how you open this or else half will end up on the floorthe top of the tiny bucket has a tab that holds more of the cream in. I didn’t realize how small this was i like the smell similar to coconut *tropical*. Will update again on how product works*update*i have been using this product for a while now, and am on my second bucket. It seems to work well on my face with a combination of face wash and moisturizeronce i stopped wearing this particular sunblock i noticed i got sunspots on my face. (((i cannot guarantee that’s why they went awayi’m just saying. They appeared when i stopped using it. And when i got the sunspots used a different product (of less spf mary kay timewise)2018 july updatei buy this sun bum whenever i can, i really believe that when i dont’ use it i get more zits, my face feels clearer in complexion when i do wear it. A friend said i had a glow on my face at night and i told her i just wear sunblock and moisturizer mary k products. I believe this sunblock works well on skin because of the (zinc oxide and the spf 50), i have not tried any other brands with (these two aspects etc.

Exceptional coverage and effectiveness but, still rubs in smooth and clear. My kids are obsessed with not having any white left over on their faces but they need a good sunscreen for their sensitive faces. This is the only one that doesn’t burn when they apply under the eye area. It offers me peace of mind that they are covered with zinc and they don’t have to look like a circus clown with white face paint. Wish it came in a larger size. I only use for face since it is such a small size but it lasts a long time.

My wife says these are pretty decent in regular use. Mind one thing that any spf over 30 does not do any good at all. But unlike other lotions, these are not aggressive and just fine to use. Though i would not technically recommend this product since its spf is higher than 30, due to longevity in usage as my wife’s simple choice, you may give it a try. Not bad at all for the price you pay.

Here are the specifications for the Sun Bum Clear Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Lotion:

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  • Zinc Oxide Formula with added Aloe and Vitamin E adds a protective barrier between your face (or other sensitive areas) and the sun
  • Broad Spectrum UVA / UVB Protection, Water Resistant (80 Minutes)
  • Hypoallergenic and made with reef friendly ingredients designed to be tough against the sun and gentle on your skin while protecting against UVA rays, preventing premature aging, and moisturizing skin. Vitamin E enriched.
  • Excludes ingredients that clog pores or causes common allergies – Non-comedogenic, Oxbenzone Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, PABA free & Oil Free
  • Sun Bum follows the recommendations & guidelines set by the Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF) and the American Cancer Society. All Sun Bum’s Original line of sunscreens have been tested, approved, and recommended by the SCF. Trust the Bum.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • So amazing. Staple in our house.
  • Tip On How To Open This Product Mess-free
  • Small container- big protection.

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Sun Bum Clear Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50, 1 oz. Jar, 1 Count, Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Oil Free
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