The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser – Perfect diffuser to pack / travel!

I have mixed feelings about this diffuser. I will definitely keep using it but it has a good amount of drawbacks. First, the opening to attach to your dryer is a little big for my hair dryer personally so it doesn’t stay on great. Also once i open it and start using it it starts to collapse again. At this point though the plastic is too hot for me to touch it and open it back up so by the time i’m done drying my hair it’s fully collapsed. Does my hair get dry eventually?. Yes but i wish the plastic was sturdier so it wouldn’t collapse while doing it.

This might work better for someone with finer/less hair than me but regardless, it’ll do in a pinch. I flip my hair upside down to diffuse and my hair is so heavy and thick that it partially collapses the diffuser most time. Also, despite the little finger prong things, the hair just all sort of smooshes together at the root and takes ages to dry as there’s no circulation. If my hair is already mostly dry, this can help finish it up or if i’m just trying to get a gel cast to set, this can handle it but for thorough diffusing this doesn’t really cut it for me.

This diffuser is lightweight and only 1. And the part that slips over the dryer nozzle stretches ever-so-slightly to accommodate my conair vagabond, which has a non-tapering barrel and 2′ mouth. I don’t mind that half the vents in little circular piece (in the center of the ‘bell’) are blocked by plastic; it’s a minor flaw. But it gets annoying when the diffuser keeps collapsing, partially or fully, with little pressure when i’m drying my hair. Despite the collapse issue, i bought a second diffuser about a year ago to use at home. It was better than the bulky plastic ‘universal’ one that kept falling off my full-size dryer. Since then, 5 of the 6 larger nubs have broken – the bullet-shaped caps came loose and fell off. I just bought a replacement – but not by the curly co.

Due to an autoimmune disease flare, my hair has been falling out like crazy. This diffuser helps to give me the best curls so that you can’t see how thin my hair has become. I also really like that it is collapsible as its a real space saver. I would recommend this to anyone with naturally curly/wavy hair and i would buy it again. Oh i have not had the issue with it collapsing while using it but i could see that happening and it also not being a big deal because its so great. I have also only tried it on one dryer and it fit like a glove.

I don’t have the curliest hair, but this diffuser has done serious wonders for these locks. It is so easy to slip on my blow dryer, and it stays put. My hair was dry in no time with next to no frizz.I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. Plus i loved that little curly co. Guide – so cute and such helpful tips. Can’t wait to get more curly co.

Love love love this diffuser. I have fine naturally curly hair which does not air dry well. So i have to use a diffuser, which means when i travel i typically had to stuff a big bulky item into my suitcase. With the newer smaller carry on suitcases, this was becoming a problem. I stumbled on this when looking for collapsible diffusers and i love it. I used it on my smaller bliss travel hair dryer. Some reviews have noted that it can fall off the hairdryer due to a looser fit. This can be true (definitely on the travel dryer), but since i don’t usually flip this upside where it would fall off, it’s not a problem.

I was so tired of traveling with a big har dryer and diffuser. Not to mention that on european travel, finding an adapter for a hair dryer is difficult. A friend recommended i buy a travel diffuser. I gave it a whirl with this one. This diffuser is made with a pliable rubber that allows it to collapse relatively flat. It fits all of the hair dryers that i have used it on in belgium and amsterdam. Some are tougher to get on than others, but by warming up the neck with the hair dryer, it makes it a bit easier. I did read some complaints about the diffuser collapsing while in use. This can happen, but it doesn’t bother me. You just cannot expect to slam it on your head and expect it to stay out. This was made collapsible for a reason and therefore. . It will remain collapsible. I absolutely love this product and will highly recommend to anyone else looking for one.

This diffuser is by far the best i’ve ever used–and it’s the most affordable. Because of the way it is made, i’m sure it would fit on any hair dryer. I’ve tested it on 4 different ones and it fits perfectly because it grips to the mouth of the dryer. It has given me extremely defined curls with basically no frizz. It’s super convenient to travel with, as well, because it is collapsible. I was worried that this would mean it’s not sturdy and effective at drying hair, but i was wrong. This is definitely the diffuser to buy.

I absolutely love the way this works on curls. The collapsible nature of the product does everything it promises and then some. It allows the curls to collect inside the diffuser and dry faster without too much expansion, thus preventing frizziness — the designated archenemy of curliness. This diffuser is exactly what the doctor ordered for keeping the moisture in the hair, which is the exact reason you are washing the hair in the first place. You can also use this when you decide to do a wet down with conditioner (caution: only do this when you are a truly skilled curlista) and walk away with a day-5 that literally looks exactly like a day-1 fresh wash. Yes, i have been forced to wear a day 5 style and perpetrate a day 1. This diffuser allows me to do that.And as the owner of a successful curly extension brand, renown hair, i would never endorse a diffuser that wasn’t all that and then some.

(i have 3b-3c hair) so y’all. . So i ordered it thinking although it was pretty much exactly the size of my blowdryer’s nozzle it would fit but alas i had some trouble getting it on. That was definitely my own mistake and mine only.My solution was to pop the plastic topper with all the bumps out and push and stretch it out from the inside after trying to get it on as good as you can. I finally got it on and washed today and wow. Compared to the diffuser that came with my hairdryer i can tell a significant difference in how much better this diffuser actually diffuses the air throughout vs. Drying took around the same time for me, however i had much better curl definition than ever before.I would contribute this to the soft silicone construction which forces you in a way to be more gentle with the way you dry as well as the wide circumference of the circle which allow you to push the hair up in good sections easily.

I’ve never used a diffuser until now and i can’t believe what i’ve been missing out on. My hair dried so fast, with a fraction of the amount of product i usually use, and was not frizzy at all. It was bouncy and beautiful and i got so many compliments on my hair the first day i used it. I usually let my hair air dry with a bunch of product in it but in nyc winters – that just doesn’t work. And between not really using any product and the bounce and definition it gave me, i took a nap mid day and my hair still looked great. And, i never ever get a second day out of my curly hair without washing it again. It still looked good when i woke up the next morning. Aside from that, it’s well constructed, fits easily on my dryer, and iove the feel of the soft silicone. So glad it’s collapsible because this will be coming on my many trips with me. Super happy with this product.

Fantastic diffuser for my fine, 2c/3a curls. Just seems to be gentler on my curls than all of the hard/firm diffusers i’ve used in the past. Doesn’t mess with curl formation like the others always did if i wasn’t careful. My other diffuser has been relegated to the drawer, and this is now my regular diffuser. Fits my babyliss pro perfectly.

This diffuser is very easy to use. You just need to be sure that your hair dryer nozzle is within the appropriate range. I actually bought this for traveling along with a travel hair dryer, so i made sure to purchase the dryer with the right size nozzle. It is easy to fit on and the soft material easily collapses to pack snugly into your suitcase. It does occasionally collapse a little bit during use, and may do even more for people with longer, heavier hair (mine is quite short). However, it doesn’t bother me and doesn’t seem to make a difference with my hair. Since starting the curly girl method, this diffuser has helped transform my hair from dull frizzy waves to vibrant, defined curly waves. Here are the specifications for the The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser:

  • Maintain your natural texture while you blow away the frizz
  • The silicone construction is built to stretch and shrink to fit almost any hair dryer that accommodates attachments.The connection diameter is 2.25 inches and the diffuser diameter is 5.25 inches
  • Collapses flat to fit in your drawer or bag
  • Comes with the legendary curly
  • Get salon-quality products at home

It is not as good as a standard one but works reasonably well for a travel solution. The two detractions are 1) that it does not fit many dryers, particularly a number made by conair. I ended up having to buy a new travel dryer to go with it (revlon makes one that fits) and 2) it collapses while being used but it works when it’s not extended. Bottom line: not perfect but a good solution for those who pack light.

I travel often, and i’m always freaking out that the plastic diffuser that came with my dryer will get broken during transit leaving me to deal with bad hair for my entire trip. This diffuser fits snugly on my dryer, even with my dryer’s somewhat oddly shaped end. There is no struggle to put it on or get it off. I simply put the collapsed diffuser down on a flat surface (typically the bed) and press my dryer into the end. I do not have any issues with it collapsing during use. I actually get more air flow with this one versus the one that my dryer came with giving me a faster dry without sacrificing any curls.

I almost didn’t buy this because of the mixed reviews, but i did, so after using it on two trips, i thought i’d leave my take on it. 1) it fit both hotel hairdryers – one was much much more difficult to get the diffuser on, but it did go on both. 2) yes, it will collapse if you use too much pressure. So on the dryer that it was harder to put on – it collapsed pretty easily. I used two hands and it got the job done. Basically – it’s lightweight, compact and got my curls dry when i need it to. Would i use it regularly at home?.Would i keep packing it on trips?.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Volume, definition, without lots of product – multiple days of fabulous looking wavy hair!
  • Gets the job done – good for travel
  • Works great for me!

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