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I have been dealing with thinning hair for a very long time. As a female, it’s so hard to deal with losing your locks, especially when you’re not even 30pros: it does work. It definitely helps with covering the scalp, making the hair look thicker and fuller. If you’re anything like me, you avoid sitting under lights, where your thinning hair shows your scalp more- when i use toppik, i know i don’t have to worry, because the ‘scalp shine’ is gone. . Cons: this product clogs your follicles. I get little breakouts a day or two after using this product, also i notice when i give myself scalp massages that i have a lot of clogged pores. I feel like this product could potentially cause more hair loss in the log run if used too frequently. I think this product is fantastic but only use it sporadically.I use it a few times a month when i go out and i make sure to use a purifying deep cleaning shampoo when i get home to make sure i get it all out and not let it set longer than it needs to.

My hair is bald around the edges from years of tight microbraids. When i wear my hair back, i was filling in the edges with black eyebrow pencils. It’s more natural looking and much quicker. It takes very little powder to fill a space, so i definitely expect to get more than my money’s worth. This next comment is in response to tr’s comment about the. 11 oz bottle of toppik being the size of a thimble.

So, if you’re bothering to read reviews about anything like this in your ongoing battle with baldness, then let me be clear, right up front – the hair loss is winning the war. To terribly misquote jim morrison, ‘no hair gets out of here alive’. . So, you’re hoping against all odds that some miracle product will be a cheap, effective, undetectable cure-all in your fight against genetics or disease. Well, the good news is this product kind of works. Let me be as transparent as the fine little hairs you’re hoping will grow on your head – if you have some hair, but it’s thinning pretty bad, this stuff will make it look fuller and hide some of the dreaded scalp showing through – however, if you plan on people getting really close to it, you can see the toppik on your scalp (at least, the dark colors show up if you’re caucasian or light skinned) – but this should work well for a job interview, a date in a restaurant, an acting/theatre gig, maybe even a family gathering – but if you plan on getting lucky and he/she not noticing the smudges on the pillow in the morning, you are out of luck. . If battling hair loss is what you’re up against, then toppik is, metaphorically, another tool in the tool box. Use it with along with everything else – but use it in moderation. Too much and you’re a powdered, bald donut. Finally, don’t blindly listen to the claims by some of these amazon reviewers saying it’s ‘amazing’ and ‘no one noticed’ – because, if anyone looked close enough, they probably could tell you’ve got cornstarch type colored powder layering your nearly hairless scalp. On the other hand, don’t listen to all these complainers saying it doesn’t work at all or that it’s garbage – they’re just angry, balding trolls with sweaty scalps who were just hoping to find a dirt cheap solution to a problem that has plagued men and women forever.

I really wanted to like this, it had such great reviews. But it just isn’t working for me. I have patchiness at the front and when i put it on and try to distribute it with my finger it wipes off completely. I put it on my hair and gave it a little spritz of dove hair spray and then went to a street fair. It was very hot out, maybe around 93-95 degrees out, and the sun was shinning when my fiance informed me not to freak out but that the top of my hair was green. For some reason the light brown color started turning a moldy green color. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else but this was a big surprise and now i am afraid to try it again.

I used to think buying a wig was my only alternative as a female with alopecia. I started with one little thin spot 20 years ago. Now the entire top of my head is extremely sparse or bald. Nothing worked for me before this. My only problem was that the dark brown was too dark, and the med brown too light. I found out you could pry/twist off the top of the regular size container or larger, and then you could mix colors to get the exact right match. I attach the sprayer, cover my head in a fine mist, pat, comb. I continue to apply where needed and then spray with the fiber fix (or hairspray, if in a pinch, works fine). My hair is shiny and i am ready to face the world without being embarrassed about my mostly bald head. I now look like i have hair where there is none, or very little.

I’m speechless – this stuff works, plain and simple. I’m a 31 year old male, and i’ve been losing a lot of hair the past few years. It’s definitely a bummer, but i’ve learned to live with it. Only problem is that i am getting married in four weeks, and if i can help it, i really do not want my balding head to be forever documented in our wedding album. My fiancé mentioned that spray-on hair could be an option if i was that concerned about it. So i read some reviews on this product and ended up buying it, along with the applicator and holding spray. I am straight up speechless. I figured this stuff would get me by, but my goodness, this looks like real hair. Just look at my pictures, you won’t believe it.

  • Not bad, Toppik, but let’s be clear about a few things.
  • I Love This Stuff!
  • Can’t Live Without It!

I cannot praise this product enough. I’m mid 30’s and my hairline is starting to recede with a bald batch on my crown starting to get more noticeable. It’s starting to really get to me and i’ve considered going down a hair transplant path until i came across this product in a youtube review. After watching the review i rushed out to my local pharmacy which stocked it and bought some with high expectations. Well those expectations were exceeded. To say i was thrilled with the result is an understatement. A few squirts with the pump applicator and my hair line was fully restored with the bald patch replaced with a thick crop of hair. Tips and how i apply it:it’s been a few weeks now and i have the process down pat. Basically i blow dry my hair to get it as straight and dry as possible, i have the pump applicator and squirt in the areas that are effected using the hairline comb thingy.

I can’t live without these hair building fibers. I have severely thinning hair on the top and sides of my head (hypothyroid) but the toppik fibers cover it so well that even people who have known me with thick hair tell me they can’t tell that i’ve lost so much. It’s been a massive boost to my self-confidence and i re-order as soon as i get low. 97 oz usually lasts me a little over a month. I haven’t noticed any residue left on my pillows or messiness when i get sweaty, like others have. I do spin class twice a week and sweat like crazy, but mine has always stayed put. I always look at myself up and close in the mirror and i suppose if someone did the same, they could tell. I haven’t had an issue with this. I genuinely have more confidence and don’t bother to think that you can see it.

I was hesitant to try this, and i’m hoping my review will help someone else who feels the same way. I have alopecia areata, which causes circles or ovals of hair to fall out all at once. You can see in the pictures that a large patch is starting to grow in him, but is still extremely sparse. The hair fibers are a godsend. I use the dark brown with the spray applicator. You’d be able to see if you got up close to look, and it works better where there’s some hair than areas that are completely bare, but even on bare patches its much better. The fibers will come off on your fingers or get under your nails if you scratch your head, and it comes off if it gets wet. Getting caught in light rain hasn’t been a problem as long as you don’t get soaked. I would definitely recommend this for anyone, any age, with thinning hair or bald patches.

Looks believable if your hair is just thinning or you have a widening part; is a good color match, feels light. I haven’t noticed it getting on my fingers like others, but i’m also not messing around with my hair after i put this on either (what are you people doing?. Running your fingers through your hair???. Obviously you’re using this because you’re losing hair, so maybe you should quit messing around with your hair) – putting it on is easy, you shake it out like in a salt shaker, or if you have that squeeze bulb you could use that for better control. This will work very well in camouflaging any unsightly widened parts for women, especially for picture taking, or when your hair is up; but if your hair loss looks like donald trump, skip this and just do that weird comb-over instead, because this won’t hide it. This works best for mild hair loss, you’ll need to consider a wig or a weave for moderate to severe loss (or the more expensive options of surgery or medicine).

Product was bought for a -now ex- boyfriend who was losing a lot of hair. The area covered wasn’t completely bald but it was thinning so the scalp was showing through his hair. First, the fibers go everywhere in the bathroom. It may not be noticeable at first but the greenish-black residue builds up on soap, the floor, over the toilet seat etc. Second, it’s good at hiding the bald spot but if it’s too windy it’ll blow off of your head. Third, if you sweat, you’ll sweat green. Which makes an awkward conversation to anyone who notices. Fourth, you’ll have to be very careful when getting ready as well as being out and about- can’t shake your head to vigorously or tilt too hard/fast or it’ll sprinkle off. Lastly, although it has its problems, i think they were ultimately inevitable problems. For a short term solution this seems to be well worth it since he asked me to buy him a bigger bottle when he was finished with the smaller trial size one.

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Full Hair, Full Confidence

Get everything you need to transform fine, thinning hair in seconds. At Toppik, we are committed to delivering results you can actually see in the mirror.

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The Instant Solution For Thinning Hair

93% agree Toppik makes them look younger and more attractive*

90% agree that Toppik is natural looking*

96% would recommend Toppik to others*

*User Perception Study, 2016

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Hair strands
Resists—sweat, Wind, Rain

Natural Magnetism

Toppik gives the instant appearance of a thick, full head of hair. Toppik Hair Building Fibers are made from natural Keratin of the highest grade, the same type of protein found in real hair, which makes it look completely natural and undetectable. These natural Keratin fibers have an innate static charge that ensures they adhere to any type of hair—even the finest of hair—and resist wind, rain and perspiration.

9 Different Shades

Hair Colors

Toppik Hair Building Fibers come in 9 shades and can be used to match any hair color. The Fibers are also ‘colorfast’, which means they won’t run or rub off on clothes or pillows.

Toppik Hair Building Fibers can also be used to cover both gray roots and color-treated root re-growth!

The fact is, this stuff works under certain circumstances. Those circumstances are that you still have some hair. At least 1/3 of what was up there before the universe decided to take a huge dump on your existence. Don’t think this stuff will make you look like you did when you were 18 years old. My expectations were that i’ll still look like i’m thinning but that i still had enough to pull off a decent hair style. You either look like you have no business styling your head or you do. This stuff will put you into the latter category. Use it sparingly to avoid detection. People aren’t going to see you and immediately inspect your head.

I ordered dark brown for myself since i ended up getting a bald spot due to stress (thank you university) and it worked perfectly on my dark brown hair. I would set it with hairspray and i never had an issue with it coming off until my next hair wash. I also ended up trying this on my husband since he is starting to bald. He has more of a dirty blonde/light brown hair color, but with pomade, it turns a more medium brown. It ended up adhering very well with the pomade and setting with hairspray. You definitely want to use a light hand and layer the product with a tapping motion or you’ll end up being very obvious. After seeing the results, i stocked up on medium brown for my husband and it works perfectly. A picture is worth a 1,000 words, so just check out the photos for yourself. I definitely recommend trying this product if you have sparseness in your hair as it works better when there is something to cling on to. If you don’t have a ‘base’, definitely use a type of pomade or hairspray for it to adhere to.

Well, count me as one of the satisfied customers. I am in my 70’s with thinning hair (receding hairline). The top has gotten quite thin and when i wear my hair to the side the scalp really shows in one area. A little bit of the auburn put in that area and no one can tell it is thinning. Just enough color there to hide the scalp and blends well with my hair. I find that if i sprinkle a bit on and then lightly comb it that it distributes well. I read a lot of the reviews and was skeptical. I got the small size to test it. Now that i know it works for me. I will get the bigger size.

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