TNT Pro Series TNT Pro Ignite Stomach Fat Burner Body Slimming Cream With HEAT Sweat Technology – Thermogenic Weight Loss Workout Enhancer, I’ve used this product consistently for a week and it

I used tnt proignite today for the first time and i absolutely loved it. I sweated so much in just half an hour of walking on the treadmill. I will be keeping this product in my gym bag.

I was really unsure of the gel, thinking how in the world could it work, how could it sweat out fat off of your body. It works slimmed down the fat off my stomach, reducing the stubborn fat that hangs around despite losing weight & working out. It threw me for a loop when within 6 days i realized my stomach was flattening, just happened to look at my at my stomach, shocked. It works, just ordered the 2nd jar.

At first, i gave the company a 3-star review because they sent over a damaged/semi-opened package. Nevertheless, i used it anyways (i know, gross haha) and just finished it today. Using it every single day since i got it, it lasted me 6 months. I recommend using a trimmer belt with this product because you will sweat much more with one. In my opinion, it’s comparable to sweetsweat which gives you only half the amount of product for the same price as tnt’s 13oz. ****update****i re-ordered because i loved it so much, but i received a damaged, unsealed product yet again. This left the product smelling weird and the consistency so much different from my last order. So disappointing because i loved this product.

I’ve used it twice so far and each time i sweat so much that i soak thru my neoprene pants and vest. That’s never happened before. I’ve tried sweet sweat and something in it makes me itch a little bit. This has no effect on my skin.

This stuff is great, i use it with my yianna waist trimmer belt underbust back support adjustable abdominal elastic waist trainer hourglass body shaper for weight loss, ya8002-rose-xl and get a good sweat going on. It a thick cream that goes on a lot like icy hot, and feels like that minus the cold sensation 1st, just goes straight to the warm. Now i have sensitive skin around the middle and the icy hot irritates the bageezeous out of my skin. The tnt pro ignite does not however, it is just the right amount of heat to get that sweat goin.

It smells really good like winterfresh gum. It doesnt require a lot of application, its not thick you only need a thin layer. One jar has last me 2 months. The results are amazing, you will notice you sweat 2x more after your workout. Ive never used a sweat enhancer but this is well worth the purchase.

Being a guy, i ignored the suggestions when using the product and saw no results. I then used a waist trimmer belt (as suggested) with the cream and started seeing resukts immediately.

Key specs for TNT Pro Ignite Stomach Fat Burner Body Slimming Cream With HEAT Sweat Technology – Thermogenic Weight Loss Workout Enhancer (6.5 oz Jar) …:

  • 🔥 TARGETS SWEAT GLANDS: This custom essential oil blend targets your pores to increase perspiration during exercise, by using an actual heat activating agent. Perfect workout aid to get you prepared for beach season. First job interview? Not so much.
  • 🔥 IMPROVES CIRCULATION: TNT Pro Ignite body slimming gel also helps increase circulation to keep muscles warm during exercise. Results may vary if applied to target muscle groups and then proceed to binge watch all 6 seasons of Jersey Shore.
  • 🔥 IT SMELLS GOOOOD: This colorless, non-staining sweat cream belches a Fresh Sweet Minty aroma that smells so good you’ll think you can eat it. But oh dear please, do not do that.
  • 🔥 WORKS BEST WHILE MOVING: It’s the Ideal training aid for men & women wanting to burn belly and tummy fat although without an actual workout routine, it won’t be nearly as effective. How’s that for some exercise motivation!?
  • 🔥 NEED SOME HELP? Don’t we all! Our friendly customer support staff is always here for you if you have any questions, about anything! How does this product work? Can I use this with your fancy waist trimmer belt? Why doesn’t McDonald’s sell hot dogs? … are just a few examples of what our team is equipped to handle!

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Works for me


It really works!


Would buy again

Excellent price compared to some others. I use it with a waist trimmer and have had decent results so far.

Yes, it does increase the temperature where you apply it. This along with a waist trimmer works great shedding water. Remember it is not a magic cream, displaying abs requires proper weight training, cardio exercise and nutrition.

I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks so i haven’t seen any real results but i can say, as soon as i put this stuff on i immediately start to feel the heat. I work up a sweat just putting my waist trainer and vest on. I can’t wait to see the results after i finish the jar. This lady showed me a before picture of her and she said she used this product. And she was really big in the picture so that prompted me to buy this product.

Was a bit skeptical when buying this. But it does make you get your sweat on. Reminds me of a mellow version of bengay or tiger balm. Paired with a belt it works great, only used on my midsection and lower back, but sure it would work great other places.

This is my second jar of this product and i really enjoy how it works. It’s light and has a pleasant smell and is not greasy. I wear a neoprene vest when i use the product and i sweat more intensely, helping to lose water weight.

I rub this on my torso before putting on my sweat tank top when i am @ xsport. After about 15 mins on the elliptical i end up dripping in sweat, and after 30 mins, i’m drenched. I also rub this on before i go into the sauna, with the sweat tank top on. After 12 mins in there, i’m sweating as if i were on the elliptical for 30 mins. This really works well if you use in tandem with a sweat wrap, or tank top. I will soon use this on my things when mysweet sweat premium thigh trimmers come in.

It’s a thick vaseline like product. I’ve been going to the gym using this stuff with a compression belt and i’m seeing how much more i’ve been sweating with that combination. It has a slight smell when your rubbing it on your skin. But it’s not too over powering for me. I cant smell it once im working out. Its also making my skin softer which is an added bonus.

I put it on my arms, stomach, butt, and legs. Sweat sweat and more sweat working out. I’ve been using it for over 3 weeks. Love itif you workout often and eat right you will get faster results using tnt ignite stomach fat burner bodybuy it you will not regret it. 🙂 the mint smell it not a strong smell, i don’t notice the smell it at all.

I’ve used this product consistently for a week and it do make you sweat i hadn’t felt any burning until today and if i tell you i was so wet when i took my sauna suit off i had to sit on a towel to keep from wetting everything. Mind you i didn’t do one iota of exercise i just went about my daily errands. So i know when i work out it will be a flood😂😂😂😂.

Tnt ignite really makes you sweat. I would say this helps rid of excess water, not sure it’s burning fat though. Works better than sweet sweat & price is much more competitive. Also, formula is thicker which makes it easier for me to put on my colombian waiste trainer. The smell i don’t love, reminds me of ben gay. I wish they had a second option with nicer scent. If you get encouraged by sweating hard through your workout, you need to get this.

I really, really like this product. It really makes me sweat at my target areas. Makes me feel i have achieved my full workout.

Been using this product for about a month. I’m very happy with it and will be ordering again. I start sweating about 5 minutes into my hour long workout. The amount of sweat coming out is amazing. I am seeing actual results as far as inches. I’ve lost about 10 lbs and 4 inches from my waist and lower poochy tummy.

I was unsure about this at first. I couldn’t tell if it was actually working, but after about a week, i’ve concluded that it does work. The trick is to rub it onto your skin, and not into your skin. For some reason it doesn’t work as well if you rub it in too much. Add a waist trimmer and it makes you sweat like crazy.

2 weeks into using and damn this stuff works. I never usually can see results and depend on others to tell me the difference they notice but not with this. It’s the weirdest feeling when i rub my midsection and sides now. Def finely have lost some inches quickly.

I’ve tried other brands but really enjoying this one. I usually workout twice a day and use some every time, it has been a month and i’m about halfway through the jar. I’ve also gotten several compliments on how i smell, even though i’m drenched in sweat. Inalsonordered the sweat belt along with it. I was hesitant to do so because it is slightly pricier, however it is extremely durable and i’m so glad i got both.

When i bought this i was unsure and really had just started working out. I use this, then i saran wrap before i put on my waist trainer. I don’t want it completely disgusting lol anyway, after 60 min of working out. Swear literally pours off of me which is completely different when i don’t use it. I do have to take off my fitbit and ring before i apply it to my stomach, back, thighs and biceps. It’s harder to clean off from jewelry.

. Two days using it and already see results. And the way the company reached out to me showing appreciation of my purchased and explained the product and tips on how to use it made this buying experience a1. Tnt has gained a life time loyal customer. I’m going to order more for my family for gift just to support the company. I hope my family don’t get offended lol this product is awesome.

Great product but one would have to be careful when using. Make sure your eating and hydrating properly. I got sick using product and i believe it was because i was not eating on time and was not drinking enough water. When i used again, i was on a regular eating schedule and was drinking a lot of water.

I was looking for a product to add to my workout routine. I tried another product that was all over youtube, was ok but still not what i would have like. This product has a soothing smell to it, sprt of a cooling sensation. No matter how minimal the workout may be, it made me sweat a ton to the point where it looked like i splashed water on myself.

My tnt working great for memom of 2 kids really gettingme that flat belly back.

I’ve only used in one day but it deffenitly works and you won’t be disappointed with this products at all. I did use this with the waste trimmer and it didn’t move at all during my 40 min cardio.

This is one best kept secret i’ve been an avid user of other products but i must say from my first application i sweated twice as much with a sweat belt. I love it so much i began using in while in the sauna & my pours open up like a faucet pouring with sweat. This product is amazing i will continuing purchasing this on a regular. I’ve noticed a change in my waist already with the help of a clean diet of course but my obliques are looking pretty nice.

Great to use with sweet sweat belt.

I’m giving this product a 3 out of 5 only because when i received it today the seal was broken. And when i say broken, the whole seal was stuck inside the lid. Now i know it’s suppose to be “sealed for my protection” but i really wanted to try this product because i read mixed reviews. I guess some bodies are different than others but this product did work for me. I applied it right before my work out, seran wrapped it, and put my “sweat belt” on over it. I did 30 min of elliptical and let me tell you, it was like a waterfall of sweat on my stomach. That’s where i applied the cream only but of course i was also sweating all over. It was my first time using it today but i’m excited to continue it to see how it works.

I used to use a product called sweet sweat and don’t get me wrong, it worked. I decided to try tnt and i find it works exactly the same but it’s less expensive. Will be buying tnt pro from on.

I usually never write reviews, but this product is amazing. I usually do sweat during workouts, but after putting this on product on my stomach and arms. It’s too early to tell if this has impacted my weight loss journey, but knowing that i’m sweating more helpsthe only thing that i thought was weird is that the directions say not to rub it in, but it’s a cream and don’t know how to put on me without rubbing it in.

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