Zen Charcoal Natural Charcoal Teeth ning Powder – Poof! It’s EVERYWHERE

Saw good results, powder is a mess, gets all over. 1/2 of it doesn’t get on the tooth brush. Also have to brush your teeth again with toothpaste after. Not sure if my teeth are whiter from just brushing more; hmmmmm.

I smoke lots of medical marijuana so i was always battling yellow and brown stains. I started using this and the teeth stains went away. Keeps canker sores away for me as well. I’m very happy with this product.

The charcoal came in on time and in perfect condition. I’ve used it now for over a week and i can definitely tell my teeth are becoming less yellow. The instructions are easy to follow and require little effort. I find it very easy to incorporate with my daily regime. The overall taste is very subtle with a hint of mint. I am very pleased with this product and highly recommend it for others who want to whiten their teeth in a more natural alternative.

Just got this product last week and i already really love it. My teeth are not badly stained so the changes aren’t as dramatic but i am definitely seeing a difference and my mouth feels so clean after using this. I chose this product because of the affordable price and positive customer reviews/photos and i am so happy that i did. In addition to a great product, this small business is ran by genuine people who reach out to you personally, not just an automatic chain email, and answer promptly with very kind words and they are so helpful. I look forward to trying some of their other products and definitely recommend this one.

This product is good, has no bad taste and is not as messy as i thought. I do believe my teeth are white than they were prior to using product. However, know all peoples teeth are different, mine are not as white as the before and after pics provided by zen. I use the product for maintenance now, not everyday as before. Info like the product and would recommend to others.

My teeth feel smooth and clean. Understand that this is a fine powder. It is a little different at first. I have not been using long enough yet to comment on the whitening. However i do have good expectations.

I’m finally getting noticeably whiter teeth with just brushing. Make sure that you’re brushing for the full 2 minutes and then brushing again with water. I have found that there will still be specks of charcoal if you don’t brush again with water.

I use this less than i expected just because i have to brush then use this but it seems to work pretty well on stains if you use it regularly (at least 1x per day).

I usually don’t write reviews but after 2 months of use, twice daily my teeth are noticeably whiter. I noticed this morning the yellow stains from coffee and smoking are gone and they are white. I said i was going to see it through until i finished. I’m about half way through the bottle and will reorder. Great product did what it promised.

Not only did i receive it in 1 day, but i could tell a difference in my teeth after just one use.

I’ve been using this for about 3 days and right away i love how clean my teeth feel. I dislike how watery it gets, i feel like it might be wasting a little. Also, the little scoop is useless, makes a terrible mess (also wasting). I lightly wet my toothbrush and dip just the bristles in. Making sure to leave now water behind. This works much better for me. . I hope this continues to impress.

I think it’s working, but it is incredibly messy and difficult to use. I have to lean over the sink to avoid my vanity being speckled with charcoal water drops. I wet my toothbrush, sprinkle a little dust on the brush, and just brush the front visible teeth to whiten them. I then use regular toothpaste to clean the entire mouth.

First off, this does whiten teeth. But it is super fine powder that is easily blown and scattered all over the place and very hard to clean up. It is not like ‘tooth powders’ – you don’t feel it in your mouth, it does not foam, and takes a lot of rinsing. My biggest concern is that i have contact lenses and the super fine powder very easily contaminants the same area i use for putting in my lenses. The best way to use this i’ve found is to sprinkle it on top of toothpaste, use with other tooth powders, or scoop directly into your mouth to minimize the black powder mist. Here are the specifications for the Zen Charcoal Natural Charcoal Teeth ning Powder:

  • ✔WHITEN YOUR TEETH NATURALLY. Get whiter teeth without harsh abrasives or chemicals like bleach and fluoride. Safely and gently removes stains from coffee, tea, tobacco, wine and other sources,no artificial ingredients found in toothpaste and strips.
  • ✔ENSURE FRESH BREATH AND HEALTHY GUMS. With organic mint extract for great taste, fresh breath and cleaner gums. We also added Earth clays to provide essential minerals, reduce germs and keep your gums in top health.
  • ✔GET STRONGER TEETH. We’ve included alum-free baking soda to reduce acids in your mouth that can remove tooth enamel. It also helps to help re-mineralize each tooth, making them stronger.
  • ✔BENEFIT FROM OUR CUSTOM FORMULA: Our proprietary formula is far superior to other products, with hardwood charcoal from USA trees, food grade baking soda, Bentonite and Kaolin clay and Organic mint extract. Also less abrasive than other brands.
  • ✔ENJOY THE BEST VALUE, MADE IN THE USA. One jar lasts up to 6 months if used daily. Made in an FDA-registered facility following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to ensure high quality and safe use with every jar .

2 weeks in and i’m noticing a difference. Works 10 times better than my regular toothpaste ( colgate if i remember correctly). Definitely worth the investment in my opinion. It is weird the first couple of times since its more of a powder but you’ll get used to it. It also doesn’t have a taste which may be weird to some but then again, it’s all a matter of getting used to.

Have noticed a difference in mu teeth after a week of use. Product arrived quickly and i will order again.

1st picture was before using it. Second picture after one use & third picture was from day 4.

There’s no flavor, so it can feel weird after you brush to not have that minty freshness, but i actually really like that. And my teeth were visibly whiter after only a couple days. It also works well with my intense coffee consumption.

I am quite the coffee drinker so my teeth have definitely yellowed over the past year. I heard about trying charcoal to naturally whiten teeth so purely based on customer reviews i chose this one, i am glad i did. The first picture was day 1, second was day 4. Another reason i chose this route was because i could no longer handle crest white strips, my gums and teeth were aching horribly. This product, i felt no pain whatsoever, zero problems and the taste is not awful either. A little salt yet earthy (if that makes sense). Super simple, yes it’s messy when you spit but it’s nothing a quick rinse of water can’t fix.

This stuff is incredible i never feel icky after coffee anymore and daily my teeth look brighter. Im very very please with this jar and scooper.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • WOW! Fast Results with NO Sensitivity. Love it
  • Worked great! 1st picture was before using it
  • This product is amazing! Not only did I receive it in 1

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Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder. From USA Grown Hardwood Trees. Organic Mint Flavor, Bentonite and Kaolin Clay, Alum-Free Baking Soda. Compare to Tooth Whitener Toothpaste
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