Sun Bum Premium Sunscreen Face Stick, Great face sunscreen!!

This quickly became our fav this summer. I bought 1 and quickly had to buy 2 more. My family of 6 all fell in love with this product. The smell is fabulous and pleasant and it does the job expected. While on vacation with friends(like family) all week, all the children were telling their parents to use our stuff on their face.

This is my absolute favorite face sunscreen. I have some occasional acne and rosacea-prone skin, but this doesn’t make me break out or irritate my skin at all. It also doesn’t cause an allergic reaction like some other sunscreens i’ve used. It feels comfortable and not as slick as some other sunscreen sticks. It lasts a lot longer than a liquid sunscreen, even when i’m rowing, running, kayaking, or hiking. My dermatologist loves the sun bum brand and i can see why.

I brought this with me on a four day inca trail hike in peru to machu picchu. Super convenient to stick in my fanny pack and whip out when the sun came out. Does leave a sticky feeling but the shape lets you get into crevices of your nose and face etc. Plus side is if your hands are dirty then you don’t have to touch your face because that’s one thing i don’t like is being out and about with who knows how dirty hands then slathering bacteria and cream sunscreen on my face. So in that sense this is great. Does leave your face sticky and kinda greasy looking but i didn’t get burnt so it works. So far i feel like it has a decent amount but most people said it has very little.

I really liked the smell and it seemed to stay on and be waterproof, and not clog pores. It is just a very small size for the price. Thats the biggest complaint.

My favorite face sunscreen ever. This works great and prevents burns from exposure to the sun. Even though i use the other sunscreen products, i specifically use this as sunscreen for my face. I use this all over my face and neck all including on my ears. I ensure that i reapply after the suggested time and after being wet from sweat or water. I also apply on my lips and i love it. It is small and compact but sufficient for the facial needs whilst in the sun.

Sun bum is the best sunscreen i have ever used. The smell reminds me of banana ‘runts’ candy or the juicy fruit gum. I use the sun bum original moisturizing sunscreen and love it, so i thought to try this out. I gave this a four star because i think it is overpriced considering how small it is. I was expecting it to be bigger. Other than that though, it works great and protects the skin while moisturizing and smelling yummy.

I put sun bum on one side of my face and neutrogena stick (both spf 30) on the other, to see if this stick is as good as my family claims. After a day of biking, sweating, birding, stuck in traffic in a car without a/c, and all round being icky, sun bum side was nice and dry as if i’d just washed it, while the neutrogena side was greasy/oily. Also, the stuff smells wonderful.

Key specs for Sun Bum Premium Sunscreen Face Stick, SPF 30, 0.45 oz. Stick, 1 Count, Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Oil Free:

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  • Ideal for everyday use by adults and children and formulated for even the most sensitive skin
  • Broad Spectrum UVA / UVB Protection, Water Resistant (80 Minutes)
  • Hypoallergenic and made with reef friendly, vegan ingredients deigned to protect against UVA rays, prevent premature aging, and moisturize skin. Vitamin E enriched.
  • Excludes ingredients that clog pores or causes common allergies – Non-comedogenic, Oxbenzone & Octinoxate Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, PABA free & Oil Free.
  • Sun Bum follows the recommendations & guidelines set by the Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF) and the American Cancer Society. All Sun Bum’s Original line of sunscreens have been tested, approved, and recommended by the SCF. Trust the Bum.

Comments from buyers

“Easy to use and convenient. Didn’t get burnt., Great for sensitive skin and active people, Works well, but SO TEENY”

Works, smells great, stays on really well, even in the melting florida heat doing the disney marathon and at the poolside/camping. We have pretty sensitive skin (and i have fragrance allergies to boot), and it’s been quite pleasant on all of us. I like what’s not in it, that it’s animal cruelty free, and the company. Will probably try the spray or lotion next when we run out. A bit ‘waxy’ like chapstick, but also probably what helped it stay on in high heat and humidity (and sweating), and it didn’t make me break out, which i can’t say for the previous brand i had tried.

Works great but if i paid a little more attention to detail before ordering, i would have realized how small this is. I would not have paid so much for such a small amount.

This product is so invisible i couldn’t tell it was going on, but the protection was great and the smell is divine. I got it because my daughter started getting clogged pores (keratosis pilaris) on her cheeks and this wasn’t a problem for her skin.

However, this particular item is very small. My fault because i didn’t look @ all the product pics. 45 oz, so not even 1/2 an oz for $7. I’ve decided to keep it for an upcoming vacation flight. I’m hoping i get at least a few uses out of it and that it is a applies smoothly, affording multiple uses.

This is easily my favorite face sunscreen. As a triathlete i’m in the sun a lot so i need something easy to apply and reapply. The style of this product makes it easy to apply, i rarely miss a spot and it’s quick. I don’t need a mirror to get this on. It’s a little more shiny than i’d like for everyday but when i’m outside working out and sweating in the sun it’s perfectly fine. I’m on my third stick and i’ll keep buying this so long as they make it.

I’ve had problems with sunscreens giving me a rash before, but this one is great. For those wondering, the smell is like banana candy (not like runtz but like one i had in canada) and i personally like it. But if you don’t, you can’t really smell it once it is applied. The texture is waxy which is a bit odd but not bad. It has not clogged my pores at all.

Its nice sunscreen and smells good. I have very sensitive skin on my face especially when it comes to sunscreens and this one does not cause any issues. The only thing is its tiny for that price. I seen similar face sticks in stores fot about same price but twice the size. I think its a bit overpriced being this small.

Is it possible to have a great sunscreen experience?. Because if it is, i just had one. I used this face stick and the sun bum 30 spf spray for a nine-day visit to maui. I was in the sun and surf constantly. Not a single incident of sun burn. The face stick is one of the most convenient things i’ve ever used on a sun trip.

I like the sun bum sunscreens for my kids. And like most parents, getting a child to allow you to smear cold goopy sunscreen on their face is nearly impossible. So i gave this teeny little sunscreen stick a try. My kids mind it a whole lot less. It is tiny enough to do the cheeks and noses with ease. And it seems to protect well. But be forewarned the stick itself is super tiny (i suppose i should have realized this when i ordered, since it is 0. Will i lose this in my purse at some point?. But will i use it regularly until then?.

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Sun Bum Premium Sunscreen Face Stick, SPF 30, 0.45 oz. Stick, 1 Count, Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Oil Free
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