Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser Rechargeable Portable Oral Irrigator For Travel And Home – Cordless Advanced : Battery Problem: SOLVED!

Over all this works great, but it is tricky to charge, over time i figured how to charge it, and keep it charged long enough for me to use. You can’t keep it charging like your cell phone, at some point you have to remove the charger other wise it will stop when you need it. You can’t run it with the charger on and plugged in, you are stuck, so keep good old floss handy. Charge is worst when running on high, of cause using more power so if not charged right, will shut down quickly. I haven’t , trial and error had any problems with the charging lately but still, shouldn’t be a thought.

I researched all brands and even after reading the 5 star (but still negative) amazon reviews, i still bought this and i am glad i did. I called water pik and they confirmed i would kill the battery if left it on, so i now charge after every use and only when i home home to watch the charger light go out. After a month i learned to use on high and just fill 4 times, once front, then back, top & bottom. Other than terrible battery design, biggest complaint is that it is not designed to fully drain out of the plug hole (raised higher inside than the water housing). Pulling the bottom off every time is ridiculous. I just shake it, then set on a paper towel because it leaks for awhile, and leave the plug open to air dry.

If you don’t have an electrical outlet close by and want to take a water-based floss or on travel, then this product will do. However there’s no substitute for the 110 v water flosser that waterpik offers. The water pressure from this product is average to weak. You can’t really get a full cleaning from it. I find myself having to refill the reservoir 3 times to complete a cleaning.

I have limited counter space in my bathroom with no room for the larger waterpiks, so i thought this would fit the bill. It does take up very limited space, and it recharges quickly enough with a magnetic induction charger. But the water reservoir is small, and worse, it is so big that it’s hard to maneuver in your mouth. The goal is to aim the stream of water perpendicular to the gum line. That’s hard to do consistently with this waterpik. I ended up with the nano, which is smaller than the full-size ultra model and much more maneuverable in your mouth.

Pros:portablethree speeds: slow (dribbling), medium (drooling), high (uncontrollable slobbering)multiple piks and brusheslong battery lifeeasy to chase siblings out into the hall (old waterpiks with hoses kept water fights confined to bathroom)cons:water reservoir is small–constantly needs refillingextra color-coded piks would be nicecomments:in some ways this is a quantum leap over the old-style waterpik, the kind with the large water reservoir and hose. It’s sleeker, more powerful, and it doesn’t tether you to a small space. After all, with that old reservoir-and-hose system, when you sprayed your sister with the waterpik she could just run out into the hall, and there was no way to go after her as she taunted you from around the corner. This new cordless version solves that and a few other problems. Sadly, it introduces some of its own. Namely: because this device is portable, the water reservoir is small. On ‘high’ speed (just push the power button once, no need to hold it down) it’ll pump the reservoir dry in less than a minute (49. But because every action has an equal and ridiculous reaction, be warned: on high speed the water will be pouring out of your mouth so fast you’ll need to stand near a sink, ideally with a towel wrapped around you. (don’t get me started on mirror splatter.

This wireless waterpik is easy and convenient to use. A few weeks ago the battery stopped holding a charge. I’d use it for less than a minute and it would be dead. Today i called waterpik customer service and was advised to disconnect charger from device then hold in power button for 10 seconds then release. Alex at waterpik customer service said that this would rest the battery. She advised to charge for 6 hours and report back to her whether that solved the problem. Very pleased with the solution.

I hate using floss because i have to use a bridge-threader which makes it a big deal. This portable waterpik is the perfect solution. With the included tips and the three power settings you can find your perfect combination. The charger is simple to use. There is a flashing light on the front to alert you when charging is needed. The water tank only holds enough liquid for about 45 seconds but if you feel you need more time it only takes a second to refill the tank. A travel pouch and a plug to prevent leaking is included.

Original review (five stars)i’m new to water flossing, but traditional (string) flossing has become more problematic for me, so i wanted to check this out. Turns out it works as well as traditional (string) floss. My initial web searches had all pulled up ‘research’ that sounded more like ads for water flossers, but i finally found some nih articles showing that it does, in fact, work better than string flossing (search for the phrase: nih water string flossing). So i got this unit myself and was surprised to find first-hand that it works as well and perhaps better than traditional floss–my mouth felt cleaner than it usually does after flossing, and when i followed up with string flossing (to see if it would get anything the water flosser hadn’t), all was clear. Pros* works better than traditional string floss – leaves your teeth cleaner* has different strength settings so you can adjust* comes with multiple tips. Most of the ones with brushes say they’ll need replacing after 3-6 months, but the one that’s just a clear plastic tube seems like it will last longer* battery charger is magnetic – you set the unit down on the counter, plug in the charger, and then magnetically attach the charger to the front of the unit (i tried attaching it backwards or too high / too low, and it just realigns itself to be correct, so it’s super easy)cons* it’s quite big – maybe 10 inches tall and 4 inches at the base (while string floss is teeny tiny), though fortunately it’s easy to hold and not heavy* has a learning curve (probably less of one than string floss, but most of us already know how to string floss). Nothing bad, but it takes a while for it to become a _habit_ to not turn it on outside your mouth (which just shoots water across the room, as you’d expect, and is easy enough to clean up)neutral* you may have to fill the water reservoir at the bottom a few times during flossing. But this is easy to do, and i’m glad they didn’t just make the unit even bigger than it already is* the instructions say you can use the unit in the shower, which would be nice to keep down the mess while you’re getting through the learning curve, but i don’t like the logistics of refilling the empty reservoir while showering***************update: three months later, the battery is failing even though i leave this plugged in all the time (except when using it). The battery can no longer make it through a single flossing so i have to switch back to manual floss partway through. In doing so, i found that even though most of the time my mouth feels cleaner with water floss (vs.

  • So advanced you won’t feel like a gibbering, drooling baboon (even if you look like one)
  • Works nearly as well as traditional floss. Battery failed after 3 months, but customer service was great

Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser Rechargeable Portable Oral Irrigator For Travel And Home – Cordless Advanced, WP-560 White

  • First in category – Waterpik Water Flosser awarded the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance
  • Healthier Gums and Brighter Teeth in Just a Minute a Day
  • Advanced Cordless Water Flosser design with 3 pressure settings, 45 seconds of water capacity, and 4 flossing tips (2 Classic, 1 Plaque Seeker, 1 Orthodontic) for a variety of dental needs
  • Rechargeable battery features a rapid magnetic charging system; convenient LED battery indicator lets you know when it’s time to recharge
  • Portable water flosser is perfect for travel and includes a microfiber travel bag; global voltage compatible 100 – 240VAC, 60/50Hz

I held off until my first visit back to the dentist to review this. This was originally recommended by the same dentist, and i’m happy to report that it went very well. I knew it would though because my teeth had never felt better. Cleaning was a breeze and my gums were healthier than they’d been in in years. My dentist did have 2 pointers before starting. One was to use it in the shower. The reservoir is small and takes 4 refills to do a complete cleaning. It eliminates the mess, the warm water is better than cold, and added to your morning shower makes it an easy routine. Second recommendation was to use the low pressure mode.

I just received this today, was super excited. Little back story i am 24, always went to the dentist growing up but never flossed. & now it’s catching up to me, i get tiny small amount of blood when i brush my teeth and i’ve been worried. I have been trying to floss regularly and notice that i don’t bleed if i floss regularly. But i forget and no body got time to stand there and floss. Soooo getting one of these was almost scary because of the price and i was concerned the pressure would not be strong enough. Plus there are a few cheaper brands but this is a name brand we all know. So i took the risk, and tried it. Let me say the pressure is amazing, i had to lower it. Let me tell you i flossed within like 1 minute and my mouth feels great, plus i have a small gap on my bottom row and their usually is plaque buildup and i can’t ever get it with floss but this was able to nock them out easily. Yess it does make a mess, but just close your mouth and lean over the sink or do it in the shower. I tried using mouth wash thinking that would be better but that would cost more since the liquid empties out at such a quick rate you would be spilling way too much mouthwash. So water is good, water and baking soda or peroxide will also help with any gum issues.

Low setting is gentle enough to not hurt your gums. Love the extra pieces that came for variety of uses. Charge holds for several days which is pretty good. I find that the entire tank runs out before i complete my bottom set of teeth. I have to refill 3 times in most cases to get all teeth, but i do thorough cleaning. Water tank could be bigger, and the placement of the tank opening is awkward so when you need to empty the tank it won’t get all the water out and will leave a little bit in the bottom, causing hard water stains over time. Two fixed, take the tank out every time and empty afterwards or open the water plug hole after use to aid in evaporation.

I’ve been using a water flosser for years at home to supplement the regular floss. It’s amazing how much cleaner your teeth are with one of these and i don’t think i’ll ever go without a water flosser again. But i travel a lot and the unit i use at home isn’t portable, so i needed something i could take with me. I decided on this unit and it’s been great so far. It’s not too bulky (not super small either) and takes up about the amount of room as a single shoe. I usually fill the reservoir twice during a night but that’s a simple matter of running it under the faucet for a few seconds. The jet has 3 settings and the highest level is fairly powerful. The battery seems to last a little over a week of daily use, but i haven’t had it that long. Note – i lost the induction charger while travelling (constant hazard when staying in hotels a lot) and water pic customer support was kind enough to track a replacement down for me since they’re not for sale yet (great job on their part) i’d recommend just keeping the charger at home and plugging in between trips as the charger isn’t that large and easy to overlook.

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