Sun Bum Original Moisturizing Sunscreen Spray : Kept me SUNBURN FREE in Cancun after months in the notheast!

So i’m pretty white (as in “the lightest shade of any/all makeup is still too dark for me” white). And i don’t like using a lot of chemicals on my skin. But i want to get a nice “base tan” so i don’t fry on my cruise. In my research (so many hours of youtube and reading, heavy research) i noted several, seemingly reputable, people mentioned this product. It seems like everyone that knew what they were talking about all said the same thing: it smells good, it works, it moisturizes pretty well, and it’s not filled with a bunch of chemicals. I tried it on my first tanning experience (natural tanning, sun only) and i didn’t get burned. (i only laid out for 40 mins–20 front/20back). That’s a lot for me since my skin hurts on a walk from my car to the front door on a sunny day. So if you’re mistaken for a daywalking vampire, could use baby powder as a foundation, and/or love to smell tropical, this is the product for you.

This is the best sunscreen i have ever used. I have to be very careful because i literally blister in the sun. I generally stayed inside because i am so sensitive. The beach was out of the question. Most sun screens did not work very well, were grreasy, or smelled icky. This is smooth, goes on great, lasts a long time. I have even gotten compliments o how good my perfume smells, lol.

I have finally found a product that doesn’t cause me to break out in a rash. I have very sensitive skin and i’m sensitive to the sun. Most sunscreens cause me to break out in a rash however, this one does not. I have gotten sunscreen from the health food store that is for sensitive skin, however it doesn’t actually protect me from the sun. This product does protect from sunburn. It does not irritate your skin. Also the scent is very pleasant and not overbearing. The only reason i did not give this a 5-star across-the-board, is because it asked if this is moisturizing. This does not dry my skin out, but it is not super moisturizing.

The entire sun bum line has been terrific, with this spray being the standout. Great coverage and beyond easy to apply. Once it was applied, i was exposed to intense sun in cancun. After an entire week of application, i’m happy to report that i did not burn once. Wish i brought two cans to mexico.

We are family of 4 of 2 & 4 years old kids. This spray run out in 2 usages. This is first time i bought spray kind, and i would say i won’t buy it anymore. We were at water park all day, never got burn. It hurts really bad if it gets on eyes, of course. Doesn’t taste good either. Lolbut if you sweat, it goes in eyes. If you put on lips and drink or eat, you will taste it. I switched back to babyganics, and kids didn’t complain when i put on their face. We are basically needs sun block all day every weekend for sure, plus swim lessons. Cannot buy this anymore, unfortunately.

My family uses the spf 30 aerosol so this is what my opinion is based on. We’ve also tried the cream, but i prefer the aerosol because it’s simpler to use on children and easier to dispense just what you need and be able to rub it in well. Pros:- good for sensitive skin (especially those with eczema)- won’t break out acne prone skin- has been great to use on my baby and my face- no burns.Seems to be decently waterproof- smells like coconut- eco-friendly ingredientscons:- have purchased with broken sprays multiple times before and have had to exchange, i would buy the lotion bottle if you need it asap for a vacation or something, just to be safe. If you found my review helpful please click helpful.

I had bought several of the sun bum sunscreens. This is my 2nd spray 50 spf. I tend not to wear white suits when i use this spray. Instead i will use the the other lotions. The sun bum sunscreens are the best i have used as i tend to be in the sun every weekend living in the caribbean. I’ve used the lotions, sprays tannin oil, browning oil, as well as the face sticks and lip sticks and they all offer great coverage from the sun. I have had no sun burn incidents when using these sunscreens. I’ve recommended their products to several of my friends and therefore i highly recommend this and the other sun bum sunscreens.

After trying many different sunscreens made for kids, this is the only one we found that wouldn’t make my son’s skin break out (he suffers from eczema and is sensitive to polyester, fragrance and softeners in laundry detergents, etc. This sunscreen does have a fragrance, but we apply it outdoors and otherwise have no problem with it. It took a while to get used to the smell as we are a fragrance free household, but it was totally worth it to give it a try. We are extremely happy that we found this sunscreen. It is very easy to apply, even with a reluctant child. It dries very fast and lasts pretty much all day, even after a dip in the pool. My kids are very light skinned (think irish) and burn within minutes in the california sun without sunscreen. We couldn’t be happier with this sunscreen and have been using it for two years now. Definitely recommend to try it out.

  • Safe for coral reefs and not greasy!

Sun Bum Original Moisturizing Sunscreen Spray, 6 oz Bottle, 1 Count, Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection

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  • Ideal for use by adults and children after a day in the sun.
  • Broad Spectrum UVA / UVB Protection, Water Resistant (80 Minutes)
  • Hypoallergenic & made with friendly ingredients that are designed to protect against UVA rays, prevent premature aging, and moisturize skin. Parsol 1789 & Vitamin E Enriched
  • Excludes ingredients that clog pores or causes common allergies – Non-comedogenic, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, PABA free & Oil Free.
  • Sun Bum follows the recommendations & guidelines set by the Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF) and the American Cancer Society. All of Sun Bum’s Original line of sunscreens have been tested, approved, and recommended by the SCF.

I will tell you i am very fair and on medication that makes me sensitive to the suns rays. I read review after review till i found this product which came with such high reviews from my fellow amazonians, so i purchased it. Love, love and love this product. I was in the sun for about three hours and every where i put this product it did its job. My go to sunscreen this day going forward. My 5-year-old grand daughter used this product as well, same results after three hours and tons of pool time in orlando florida.

I started buying this last summer along with the sun bum face stick. I hate sunscreen but i hate getting burned probably about as much. I really hate smelling like sunscreen and feeling like a grease ball dreading the fact that my face is probably going to break out. While this is on the upper end of what i really want to spend on sunscreen i can’t help but buy it because i honestly want to wear it. While it’s still got a hint of “that’s probably sunscreen” it doesn’t choke everyone out with “yep, that’s sunscreen”. It smells a bit like something you ought mix with a bit of rum and enjoy by the beach. With this and the face stick i’m willing to put it on before i hit the sun and i’ve found i don’t get burned. It’s a great product for those of you like me who really don’t like the process of sunscreen (or the smell) but know you want to have skin (and be cancer free) when you’re older.

However, it’s not the same nails-on-the-chalkboard greasy feeling you get from baby oil. I usually rub in the sunscreen after spraying it to make sure i get complete coverage. After rubbing it in, the oil absorbs nicely into your skin and you don’t feel much of the oiliness anymore. It actually gives your skin a pretty glowing golden tone. I have used this product in many situations. The first was on a level 3 white water rafting trip. My friends brought traditional lotion sunscreen and were rubbing it on themselves like there was no tomorrow. I, however, had my sun bum spray. I finished spraying much faster than they finished rubbing.

I was really excited to see a higher quality spray sunscreen on the market that didn’t have a nauseatingly sweet smell. So of course, i stocked up on some of this stuff to take with on a family vacation. The sun protection is great and it seemed to stay on well – even through hot, humid florida days. The spray functionality makes this easy to apply and we didn’t worry about swimming in the oceans with this as it lacks some of the harmful chemicals other sunscreens have. Unfortunately, our daughter developed hives all over her body after using this. While the rest of the family will continue using this, i’m disappointed that it’s not as ‘sensitive’ as i had hoped.

I purchased this sunscreen primarily because it doesn’t contain ingredients that are toxic to coral reefs. I was vacationing in an area with many coral reefs and would be snorkeling, so i wanted to make sure i didn’t do additional damage to the ecosystem. It provided great sun protection and i came back with no burns. Best of all, it was not as greasy as other sunscreens that i have used in the past. The greasiness is always what deterred me from using sunscreen as much as i should, and this brand is much more bearable. It’s a bit pricier than other options, but i think it’s worth it both for their environmentally-friendly ingredients and non-greasiness.

I’m severely pale and sensitive to the sun. But i also break out very easily. I use this sunblock religiously. It smells great, totally keeps me covered, and doesn’t give me acne. It’s a bit expensive but honestly my holy grail sunblock. I have used neutrogena for a long time and it doesn’t break my out too often but i feel like it doesn’t last as long in the water. Honestly i love the smell of sun bum sunblock too. Doesn’t have that classic sun lotion spray, which when you wear sunblock daily can get very old.

Having 3 kids and not wanting gross smelling, full of chemical sunscreen , i turned to the bum. My kids have super fair skin and this is great.Sprays on clear, so easy to rub in and no chemical smell. Knowing it’s all natural and vegan. I even put the kids to nap after a couple hours outside with just a little wipe down, they didn’t smell at all of sunscreen. I am a bum believer and now buy all the hair products and bath products for myself and kids.Oh and i use the sunscreen stick for myself.

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Sun Bum Original Moisturizing Sunscreen Spray, 6 oz Bottle, 1 Count, Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection
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