Tom’s of Maine Moisturing Bar Daily Moisture Natural Beauty Bar Soaps – “Natural” is one of the most over-used terms

I use this soap in the shower, and am surrounded with lavender scent, which is soothing for me. It helps me wake up in a good mood. Showering at night, it helps calm me down. I am a big fan of tom’s soaps, and the six pack is a good price for 6 bars, which last about 6 months. Lavender scent does stay on subtly after shower. I will be buying this again, and i highly recommend it to anyone who likes a lavender scent.

And the places you find the word often means nothing since this is not a regulated term. It is just the buzzword you find on so many products. Nevertheless, in looking at the list of ingredients, this truly is a natural product without scents and other chemicals that are of dubious benefit. I’ve been using tom’s products for years, and though i have no way of testing the veracity of any claims that are made, i just feel comfortable with this brand.

My husband and i love this soap and have used it for years. It is mild and creamy, it does a great job of cleaning, it is not a drying soap, and most of all, it doesn’t smell. However, this completely unreasonable price hike is beyond me. 19 for 6 bars (subscribe and save order), and now i have to to order it from third-party sellers, where it isn’t even available for less than $35 for 6 bars. But i can’t stand smelly soap, so i am buying 6 bars every few weeks at this outrageous price. I can’t find it at grocery stores or any other stores, so i guess that’s the only option.

I ordered this for my husband because i was looking for a non-soap alternative to his much loved lever 2000 (true soap products leave soap scum in the shower and thus attract certain bacteria that feed on it). He was adamantly opposed to using a body wash so i needed to find something in bar form. He also has somewhat sensitive skin (although being a manly man, he doesn’t like that term). He does love this ‘soap’ and although it’s on the expensive side, it has had the desired results for me: no more soap scum.We’ve officially made the switch.

Hoping they keep this one around. I think over time it really does help with odor/bacteria. I only use the crystal roll-on deodorant these days and it’s totally fine. Only a couple of times in the past year have i felt the need to wear traditional antiperspirant. I looked for one without palm oil. Apparently doesn’t exist so i got this again. Hard to find natural deodorant soaps for some reason.

I am a bit of a cosmetics snob. I try to avoid artificial chemicals and petroleum byproducts. This soap is really moisturizing and makes a lot of lather very easily.

Love the scent and the moisture effect. I am also pleased at the durability of the bar. So many moisturizing soaps become soft and seem to dissolve so quickly, this soap does not. I stopped using another popular beauty bar for that reason, it was gone or unusable due to the ‘mush’ it would become even when on a soap holder that raises the bar up from the dish or shower ledge. My current soap cover, terry on one side and exfoliating fabric on the other needs replaced so i can’t review how it would do in that type of use, but i am going to replace it today after i try to do a few reviews. Prime pantry has overwhelmed me reviews needed and i don’t get to all that i should. I will say i have had none of the negative review problems. Nor do i see anything in the ingredients that is not a by product of an ingredient or a true natural ingredient. I am happy i choose this soap, will continue to use.

We love this product and this was a good deal. I had a friend spend a week and she asked me about the soap because she loved the creamy lather it produced.

I love tom’s of maine soap, especially this scent. It cleans well and lasts a long time. I’ve tried several different soaps from this brand and i love the smell of each one. The best part is, these soaps don’t contain animal fat. All the mainstream soaps contain animal fat, listed in the ingredients as tallow or sodium tallowate. This company also doesn’t test its soap on animals, which is a huge plus.

First time using tom’s soaps. Absolutely in love with the scent—after all the orange tree crops were left to die out where i live, i’ve sorely missed the smell of fresh orange blossoms. One star off because they are very melty so try and store in a dry place that doesn’t get misty overspray (difficult in a shower, i know).

When i shower in the winter time, my skin gets creepy-crawly dry and itchy. About the time my skin starts feeling better, it’s time to take another shower and the cycle starts all over again. I decided it was time to find a solution so i did a little research online and found a recommendation for tom’s of main soap. I was impressed with the number of positive reviews on amazon so decided to take a chance and buy some, and i’m so glad i did. For me, this soap doesn’t completely get rid of my dry skin after showering. However, it’s at least a 90-95% improvement so i’m extremely happy. I would highly recommend this soap to anyone.

Here are the specifications for the Tom’s of Maine Moisturing Bar Daily Moisture Natural Beauty Bar Soaps:

  • Clinically Proven to Maintain Skin’s Moisture

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Wonderful soap at new, OUTRAGEOUS price
  • “Natural” is one of the most over-used terms
  • Happy, very happy with my new choice of soap!

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