Uncle Harry’s Natural Products Uncle Harry’s Natural & Fluoride-free Remineralizing Toothpaste – Freshens Breath & Strengthens Enamel – Peppermint : Very good paste!

I purchased this along with the mouthwash and drops. I will warn you, no it is not pleasant tasting, but you do get used to it and it’s honestly not bad at all. If you’re desperate to build up your enamel and are tired of having weak, sensitive, brittle teeth. The taste wouldn’t stop you. I’ve been using it for weeks now and have noticed a huge difference in my teeth. They’re no longer sensitive, they’re whiter and brighter, and most importantly, it has shrunk my cavities. I wish i would have taken a before picture but i had a big gaping hole in one of my teeth. It was black and you could see it when i smiled. But after using this (with the mouthwash and drops) the cavity has almost disappeared. It’s much smaller, no longer black, and you can’t see it. I broke down it tears when i realized the progress it had made. I cannot express how horrible it is to feel self conscious about your teeth. Thanks to this product i’m no longer in pain and can smile with confidence.

I’ve been using this product for over 6 months. I actually started out with the peppermint flavor, but after using spearmint i prefer it a lot more. It’s less strong and closer to the traditional toothpaste flavor. After using harry’s my teeth became less sensitive and i was able to eat ice cream and sweet and sour foods. I got a little annoyed of using the product (because it’s just easier to squeeze a tube of toothpaste and this toothpaste sometimes makes a mess in the bathroom with the clay getting everywhere) so i stopped for around 2 months. Then my teeth started becoming sensitive again, reacting to the cold and just being plain painful. Since then i’ve gone back to using this toothpaste and it’s helped considerably with the sensitivity. I know it might be a pain to use but it’s effective, more so than my sensodyne since that’s what i replaced it with. I think i will either switch to using this toothpaste completely or use it in conjunction with my sensodyne toothpaste. The 2 pack is a good deal and this product definitely does cut down on the painful tooth sensitivity.

This is my second uncle harry’s tooth paste purchase. I tried the spearmint version the first time- i had read tons of reviews and i was bracing myself for the funky taste, but it honestly wasn’t as bad as people said. Either way, when i used up my first jar i wanted to try a different flavor. I’m a fan of cinnamon so that was the next logical choice. I feel like this flavor has a less “medicinal” taste, and the hint of cinnamon is definitely more powerful. While i still would like to try the remaining flavors just for fun, i think i’ll be sticking with cinnamon down the road.

Let’s investigate this claim of lead, shall we?. Unless you’re a chemist (i’m not), no one knows what bonded lead is. Be informed about what you’re consuming. It occurs naturally in bentonite clay. Bonded lead—which isn’t the same as the unbonded lead in very old lead paint—passes through your body harmlessly, because it’s bonded. It’s the same lead that occurs in grocery store vegetables, like brussel sprouts, which have 15x the lead this toothpaste does. Because vegetables, like bentonite clay, come from the earth, which contains lead. Why would this toothpaste knowingly contain (and label) toxic lead?.

I wanted to go through a jar of this before i wrote a review so i could be objective about its efficacy. This stuff is absolutely amazing with no rival product that even comes close to what it will do for your teeth. In a little over six weeks of using this toothpaste, my teeth are noticeably whiter, the plaque is totally gone, my gums are pink, and breath is never bad. When i brush with this before bed and use some of the miracle mouthwash, morning breath is a thing of the past. If i would have been told before i bought the jar that i would have these results, i simply would not have believed it. If i could give it six stars, i would. Some on here have mentioned that it burns. That’s not really how i would describe it. I would say it has a very heavy astringent quality, with a salty taste, but you definitely get the spearmint shining through as the star of the show.

I apologize for the used brush strokes in the toothpaste. 😂my reason for switching was more along the lines of going zero waste or living the minimalist lifestyle which lead me to going more natural in my health regimes. I heard about this through a friend. I plan to recycle to package and make my own toothpaste once finished with this product. This product does ultimately give a refreshing clean feeling and i’m confident that the ingredients are pure and natural. Also, it is going to last me a long time. I use a very small amount to brush with. This toothpaste does not foam.Which is perfectly fine, but if you switch to this or any natural homemade toothpaste, you must know it doesn’t foam and takes a little more work to spread around. Which i’m sure is from me going from chemicals and non natural ingredients to natural ingredient toothpaste. There’s a detox period where you need to get used to the taste.

I took photo’s to see any progress in remineralization. The pics are too blurry and too yucky for me to publish. (yes, i know, diet plays a part). 3 months later: the large, open cavity – all the way down to the pulp in my molar, has covered with a whitish coating that does not appear to scrape away when i brush my teeth. However, i’m learning that other, minor cavities don’t seem to be healing as quickly because they cannot ‘hold’ the minerals in place as long, unlike the area where the big cavity is, and the paste gets washed away too quickly. So, i’m using a combined teeth guard/plastic wrap to ‘immerse’ my teeth in the paste for longer periods on a daily or nightly basis. An hour everyday, for two months, should allow me to know quickly if this is working at all. I’ve had such good results with this toothpaste, i believe this is worth a try. Also, if you try this, you may have to experiment with the tooth guard that right for you.

I’ve been using this product for a few months now, the taste takes some getting used to. I went a few days without using it and i felt like i had grime all over my teeth. I was brushing with just regular toothpaste and my teeth did not feel clean after brushing. I will not go without this toothpaste again.

  • I didn’t know how much a toothpaste could make me feel good
  • This stuff works!
  • Really great toothpaste!

Uncle Harry’s Natural & Fluoride-free Remineralizing Toothpaste – Freshens Breath & Strengthens Enamel – Peppermint (3 oz. jar)

  • FRESH BREATH — Avoid bad breath with an all natural toothpaste. Refresh your mouth with mineral clays, sea salt, and pure plant essences that will leave your breath pleasantly peppermint fresh all day long.
  • STRENGTHEN TEETH — The remineralizing toothpaste formula encourages stronger tooth enamel with calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, while for maintaining a naturally alkaline pH that is best for tooth health.
  • WHITEN TEETH NATURALLY– Flash your pearly whites and avoid chemical whiteners. With a natural whitening toothpaste formula of Bentonite clay and peppermint essential oils, feel confident that you are whitening naturally without harsh chemicals.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS — Most toothpastes are full of unpronounceable ingredients. Uncle Harry’s Natural toothpaste is full of ingredients you know: Bentonite clay, calcium carbonate, sea salt, mustard seed, peppermint, eucalyptus, clove, wintergreen, and oregano essential oils.
  • SENSITIVITY CONSCIOUS — Worried about tooth sensitivity? Uncle Harry’s Natural is a 100% natural toothpaste is made without synthetic preservatives, foaming agents, colors, artificial flavors, baking soda, etc. The formula is also gluten free, glycerin free, and vegan. The best fluoride-free mint toothpaste for those looking for fresh breath and strong teeth, naturally.

If you are looking through reviews to try to determine if you should try this product, read my story. A year ago, (nov ’17) i had a tooth abscess during thanksgiving dinner. The pain was tremendous to say the least. The hospital er was quiet and they drugged me up good to withstand the weekend before i could see the dentist. (sidenote: black friday shopping was extra fun. I’m a 37 year old woman, i bought a mermaid cozy, 3 pillows, an xbox 1, 5 games, a tv, and i don’t remember what else. My husband may have aided and abetted me in order to get what he wanted too. . Anyway) fast forward a few weeks and i have a stainless steel crown because that’s all my insurance would cover and it is nonstop getting infected. It hurts to chew, i can only chew on one side of my mouth.

Definitely a departure from the name brand pastes or gels i have used all of my childhood and adult life. My wife described the flavor as a bit like salty, stale mint chewing gum. Also different is the texture. Where major brand pastes foam up in your mouth, this product remains quite thin. After the first use, we both agreed that we could feel noticeable smoothness on our teeth. It was a much cleaner feel than standard brushing, and a bit reminiscent of going in for a dental cleaning / tooth polish. We tried several other alternative-to-mainstream pastes (charcoal based, all natural, something written entirely in german which we actually aren’t sure is meant for dental cleaning. ) and this is the stand out winner. We will re order this instead of going back to the mainstream products.

I dislike the taste but you start to get used to it after a few uses. It feels like mouthwash after you rinse which is a good thing. I did notice it whitened my teeth but it’s not a “teeth whitener. ” i had a mole size cavity forming on my molar tooth. I was really worried because i managed to be cavity free for many years since i was 6. I know this is something that would not get rid of cavity permanently because once you get it you already have it because it’s deeper than you think. But the outside it was a visible black dot it was forming. It didn’t disappear until week 4. I was doubting it at first because i wanted it to go away.

I decided to give this a try after using three jars of tooth powder. In the last year, our house has switched from ‘organic’ and ‘non-toxic’ toothpastes sold at stores and online that still contain not-so-good-for-you ingredients. I’ve been on the hunt for toothpastes and have been so disappointed from the dozens we’ve tried. Then i tried tooth powder (dr. For an intro to tooth powder, this was a great brand. It took some getting used to but then i loved it. Then i tried activated charcoal tooth powder and even my kids switched over (except for one son who kept using dr. Christophers for the flavor). Then, i saw the reviews for this and decided to give it a try. On first use, it was extremely spicy to both my daughter and i and tasted utterly gross, we decided it was too much and that i’d return it. I gave it another go a couple days later and became hooked. I don’t know how just one more use can do that, but here’s what i love about it. Oh, and for some reason, the flavor and spiciness really died down.

Update 3/2019: still my go-to toothpaste almost 2 years later. Love this stuff and try to convert anyone i can :)——i hate reviewers that give 1 or 5 stars within a day of having a product. I’ve been using this for 6 months now. Can’t say enough good things about it. I was looking to get away from fluoride and chemical-laden store toothpaste and came across this, and haven’t turned back. At first it was a bit strong, but now that i use it everyday it tastes ‘normal’ to me. Like others have said, you use a small amount so this jar lasts a long time. I love how clean my teeth feel and i love the ingredients. Because of all the natural ingredients, when i accidentally splattered some in my eye, it stung for maybe 30 seconds and cleared up with no lingering red eye. I’ve done that with regular chemical/fluoride toothpaste before and ended up with burning for an hour and a red eye that would last most of the day at work. So i think that’s just a testament to how much better the product is for our bodies.

This stuff is straight from heaven. I had a very small cavity on one of my front teeth. I’m pretty sure only i ever noticed it, but it bothered me, and i was terrified that a dentist filling it would make it more noticeable. I started on a journey to try and heal the cavity. This journey included switching to a whole foods plant based diet, oil pulling, charcoal brushing, peroxide rinses, among other things. I will say that a combination of all those things did stop the decay. The cavity stayed the same size for about a year, but was just. I ran across an advertisement for a different product on facebook, and came to amazon to see what the reviews for it were.

Note- i waited 2 months of using all 3 products before writing this:i have sensitive teeth. Also when i started these products i had one medium sized surface cavity and 2 small cavities. After a month the 2 small ones went away and the other got smaller. I went to the dentist and they were soo impressed with the lack of build up on my teeth and how healthy they are. I will need to get my one cavity filled but i’m impressed with how much this helped make it smaller. It also helped with my teeth sensitivity. My daily routine is using all 3 products in the morning, using the liquid remineralization (for tooth enamel) after lunch and my crest 3d white toothpaste at night to keep my teeth white. And once to twice a month i’ll use the crest whitening strips (glamorous white).

I’ll be honest, i don’t have the best habits with dental hygiene. That said, i’m pretty surprised honestly. The first time it’s very obvious this is a significantly better cleaning than normal paste. Then you can feel that something is filling in the porousness of your teeth. This is very noticeable if your teeth are very sensitive. In just a few days it almost feels there is some strength coming back to your teeth, ever so slightly. After going back to my old colgate/arm&hammer paste just once i can feel the sensitivity come back. It’s almost been a week and i’m noticing whitening that i haven’t seen before. Where there was darkened yellow plaque buildup around my gum line, it seems to be all gone now. Also, the paste looks like it will last a very long time.

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