T.N. Dickinson’s Astringent, 100% Natural, Witch Hazel 16 fl oz (473 ml) (2 Pack) – I like the clean smell

I use it to clean my face daily. I also use it after a shower and i still find that it is cleaning from off of my face. It works freat for cleaning and clearing up pimples. It has helped my back and chest from small breakouts. I also use it to clean small irritations on my dogs skin. I actually purchased this upon my vets recommendation for my dog. It has worked wonders for him.

Great for postpartum relief. I mixed this with medicated aloe gel, put it on pads and froze it for after the birth of my child. I think it greatly helped in the healing as well.

Love it but over priced seen it in walmart for 3.

This brand really is one of the best, at any price. It’s easy to settle when it comes to something like this. Just about every major drug store has their own brand, and there are also cheaper ones to be had at places like walmart. But if you’re really interested in the purest you can find, stick with this. What i have in the house presently is a store brand that states that its 84% pure witch hazel. Not bad, but this stuff is 100% and cost just pennies more. You can smell the purity and freshness just opening the cap. The price on this two pack with free prime shipping can’t be beat. I checked the price locally and at other places and it when you consider the saving on sales tax and traveling time, gas, its a solid deal.

I don’t buy this for the scent, personally it isn’t my favorite and honestly i don’t want any fragrance on my sensitive skin. This witch hazel is unmatched, unparalleled. I prefer to buy in store but lately haven’t been able to find and luckily amazon sells it. I’ve been using this witch hazel for a year now and i don’t see myself using any other skin toner. I have acne prone and sensitive skin, this product is one of the reasons why my skin has cleared up. I use it after i’ve washed my face and before i apply my serums and creams. I put some on a cotton swab and wipe my face gently, then i go in with another soaked cotton swab and lay the product into my skin, again gently. Sometimes i add a few drops of tea tree oil to super clean my face.

This is pure witch hazel–my grandmother used. Works on my athletes foot and other rashes. Be sure you have plenty of cotton balls because the liquid is thin and it will squirt out fast. I like the clean smell, not like the harsh scent of alcohol. I received my order in two days.

  • Great for postpartum relief
  • Priced right Witch Hazel
  • Great Deal On 100% Pure Brand

Was highly recommended to start using this and it’s some of the best advice i’ve ever taken. I’m highly prone to nodular acne and pustules, particularly around my jawline and under my chin, both of which are very painful. I also have issues with blackheads. While my acne hasn’t completely cleared up, my face is much clearer, my jawline acne has decreased significantly, the redness and scarring has already begun to subside, and overall my skin just feels better. I use this in combination with pond’s dry skin cream and it’s worked wonders in the past few weeks.

I have used witch hazel as a facial toner for years and years and just read the label. There’s 17% grain alcohol in it. I will buy alcohol-free toner when this runs out, but for now. After i wash my face i wet a cotton ball with the witch hazel, lightly swipe my face and rinse well with cool water.

I sadly can only give this product 5 stars and not any more 😕. It has been amazing with clearing up my acne, dark spots, acne scars, and evening out my skin tone. I like how it can be used on other parts of your body and that it works well to help burns and keeps mosquitoes away. I absolutely love this product and am extremely happy that i took a chance on it.I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone.

Witch hazel (although this is a bit pricey) has many uses and is a useful product to keep around the house. Just recently i was plagued by not only bug bites but a bit poison ivy. I had just received this order of witch hazel and using essential oils mixed my favorite anti-itch mixture. If interested the recipe is as follows. The peppermint gives a nice cooling sensation. Lavender dps 5frankincense dps 2tea tree dps 3peppermint dps 4-5witch hazel oz 2dps = drops.

This is the brand i have always used and i love it. It does wonders for the skin. I mix it with essential oils (lavendar, cedarwood, and rosemary) and use that to help my hair grow. Because of stress, my hair started falling out. I’ve only been using the mix for less than 2 weeks and already see growth and my hair is growing in length faster. ) my boyfriend is 29 and been using it for the same time and he definitely has so many new baby hairs and it’s gotten softer and more voluminous. Will definitely buy more when i run out.

Features of T.N. Dickinson’s Astringent, 100% Natural, Witch Hazel 16 fl oz (473 ml) (2 Pack)

  • Qty is 2 pk
  • Size: 16 Fl, Cleanses and Conditions Skin without removing essential moisture
  • 100 % Natural Astringent for body & Face
  • Gental Relief for: Oily, Irritated, Red, Damaged, Blemished or Inflamed Skin
  • Cleans & Refreshes Naturally, Soothe, Treat

Qty is 2 pk

I have used dickinson’s since i was a child when my mother introduced me to it. Irritated skin soother, cleanser for the face and neck, removing those last remnants of makeup, it has been an all purpose go-to. It is often difficult to find this brand locally,for unknown reasons, so i like purchasing in bulk from amazon.

Anyone who has ever tried witch hazel knows it is cooling, refreshing, cleansing, soothing and the perfect traveling companion. Dickinson’s is a very nice brand because it has no additives and doesn’t smell or sting. It can cool your face and neck on a hot steamy day or cleanse away dirt and excess oil while traveling or after working in the yard. I love this stuff and it is hard to find. I am thankful for amazon to the rescue. I highly recommend this product.

I’ve been using this in my wipe solution for cloth wipes. So far it has been working very well. It’s soothing on my daughters bum when its getting raw. Because it feels so good on her sore bottom. I’ve also used it on a floor burn of mine and it worked great. I will definitely be buying it again when these bottles run out.

Great product but use sparingly. I have a sensitive skin type, and if you do as well i advise caution. Try to avoid using this more often than once or twice a week. It reduces redness, but if used excessively i find that it causes breakouts. When using this in the beginning of my week i dilute the product with organic aloe vera gel and it soothes the skin wonderfully.

This stuff stinks to high heaven, but it is great for skin. I put it on with one cotton ball and then wipe it off with another because of the smell. I absolutely cannot smell it after that.

Witch hazel removes makeup and clears acne like a champ. I will never use anything else on my face.

Size: 16 Fl, Cleanses and Conditions Skin without removing essential moisture

I’ve been using it for years. I always come back to it over more expensive toners. You can also make your own toner/cleanser if you mix rose water with this stuff, a little glycerin, and your favorite carrier oil. There is naturally a small amount of alcohol, so if you are very dry, steer clear. But my normal/combo/oily girls, this is for you.

100 % Natural Astringent for body & Face

Gental Relief for: Oily, Irritated, Red, Damaged, Blemished or Inflamed Skin

Cleans & Refreshes Naturally, Soothe, Treat

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