Tom’s of Maine Whole Care Fluoride Toothpaste Spearmint : Great for Fibro patients on Dr. St. Amand’s protocol!

I have been using tom’s of maine cinnamon clove toothpaste for about 8 years. I had been buying it from whole foods, which was the only place that i could find it. Our closest whole foods is about 2 1/2 hours away, so i would buy several each time. Looking at amazon several weeks ago, i found that i could order it and was delighted to not have to buy it only when i was going out of town. I have had great dental checkups while using it and it has no salicylates, which i can’t use because of being on fibromyalgia protocol.

I like that it’s a healthier version of toothpaste and the flavor is nice but it doesn’t make my mouth feel as clean as regular toothpaste. Not sure if it’s the mint or the formula but my mouth still feels a little grimy after i use it. Maybe i’ll try the mint version and see if that helps.

I have used this toothpaste many times in the past. I find that this time around, the paste is very foamy and it doesn’t feel like my teeth get as clean as they did before. Note that the last time i used this particular flavor was about a year or so ago. Overall it is okay, but i prefer the non-fluoridated ones for the reason of feeling better on my teeth.

I really really hate mint flavored things with a passion, i’ve been using different cinnamon toothpastes for a few years now, i wasn’t after tom’s when i bought this, but it was the only thing i could find in a store at the time and i’ve been keeping stocked up on it with amazon ever since. Great natural taste, effectively cleans, affordable, and i haven’t gotten any cavities yet so that’s a good sign.

Great tasting toothpaste and gives a good clean feeling. I wasn’t really interested in whether or not the ingredients are natural or healthy or whatever, but from what i’ve read a lot of people are mad at tom’s for ‘selling out’ and using crap ingredients. If that is something that concerns you, i’d look into it. But if you’re coming from the regular mass-produced carcinogen-filled (ostensibly) brands like crest and colgate and stuff, i’m pretty sure there’s nothing here that’s not been in your mouth already, so brush away.

Our 8 year old loves cinnamon and really wanted that flavor toothpaste. I went to 5 stores before finally checking amazon. She was so happy to get this – and hides it from her siblings. We love tom’s – and happy to find this flavor still available. This was a great find for us.

Tom’s of Maine Whole Care Fluoride Toothpaste Spearmint, 4.7 Ounce, 2 Count

  • Tom’s Whole Care toothpaste uses naturally derived silica to whiten teeth. It also fights cavities, freshens breath and helps prevent plaque and tartar buildup with regular brushing
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • No animal ingredients and no animal testing

I love this toothpaste, it tastes great, leaves your teeth feeling smooth, and it doesn’t have the chemicals that most name brand toothpastes have. After reading a very scary article about triclosan, my husband and i wanted to start using more organic products, we started with our toothpaste. I chose this one because of another study out there linking cinnamon to fresher breath, which my husband who suffers from heart burn desperately needs. Oh, and it’s from maine, which helps my states economy so it really is a win win win for mei recommend this toothpaste for everyone.

I’ve been using tom’s toothpaste for over 5 years now. I was excited to find the cinnamon flavor on amazon because i’ve never seen it in the store. The clove is very mild and i don’t notice it at all. My complaint is with the after effects of the toothpaste. My daughter and i both feel like it leaves a film on our teeth. I’ve never had that issue with tom’s before, so it must be something with the cinnamon flavor. I like my teeth to feel smooth after brushing and they definitely don’t after using this toothpaste, which is disappointing because i love the flavor.

I have been using tom’s maine toothpaste without fluoride for a few years and always love it. This year i changed to tom’s maine with fluoride and my ulcer immediately came back.

I grew up on crest and it wasn’t until i was long an adult that i began to consider other brands. I liked the philosophy behind tom’s of maine but toothpaste needs more than a pretty philosophy to be useful. What struck me first was the taste, which compared to what i had been using was startlingly subtle. Yet the flavor comes through, and what you are left with after brushing is a mouth that feels clean rather than flavored. Equally important to me is the fluoride (though you can get it without) in it. I feel that toothpaste should not cater to the sugar addict in most of us, and this one does not. But it does offer good cleaning, fluoride protection, and a zippy taste of two of my favorite spices. I’ve always been considerate and careful about my teeth, but this product adds a lot of fun to the brushing ritual.

This is my favorite toothpaste. I tried to go the inexpensive route and purchase name brand toothpaste super cheap with coupons but both my husband and i were seriously missing our tom’s of maine toothpaste. Both of us feel that this brand is worth any extra money you may need to spend on it. It is not fake sweet like the others. It completely refreshes my mouth. The dental checkups show that it works really well too. If you are just switching over give it a week or so for your tastebuds to adjust and then you will never go back.

As someone who doesn’t tolerate mint well, tom’s is a great alternative to other sugary, processed toothpastes. The taste is very pleasing and i love the way my mouth feels after using this product–clean and healthy.

If you’re like me and your tongue gets painfully burned whenever it comes in contact with mild spices, anything mint-like, or even too much salt, this is the toothpaste for you. The only reasons i gave it 4 instead of 5 stars are because the orange flavor is not really a taste, but more of a smell (albeit a pleasant one), and that it does not foam up at all (yes, i know it’s a gel, not a paste). I feel like i have to use a lot of it to get full coverage on my teeth. Maybe i’m just so used to pastes that i haven’t gotten over the gel texture yet. Anyway, it’s great if you have a sensitive tongue.

I have used tom’s of maine whole care fluoride for years with very good results. My dentist and i are both pleased. I order the ‘whole care fluoride’ because there is no fluoride in our drinking water, and despite some of the concerns, i feel that it has been helpful for my teeth. Cinnamon has come to be my favorite flavor, but over the last couple years, it has become almost impossible for me to find locally. Most stores have the same two varieties, not cinnamon. How happy i was to find it online at a price at least as good as i used to pay in a store. With little of my time, and no gas involved, it’s a real bargain.

Mild flavored toothpaste; mildly refreshing. I prefer my fruit flavored toothpaste to have a stronger resonance. Probably won’t buy it again.

Why does all toothpaste have to be mint flavored?. I can’t stand it most mint flavored toothpaste. I don’t know if it is from repeated early childhood emotional trauma inflicted by the dental hygienist attacking me with that high pitched tooth buffing thingy and that awful gritty toothpaste that got all jammed in-between my teeth. I like other mint flavored stuff- ice cream, gum, peppermint bark, starbucks peppermint mocha, but not toothpaste. Perhaps if they made peppermint mocha toothpaste i’d give it a shot. But until then, this stuff is it for me. Seriously, for the first time in my life i look forward to brushing my teethi also like their one that tastes like licorice, but i can’t seem to find it anymore. Heck, all i can find at the local stores is mint – even the toms variety. So i am very pleased to know i can just order it from amazon.

Currently 34weeks pregnant and when i went to my dentist she was surprised that my gums were not bleeding as much as other pregnant women. I told her that we had switched toothpaste since my last cleaning. She was pleasantly surprised.

Tom’s of Maine Whole Care Fluoride Toothpaste Spearmint, 4.7 Ounce, 2 Count : First of all, if you have not used tom’s of maine toothpaste before, you need to give your mouth a week to get used to it. Most toothpastes have all these additives that make it1) super sweet2) super foamyand tom’s does not. This means that at first, it may taste or feel wrong compared to what you’re used to. That’s fine–give it a few days and you’ll get used to it. Then, when you switch back to a “normal” toothpaste, you’ll find that it’s too sweet and or too foamy and prefer the tom’s. As for the spearmint flavor–it is nice at first, but quickly starts to taste like gum that’s lost its flavor.

Very nice tasting toothpaste, almost like brushing your teeth with chocolate. Does not get my teeth as clean as some of the higher abrasive toothpastes i.

Once you start using this toothpaste you will never want to go back to colgate or crest. We’ve been using this toothpaste for a couple of years now and we will never go back to anything else. Our teeth feel clean without a chemical after taste and positive check ups at the dentist prove that it is doing the job. We travel full time, so being able to buy it in bulk here on amazon makes it so much easier to get it when we need it. Try some of the other flavors and varieties for the one you will stick with from now on.

– this has a very nice cinnamon+clove flavor, enough to make brushing pleasant, but not so much of anything that it burns. – toothpastes i’ve seen in the stores are mint, and for some weird reason, more and more mint has been going into the, to the point where they literally burn my mouth and make the entire inside of it peel overnight. Even a big-brand cinnamon i had tried was actually a cinnamin-mint combination, for some weird reason, and that, too, was harsh. – this tom’s of maine cinnamon+clove, though, has *zero* mint, plus it doesn’t seem to get as ‘foamy’ as other toothpastes. It just works like toothpaste is supposed to, without being at all harsh. – so, even though the cinnamon is a bit expensive, it’s what i’ll continue to use and re-order, because toothpaste works better when i can actually *use* it.

My boyfriend hates mint so he decided to brush his teeth every 3 days which was not okay with me because i like to kiss him and i hate dragon breath so i found him this toothpaste. He doesn’t gag or vomit while brushing his teeth and he’s back to brushing daily, which makes me and his dentist happy. He says the flavor is not too strong and it is great on his sensitive teeth.

I’m sensitive to a lot of common tooth paste, but this one doesn’t irritate at all. Very mild mint and suds well. Wish it was a bit more minty for clean feels, but that may have made it more irritating.

This wintermint flavor of tom’s toothpaste is a nice flavor, refreshing, but is not so minty that it burns my mouth. I can not use regular mint toothpaste, but this is great. It also really does whiten my teeth. I used to bleach them with an otc product but i no longer need to do that as tom’s whole care really works.

So sad that tom’s of maine has stopped manufacturing this toothpaste. I have two adult children who can’t tolerate mint and now they have no other option than children’s toothpaste. Tom’s says it just didn’t have enough consumer demand to continue the product.

My mouth feels so much cleaner after using a tom’s toothpaste over the well-known brands, like crest or colgate. It’s creamier and less thick and less adulterated. You just get stuff that cleans your teeth–no stripes, no bubble gum flavor. You can get tom’s without fluoride, if you want.

I normally use tom’s of maine cinnamon toothpaste but decided to give the orange mango a try this time. It has a great flavor and leaves my mouth feeling super fresh and clean. I also like that it doesn’t have a super minty taste like most other toothpastes.Sometimes mint flavoring can make me a bit naseous especially when brushing my teeth first thing in the morning when i just wake up so this is a nice alternative. I would highly recommend this toothpaste especially for people looking for one without the typical mint flavoring. I will definitely be purchasing more of this orange mango and also more the cinnamon just to change things up a little.

Good strong clove & cinnamon flavor. Mouth feels clean & fresh without mintdo you know how hard it is to find flouride toothpaste that is not mint?. Considering you’re looking at this page you probably do. Mint is everywhere in tooth products. But mint flavors started to set off my morning sickness last year. And immediately re-living your breakfast after brushing one’s teeth isn’t exactly conducive to good mouth hygiene. Finding this toothpaste was difficult. I’m no longer dealing with morning sickness, but i’ve kept using this toothpaste because i like it that muchi will never go back to mint so long as this flavor is available. They can pry it from my cold, clenched maw (which will be notably strong & clean having used this toothpaste).

First got this toothpaste from my sister a few months ago. I went on a trip and forgot it so i had to use regular toothpaste (crest) and it was so weird. Tom’s doesn’t have that overpowering flavor of mint like other toothpastes do. I ordered the 2 pack because it’s more convenient.

I like any brand that tries something different. All they seem to have in the store are 100 types of mint. This is a little different and the taste is good. It’s not phenomenal that it makes you want to eat it on a cracker, but it’s good. The only big minus for me is it doesn’t last. By that i mean it doesn’t foam or seem to ‘stick around’. By the end of my electronic toothbrush brushing cycle, i am in need of some more. Otherwise, it seems like i am brushing with water. . Not sure what is missing here but it needs something.

Had switched to tom’s to avoid phosphates used in most other popular toothpaste brands per dentist’s advice. It has helped reduce teeth sensitivity to hot/cold.

This is my every day toothpaste and has been for many years. My favorite is the cinnamon-cloves flavor, some of the mint ones are a little powerful for me. It does an excellent job, and i feel safe using it.

I really like this toothpaste mainly because it is cruelty-free, and it tastes great. – i have been using tom’s of maine products for about a year now, and i think they’re great.

The flavor of tom’s cinnamon-clove toothpaste is too subtle for my taste. There is some cinnamon taste but not much clove (and it was the promise of clove that caused me to buy this). If you prefer a mildly flavored toothpaste, you might enjoy this. This paste made me realize that i prefer a sharper flavor and fresher feeling.

I got this because i brush my teeth before bed and the strong mint flavor in most adult toothpaste causes me to become more alert (kind of a mental jolt), making it harder to get to sleep. I love tom’s toothpaste in general. This is a nice flavor, and it doesn’t jolt me awake. ‘does not contain triclosan; saccharin; artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors, or flavors; or animal ingredients. I also like that it has *fluoride* ‘fights cavities – naturally sourced fluoride remineralizes soft spots on teeth before they turn into cavities. ‘i have been using fluoride toothpaste for 70 years with no problems, except for several years when i tried to do without. The anti-fluoride people are nuts (basically they don’t understand chemistry). (you have to have enough calcium in your diet). When i didn’t use fluoride, i had no improvement in my health, but i did get lots more cavities.

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