Waterpik Sensonic Toothbrush Standard Brush Head : Excellent price and fantastic product

Have bought a total of 4 over the years. They are streamlined and don’t take up too much space on the counter. They clean teeth well and aren’t hard to take apart and clean when i clean the bathroom. You can find replacement brushes almost anywhere. They tend to last a couple of years before the battery goes.

We love our waterpik toothbrushes. These replacement heads are slightly expensive, but when you are done brushing it feels like you just came from the dentist. Who wouldn’t want that feeling every day?. These say replace every 3 months, but even after 3 months they don’t look frayed.(replace them anyways, obviously).

Waterpik Sensonic Toothbrush Standard Brush Head, SRRB-3W, 3 count

  • Soft, end-rounded bristles gently target hard-to-reach areas
  • Advanced brush head design with high-low bristle configuration
  • 3 replacement sonic toothbrush heads per package
  • Recommended for use with: Complete Care (WP-900), Complete Care 7.0 (WP-950/WP-952), Ortho Care (WP-940), Sensonic Professional Plus Toothbrush, Complete Care

I have only been using one of these replacement brush heads, and it works fine, has not come apart as some other reviews have mentioned, but i do think the trick is to be sure you purchase an item that is fulfilled by amazon.

I really like these brush heads. They are soft, but not too soft, so that they still brush your teeth well. They are a little pricey, but i’m willing to pay the price with my toothbrush to not pay the huge price at my dentist office.

Fits perfectly with my waterpik complete care water flosser and sonic toothbrush, wp-900. Waterpik sensonic toothbrush standard brush head, srrb-3w.

Waterpik Sensonic Toothbrush Standard Brush Head, SRRB-3W, 3 count : We love our waterpik complete system. It includes the sensonic electric toothbrush and the waterpik flossing system in one. These replacement heads are wonderful because they are multicolored so my wife and i can tell ours apart when we have to change them out. The bristles hold up for the 30 days that we keep them on and they are a perfect soft to medium balance that the dentist recommends. We love this brand and will continue to purchase these for our household.

Exactly like the one that came with the unit. Also some complained that the brushes wore out too quickly. I just replaced mine and it has been in use since 11/12/15 and still looks almost the same as the new ones. I think some people are using too much force as if they were using a conventional toothbrush instead of letting the sonic toothbrush do the work. I find that it takes very little pressure to thoroughly clean my teeth.

You don’t know what you are missing until you get a replacement. And then it’s like ‘ah yay, fresh teeth’. I hate all my previous dentists for not telling me to get a vibrating toothbrush sooner.

My dentist gave me the waterpik set as a gift and i have been using it daily since. My gums are healthier, my mouth is cleaner and these brushes work wonders. I replace them about every 6 weeks; the price is reasonable as well as the value.

Arrived and functions as advertised. Toothbrushes don’t cost much to manufacture. So, even if fitted, toothbrush replacements should cost too much more than hand toothbrushes.

They come in packs of 3 and each brush has a different color band which works for me as i have the blue and my husband has the red and who ever changes firs gets the green. These work great and fit like they are suppose to.

I use subscribe and save for these so the price is really not bad compared to a traditional toothbrush. It’s an expensive upfront purchase for the brush but these replacement heads make it worth it in my opinion. You only get one set of adult teeth so the added expense is worth it for mei feel like my teeth get way cleaner with the waterpik brush and these heads are really easy to replace. I change them at the start of a new season which is easy to remember. They hold up really well for three months which is the recommended time to use a toothbrush for. The replacement heads fit perfectly in the charging station and i like that it comes with three different color bands on the bottom so everyone knows which brush is theirs.

Does the job well enough but fit poorly and overpriced, no generic. Wish i’d gotten the oral-b dual brush. Does an even better job and generic brush heads are < $1.

Fit the base and had three different colored bands at the bottom in case you need to share the handle with a loved one.

Bought the waterpik sonic set and needed to buy replacement toothbrush heads. Boy what a difference it is from using a worn brush head to using a new one. The brush heads fit perfectly.

Love my water pic but need to always remember to freshen up your brush heads. I wouldn’t be without my waterpik brush heads.

Very soft bristles but perfect for the high speed sonic action of the wand. The bristles spread gentle around teeth and the vibration gets them very ‘marble like’ clean.

Counterfeit, bad quality control?. Still seems to function okay, not sure if the brush base’s water resistance is affected because of the gap.

The flosser works great for bridges and all dental work. The toothbrush is like having a sandblaster shining up your teeth. I don’t know how i lived this long without a waterpik.

The brushes are not too soft and not too hard. The reason why i took away a star was because the brush head does not flush with the base to the seam. There appears to be a small gap. The length of the head is perfect for covering the inside of the mouth in less time (i am not a fan of the rounded head). The buying process was easy. I always get nervous when its time to replace a part of the original product hoping that they still make parts for it.

Bought these as replacements for my husband’s waterpik toothbrush. He uses it 2 – 3 times per day and is really satisfied with the electrictoothbrush and the replacement brushes. He has had the original toothbrush for about 3 years.

I bought these to fit my waterpik toothbrush, and they just don’t fit quite right. They still work with the toothbrush, but i have to adjust and push them onto the base everyday. Wish they fit a little better as the poor fit allows toothpaste to get inside the head and makes it grimy.

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