Vena Beauty head Remover Mask Cleaner Purifying Deep Cleansing head Mud Face Mask Peel-off 100ml : What did I buy.

And i have big pores, not too much acne but mainly blackheads. I got this product and it works well but it’s a little messy. I apply it thick, it works better with a lot on, i just play video games/ watch tv with a fan on me for a while and it works great. When i take it off it i can see an obvious improvement in the color and size of my blackheads. It took a couple use’s but they look a lot better. I use it once a week now and it keeps the blackheads on my nose from looking terrible. It’s only 4 stars because i thought it would get rid of my blackheads easier, it doesn’t take them out or anything drastic, it slowly wittles them away and makes them less dark.

I fell for the trend and bought this. I put this on my face and it was such a pain in the a** to get off. I thought it would come off in one fell swoop but nah. Basically had to scrub the days out of my face to get it off. After this first time experience i think this was the only time i used it. . Maybe i did something wrong but it seems pretty strait forward.

I applied in small patches i did not cover my entire face. It’s not as big as it looks. It does take about 25 minutes to dry. (keep in mind i applied in patches) i could only imagine if i covered my entire face. Lol it would probably take about 40 minutes to dry. If the container wasn’t so small i would rate 5. I really don’t mind the time it takes to dry.

It’s okay has a very strong glue smell.

Took a few tries to get the right amount on, but it works. Not as painful as some of the other reviews had put up or maybe i have a higher tolerance for pain lol.

Pulls out a lot of dead skin, don’t really see any blackheads though.

This stuff was great and worked exactly how i expected it to. The only reason why i give it 4 stars. Half of the outside bottle was covered in mask. I’m assuming it was laid on it side during shipping. And was not screwed on tight enough.

The product worked pretty well (perhaps not as well as just basic face strips). Over time, after not using the product for a while, the contents ultimately evaporated and formed what can only be described as a hard, shiny, plastic-like layer at the bottom of the jar. But it was definitely a nice product to use while it lasted.

  • Works well, must use frequently
  • The smell isn’t bad. If the container wasn’t so small I would
  • Does the job

Vena Beauty Blackhead Remover Black Mask Cleaner Purifying Deep Cleansing Blackhead Black Mud Face Mask Peel-off 100ml

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Vena Beauty Blackhead Remover Black Mask Cleaner Purifying Deep Cleansing Blackhead Black Mud Face Mask Peel-off 100ml
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