The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream – Love it!

Since i’ve tried both this product and taylor of old bond street’s – the two big names (evidently) in shaving creams – i figured it’s about time i write a review. The bottom line is that both products are very good, and if you’re trying to decide between one or the other, you’ll probably be happy with either. However, ultimately i prefer the taylor of old bond street’s product a tad bit more. The first one i tried was the art of shaving’s sandalwood. When that ran out, i tried taylor of old bond street’s sandalwood. I ordered more taylor of old bond street. Scent-wise, i actually prefer art of shaving’s sandalwood over taylor’s. Art of shaving’s has a more classic ‘old barber shop’ (or ‘old man’. ) sandalwood scent, while taylor’s is a little lighter and more.

It was rather tough convincing myself to spend the money for this shaving cream, let’s be realistic, in a world full of $1. 99 shaving creams, a majority will come across this item and agree it is over priced. Only it isn’t, especially if you use a brush. I’ve been wet shaving for awhile now and the problem i always seemed to run into with other shaving creams is it failure to really lather, so the first thing i noticed with this was how well it lathers. The second thing i noticed was the scent, the sandalwood smell is very pleasent and the scent lingers, though not too strong, just enough to where you’ll get whiffs of it here and there through out the day even while using after shave balm. (whether anyone has paid attention to the videos art of shaving has put out in advertisement of the cream, it shows someone grabbing a big glob of cream and dragging it across the brush, you seriously need half of that amount, maybe even less if you use a bowl, it’ll lather well and thick with a small amount lasting a long time) highly recommend this.

Edit: below is my review before i tried proraso sandalwood shaving cream in the tube, which nudged out this product to become my new favorite. I still think the aos product is wonderful shaving cream, but the proraso lathers a bit better, smells better, is easier to control the amount that goes on the brush, and is less expensive to boot. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————-i have not tried hundreds of shaving creams, but i’ve tried more than a few, and i haven’t found anything as good as this stuff. Overall, i find aos products ridiculously overpriced and of limited usefulness (been shaving for decades without ‘pre-shave oil’, wonder how i survived???) but i have to give credit where due, and their shaving cream is the real deal. It has great, thick consistency, applies very evenly, and isn’t gummy when you shave. It provides just the right lift and lubrication, and the scent is just perfect. Straight up sandalwood, not too strong, not too faint. Yeah, it’s expensive, but this jar is going to last a long, long while. Aos nailed it with this formula.

After i read an article about the problems with disposal/recycling of the multi-blade disposable razors, i decided to give another try to the concept of the double edged razor. This led me to look at alternates to the shaving cream that i had been using. This one was one of several that i experimented with. I love the smell and i love how well it sets up my skin for a decent shave. With this shaving cream (and a few others that i have tried) shaving has become a pleasurable experience in the morning rather than a chore to get done. Your experience may vary but i suggest that you all give some thought to converting a chore to a pleasure.

I am a new de shaving system user and chose aos shaving cream based on the more positive reviews. I cannot compare with previous versions of this product since i am a newbie however i am able to get a rich lather using a small portion of cream and using my hands to work up the lather. I love the delicate sandalwood scent. I will advance to using a brush sometime later as i improve my skills using de shaving system. Based on the smooth, close shave i get i am at a loss as to why i waited over 40 years to kick the habit of using those over-priced multi-blade disposable razors. They certainly did a great marketing job convincing me that expensive disposable razors were ‘better’. I have bought an escali brush and an apollo stainless steel shaving mug and kicked up my shaving a notch or two. I also compared aos cream with taylor’s and while taylor is an ok product, i much prefer the creaminess of aos and the milder scent of aos cream.

After shaving for 20+ years, i finally found a cream that helps run even the cheapo disposable razors glide smoothly across your face. I always cut myself due to the way the hairs along my throat grow but this helped out tremendously and have very few nics now when shaving. It’s also the best bang for your buck. Here’s why – you literally only need to use an amount the size of a quarter. Once you spread across the skin, and start shaving, the water on the razor keeps you lathered up. The fragrance is awesome as well. Can you tell i’m a fan?i plan on buying a jar for each of my good friends as christmas presents. Best shaving product i’ve ever used.

  • Worth it.
  • Very good, but I prefer Taylor of Old Bond Street
  • Amazing, smooth, concentrated, luxurious

The reason i love this soap is because you literally don’t have to shower first to get your whiskers and skin soft enough to avoid irritation. I use a safety razor and my hairs grow thick like barb wire. Originally i was using parasso basic shaving soap, but i noticed my blade would pull hairs constantly unless i reeeallly warm up my face and soften my facial hair with a hot shower first. With this cream, none of that is necessary, it is awesome and i will only be using this cream from now on. 0 irritation regardless of how thick my hair is, stubble or not. Also no need to spend a ton of time warming up my face and softening my facial hair.

Not as good as the original formula. They original formula you could use the tiniest amount and it would cover your entire face in a thick coat. This version you have to use more and it doesn’t give as thick of a coat. It’s still a great product but they obviously made a cheaper version which runs out quicker so they can make more money. Next time i need to rebuy might try another brand. It would have been more willing to pay more for the old product over the newer one. It’s still a good product but not as good as the original.

I’ve had limited experience with shaving creams such as this one, so keep that in mind. My only other experience has been with the edwin jagger sandalwood shaving cream, which was excellent. First – this is a good value at 5 oz. Most of the other shaving creams on amazon are in the 2. 5 oz – 3 oz range so that’s why this price may appear to be a little higher than say a taylor of old bond street. The scent is notably lighter than other sandalwood shaving preparations. In fact, the first scent that i smell is just a light, soap smell. Like an unscented hand soap kind of smell. The sandalwood note is very light and lingers more after the shave.

Best shaving cream eversilky smooth, great lather, such a small amount goes along way. Once you use this you will never want to use another shave cream. While i was waiting for my re order of this product to arrive i used edge which i used to think of as good, now i realize it is horrible compared to this productmy fiancée bought this for me for christmas 2015 i shave my face and head everyday and just ran out in september. So if your thinking the 25 bucks is steep do the math.

It always tore up my neck and face. Razor burn was a huge issue. I had heard about using preshave oil to help cut down on irritation, so on a trip to the mall i stopped at the art of shaving store. I bought the ‘travel pack’ to try out the products. Even with a cheap razor, i had the best shave of my life. My girlfriend loves the sandalwood smell on my skin. I went back and bought full sized products for the home, and moved the smaller ones to my toiletry bag. Now a couple of years later, i’m still using the products (the after shave balm is incredible). I can’t say enough good things about the line.

From the manufacturer

Lather up! : Shaving Cream/Brush

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  1. Sandalwood Collection

    The Art of Shaving Unscented Collection

    Distinctively Masculine, the Woody Indian Sandalwood is paired with Deep and Lush aromas to create this unique proprietary blend.

  2. Sandalwood Collection


    Sandalwood Shaving Cream:

    • Coconut Acid, Essential Oils and Extracts from natural origins
    • Contains a high concentration of Glycerin
    • Free from synthetic dyes and alcohol

  3. Sandalwood Shaving Cream

    Lather Up!

    The application of shaving cream with a shaving brush helps lift the beard. In turn, this lather helps keep the beard hair lifted during the shave for a close cut.

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    The protective layer of Pre-Shave Oil increases razor glide, helping to provide a smooth shave.

  2. Sandalwood Shaving Cream

    Lather Up!

    With warm water, lather a small amount of shaving cream with a brush or with your fingers.

  3. STEP 3 | SHAVE


    Use a sharp, clean, properly weighted razor for optimal results.



    After-Shave Balm helps replenish moisture to soothe dry skin after shaving.

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1 Prepare 2 Lather Up! 3 Shave 4 Moisturize

The Art of Shaving

Brand Story

We were founded in 1996 by a husband and wife team that passionately crafted quality products, using essential oils & botanical ingredients, to solve everyday shaving problems.

Today, through personal consultation we solve all your grooming needs with a genuine desire to help you look and feel your best – because you deserve it. If you can grow it, we can groom it.

Brand Story

Liked the scent, liked how it works for shaving, hated the false bottom 2/3 of the way down inside a container that’s obviously (now that i’ve opened it) designed to look like it holds more product than it really does.

Love this shaving cream, and if you use it right it can last you almost the whole year, i’d give this item 10 stars if i could, i received a swap gift at christmas a few years ago from a family member, that was a trial package of this product. Believe it or not i have been hooked on it ever since, my wife even uses it now on her legs, she says it’s the smoothest her legs have ever been, with both of us using it, it’s been about 3 months on this bottle and it’s still over 3/4 of the way full. Great smell, and smooth shave.

This is one of the best shaving creams i have ever used. I used to buy other brands that you can typically get at target about once a month or so and after i begin using this i could never see myself going back to that. I have used other shaving creams similar to this product and they do not compare, they either lather too much and gunk up the blades or they do not lather enough and cause pulling. This has just the right amount of lather and if you use it with a brush it will last you for months. For comparison, mine usually last about a year, and i shave 2-3 times a week. This product is a little bit on the pricier end of shaving creams, but trust me you and your face will not regret it.

The cream is a bit thin compared to english shave creams. You’ll use about 3x more per shave then it’s much thicker counterpart. That said it provides good lift and the sent is fantastic. I don’t shave every day so this is a great product for me. Daily shavers might want to look into castle forbes cedarwood & sandalwood essential oil shaving cream, possible the bet shaving cream on the planet. Don’t be daunted by the price, it’ll last about a year with daily shaves. That said if your not a daily shaver, or if you just love a strong manly smelling cream, then you can’t go wrong with this big corporate product (proctor and gamble).

People must just love to complain. The negative reviews for this product are either from people that are never satisfied or from people wanting to harm this particular brand. Uses small amount per shave. It will last a long time if you understand you don’t need more than a quarter in diameter and thickness per shave – and that is actually more than i use. Also, don’t use lots of water while lathering. Gradually add water if necessary. Use a brush and a shaving/lathering bowl.

Discovered this shaving cream about a year ago after decades of having difficulty shaving. The art of shaving system is the only thing i have ever used that does not cause my face to break out in horrible, painful bumps. This shaving cream specifically lasts a very long time; you only need a small amount on a brush to get good coverage. The scent is light enough to not be bothersome in any way, yet good enough for my wife to absolutely love it after i shave.

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