SwanMyst Self Tanning Mitt Applicator, Solid Price, Solid Product

I’m so happy to write this review. Im obsessed with self tanning and have tried many products and applicator mitts. Tropez and bondi sands mit and neither one of them compares to this one. The fabric is really soft and allows you to evenly apply your tan without any streaks or patches. I have used it with foam or spray self tanner. I use it often and it always washes really easy and still feels soft. I also like the mini facial mitt it’s extremely helpful for face application. I will continually order this product from now on.

This glove is super soft, and easy to wash, gets the job done. Used the smaller pads to get in tough to reach areas like knees, wrists and ankles.

I am so happy with this mitt. I have purchased a few and have a few i received with the self tanner. It clear the quality of construction is much higher. The best part to me is that it doesnt soak up all your tanner like some mitts do. I hate spending $30 on a tanner and the mitts gets as much as i do. I rinsed it 1st and it dries quickly.

I don’t use tanning lotions or creams but i do use moisturizing creams for my body. And with this back applicator i can just apply some dabs of moisturizer a few inches apart on the applicator and with a few quick back and forth motions i have a fully moisturized back and shoulders without having to bother my husband. I’m really glad i decided to try this for that and it works like a charm.

I have always applied self tanner with my hands and then had to scrub thoroughly after. I tried my sisters and i will never go back. I use this with foam and it goes on so smooth and even. I don’t even have to wash my hands after. I rinse out and hang to dry. I’ve used his several times and so far it has held up well.

Leaves no streaks or extra color on elbows and knees. This is a must have for sunless tanning lotions.

Love this tanning mitt so much. Doesn’t soak through and get on your hands. It’s sewn together well and double sided so it won’t get on your palms and fingers. Ive used it several times and rinse it off after use.

Key specs for SwanMyst Self Tanning Mitt Applicator, Double Side Microfiber Sunless Tanner Glove for Flawless and Streak-free Tan, 2 Free Gift Face Tan Mitts:

  • EASY AND EFFECTIVE TO USE – Perfect for applying self tanning lotion, mousses, oil and spray evenly
  • SOFT AND SMOOTH – Velvet microfiber material to create even distribution of sunless tanning products
  • NO STREAKS AND ORANGE HANDS – Strong water-proof lining to protect your palms from stains
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION – Double sides are available to apply self tanner, washable and durable
  • FREE MINI FACE MITTS – Allow to apply tanner lotion to your face, elbows, ankles and toes

Comments from buyers

“Must have for self tanners
, Even tan finally!

I bought this so my hands would stop turning orange. It made my self tanner go on a lot smoother and less streaky than if applied by hand. I found that i had a more even tan when i used this. I really enjoyed the two mini mits as well. They are just big enough for your fingers. I used the small mits to apply to my face and it worked well. I would recommend this to someone who self tans often.

I can’t believe i went through 2 months of orange hands and streaks at my ankles and wrists when this tanning mitt was out there. I got an even tan so easily with this and i don’t have to scrub my fingernails anymore to get rid of the orange stain on them. I use the jergens instant sun mousse with this.

For years i have been self tanning and never understood why i always looked so patchy with every single product i used. This mitt has saved me a $70/mo. It wasn’t the self-tanner products but those free horrible mitts.My self tan looks incredible. I will never use another mitt ever again.

I was very skeptical about this mitt. I first thought that because it was made out of a soft microfiber that it would soak up all of my mouse tanner. I am very happy that i made the decision to purchase this mitt. It does not soak up a lot of product (i would say a lot less than the st. Tropez mitt) and is extremely soft. The mitt spreads the tanner very smoothly and evenly on the skin leaving mistakes hard to make. I love the big mitt, not a huge fan of the small face mitts because they are harder and don’t spread the tan as nice as the bigger one. That being said i still use the big one for my face as well and works like a charm. I highly recommend this mitt to anyone that self tans.

It goes great with the lotion i use. I docked it a star because the small finger mitts have sharp edges and i scratched my face with it. I wouldn’t suggest those but the big one is great. It keeps your hands looking natural too.

This was exactly what i was looking for. I use different methods of tanning: lotions, sprays, mousses – it applies them all evenly. It’s not highly absorbent, but i do suggest flipping it when you’re about halfway done so you don’t soak through to your hand. It cleans easily with soft soap and water. The mini mitts are perfect for the face and consistent with the full-size mitt.

This stuff is amazingi had my doubts after reading some good and some bad reviews. I thought for the price i would give it a try. This stuff dries so quickly and looks great the next morning. You do need to put on with a tanning mitt. And it stays on for about 3 day and doesn’t just washright off.

I had previously been using st. I wanted to try something a smidge more affordable. I like how smooth this applies the product, with no streaks. However, i took one star away because i think it soaks up a lot more product than a foam material mitt does.

Great fabric, well made and thick. Just watch out for the last of elastic around the wrist—the tanner can settle just under the cuff and you get a ring around your wrist. To fix: mix softsoap with regular white toothpaste and rub it onto the dark spots. It will completely remove the stain.

This is the softest mitt i have ever used. I usually get foam self tanner and have tried several different methods of applying the lotion, but mitts are my go to after fails and weird results-and this one tops them all. I didn’t need to wear gloves underneath it, it does not slide off my hand or bunch. It glides right across like butter or velvet, it was easy to color my back without any help. I didn’t however care for the face mitts. They’re convenient and super cute (because that matters) but they just didn’t feel all that great on my face and they didn’t glide like the main mitt. I ended up grabbing a foundation brush, which is what normally use, and haven’t used the mitts again. Gets evenly into backs of knees, elbows, ankles, underarms and neck.Definitely recommend especially for the price(:.

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